Why is My Period Lasting Longer Than Usual? All the Possible Causes are Here

Periods are itself a big nuisance for any woman. Those 5-7 days are probably the worst nightmare that any woman could ever have. Mood swing, around the clock wet feeling, irritation, abdominal pain, cramps and what not. A woman faces the wrath of these issues during those 5-7 days.

Why is My Period Lasting Longer Than Usual? 

What if your periods last longer than what are normal?

You feel like it’s the end of the world.   Don’t you?

Prolonged periods or extended period is nothing but torture.  It gives you added mental and physical trauma. Only those who are facing it can understand the real pain.

Are you also facing the problem of prolonged periods?

Then, don’t worry we have got your back.

What do you mean by prolonged periods?

The normal range of a menstrual cycle is three to seven days. If your periods last for 3-7 days then it’s normal. However, for some women life is not so easy.

Due to some reasons, they experience a period that lasts for more than seven days. If you are building beyond a week that means you are dealing with prolonged periods.  For some women, it is from the beginning while some face this issue later in life.

If you belong to the first category i.e. your periods are prolonged since beginning than you must know the cause of it by now.

However, if your periods have suddenly changed the patterns then there is something new that your body has experienced which led to this catastrophe all of a sudden.

Reasons for prolonged periods that need not be worried about

  • The sudden change of hormone

Well, let’s admit it hormone-level is something that creates a lot of nuisance in a woman’s life.  If you have suddenly jumped from four days long periods to the periods that last longer than seven days then hormone could be a major culprit here as well.

Due to reasons like stress, excess work pressure or any medication, a woman’s hormone level can change at any point in time. This change in hormone level leads to the change of period’s duration. So, if this is the case with you then don’t worry wait for the next periods to show up and mark its pattern too.

  • You just had an IUD

IUD or Intrauterine Device is a birth control method that many women adopt during their productive years. If you have also opted that then prolonged periods will be a common thing.  Usually, IUD is available in two forms: non-hormonal or copper-based IUD and a hormonal or progestin-based IUD. Regardless of the type of IUD you had, it has been found that both types cause prolonged periods and bleeding.

It would be more during the initial days of insertions and it may get subside as time proceed. So, if you recently had an IUD and facing a prolonged period then don’t worry.

  • You are going to be a mommy

Do you think that missed periods is an indication of pregnancy? Yes, it is but not in every case. Some women also deal with prolonged periods while still being pregnant. If you are feeling nausea or abnormal bleeding then it is better to go for a home pregnancy test at first.

  • Ovulation is still happening

During your periods, your body eliminates all those eggs, extra blood and tissue that it reserves in case you got conceive. However, sometimes hormone signals crossed with each other and your body got confused. In that case, you bleed even if you are ovulating. In medical language, this condition is known as intermenstrual bleeding. Usually low estrogen level is the main culprit here as well.

Reasons for prolonged periods that need to be worried about

Though sometime your prolonged periods could be just because of a simple hormone change or birth control method change, there are still some reasons that raise an alarm.

  • You are suffering from PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the major causes of your prolonged period. It affects around 10% of the women population in the whole world. It is one issue that creates havoc on multiple levels along with prolonged periods. If you are facing weight gain, abnormal hair growth, hormone imbalances then you are in the nippers of PCOS. To deal with this problem, you need proper medical help. So, get yourself tested if your period is prolonged for three consecutive cycles.

  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding or DUB

In general, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding refers to the hormone dysfunction that affects the women of reproductive age. it can happen at any point in time. But, still, women approaching 40 are likely to get affected more. Due to DUB, a woman’s uterine lining stability get disturbed that leads to the irregular, prolonged and heavy bleeding.

  • If you are suffering from any underlying blood disorder

Though it is one of the rarest reasons behind the prolonged period, any sort of blood disorder also causes prolonged periods. Blood disorders such as Hemophilia or Von Willebrand are the chief blood disorder that leads to this issue. If everything else is fine and still you are dealing with long periods then its better you check your doctor for these blood disorders.

  • Cervical cancer which is still under the cover

Longer menstrual bleeding could be a sign of undiagnosed cervical cancer as well.  If you are dealing with abnormal vaginal bleeding during sex and between periods then its an alarming situation and need a proper medical diagnose.

  • Thyroid issue

The thyroid is one gland that affects the fertility and menstrual cycle of a woman by a great extent. If you are facing any thyroid related issues then odds are high that you will have prolonged or heavy periods.

  • Presence of uterine polyps or fibroids.

Polyps or fibroids are uterine abnormalities that create one sort of endometrial cavity which may cause increased bleeding. Though polyps or fibroids sounds scary, actually it a defense mechanism of the uterus. If your uterus experiences something abnormal then it tries to get rid of it. Hence polyps or fibroids show up. However, if they increase abnormally then you may have to get under the knife for the surgery.  One thing here to mention is that it is a non-cancerous growth of the uterus wall.

  • Early miscarriage

Not some pregnancy culminates. Some end up in miscarriage as well. Early miscarriage is one such common issue that affects half of the pregnant women.  The saddest part is that it occurs before women realize that she was pregnant. If you had unprotected sex the previous month and now experiencing heavy bleeding or longer periods than we have to say with a heavy heart that it an early miscarriage. Longer periods due to this reason returns to normal after that menstrual cycle.  In case it doesn’t go and check your doctor immediately.

When do you need to see your doctor for your prolonged periods?

Any prolonged periods that happen to because of a simple change of hormone, ovulation, and IUD insertion are normal and not worrisome. However, you need to see your doctor immediately:

  • If your periods continue after three consecutive cycles.
  • If you experience pain and bleeding during sex.
  • If there are sudden weight gain and abnormal hair growth.
  • If you are bleeding between your menstrual cycle.
  • If the blood flow is very high.

Any abnormality in the periods creates havoc in any woman’s mind. However, in some cases, there is nothing to worry about.  Still, you can’t ignore it at all.

Are you also dealing with a prolonged period? Have you figured out the cause? How you do you deal with it? Tell us about your experience.

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