What triggers Anxiety ? Your sleep pattern could be the main culprit.

Anxiety is a mental health disorder where a person feels inexplicable nervousness or fear. It is a common feeling but if it persists for a long time, it may even lead to depression. It makes a person feel conscious all the time and he gets sensitive around his surroundings. The person’s heartbeat starts thumping faster and he starts sweating profusely. Anxiety can affect the person’s life. He is unable to live normally and gets stressed about everything in his life. Family, personal life and work get affected if the person suffers from severe anxiety issues.

Anxiety never allows you to be happy. You get nervous even for facing the people you meet regularly. Anxiety stops you from being relaxed and calm. Your inner voice fights with you all the time and takes decisions that make you run away from people and sometimes from yourself too. Your mind forces you to accept that even the tiniest of the situation is out of your control. You are incapable of handling anything.

Getting too worried, restlessness, too much irritation, hard to concentrate on anything, difficulty in sleeping are some of the common and recognizable symptoms of anxiety.

It is not very easy to identify whether you are going through anxiety issues or not.

There are certain triggers that define anxiety appropriately.

The anxiety triggers are different for different people. Some may get anxious for one reason and some may not. It is not mandatory to have the same factor would  trigger anxiety in everyone. This is because anxiety is recognized differently in many people.

What are the common triggers of Anxiety ?

Let’s study some of the common triggers of anxiety.

1. Negative thoughts

As said earlier, anxiety is a mental disorder. Your body reacts instantly depending about the thoughts that go on in your mind. Negative thinking is a main culprit as it never gives you any space to live freely. It is very easy to get negative thoughts about things and people. Your mind runs out a lot of negativity within you and hinders your inner ability to see good in everything. It is all about the mind game.

2. Social gatherings

The most difficult part is to face so many people at the same time. Anxiety gives you advance stress and unusual consciousness about facing the people. Many a times even normal family gathering seems like saving yourself from an army. All this is because, your mind does not want to accept anyone around. The best way is to be with someone you are comfortable with and try talking slowly and steadily.

3. Arguments

Small arguments and fights are also triggers to anxiety. Your mind does not agree to the opposite party and this enrages you more deeply worsening your anxiety troubles. If any conflict is troubling you, start learning strategies to curb out the conflict.

4. Health issues

Suffering from any kind of minor or major health issue can also trigger anxiety. Health issues can worsen the physical health and mind condition. Anxiety gets a clear path to disturb your brain and body immediately. So, it is advisable to consult your doctor frequently and stay positive.

5. Ignoring regular and timely meals

It is of utmost importance to have your meals on time. When you try to skip your meals, your brain and body does not get sufficient amount of energy that it needs and they react in the opposite way. Your body needs the right amount of food so that it can function properly throughout the day. Also, having healthy food gives you a different kind of pleasure and relaxation which invites positive thoughts and reduces the anxiety attacks.

6. Past situations

There happen to be many situations in life that make you happy and sad. Happy experiences remain for a shorter period but it is the bad experiences or memories which stays in your mind for long. Past situations which remain at the corner of your brain restraints you from living a happy life. For example, if you meet with an accident and if that stays in your mind, your anxiety levels may raise and you don’t drive again. Your brain stops you from repeating the thing which affected you earlier.

7. Drugs , smoking and alcohol

Taking drugs and drinking alcohol brings a much dangerous impact on your body. The drugs and alcohol affect your body and may invite diseases like cancer. Smoking is considered to be a stress buster for many but the reality is completely different. Smoking affects your lungs and stops your breathing capacity. All of these encourage the anxiety to trigger deeply and quickly.

8. Disturbance in sleep

After working for an entire day, the very first thing anyone wants at the end is to have a sound sleep in order to relax your body and brain. People having anxiety often suffer from sleepless nights. This is because the brain keeps on thinking about the work done and the people met on the entire day. Since you are anxious you become restless and are unable to relax your body and brain. In order to avoid sleepless nights, stop thinking too much and create an environment of sleep. This means to keep all the disturbing gadgets away and everything else which can stop you from sleeping.

Remedies to avoid Anxiety

Anxiety on the early stage can be handled by taking small steps.

  1. Begin your day with yoga, meditation or walk.
  2. Try to keep your body active and healthy in order to avoid any malign thoughts.
  3. Interact with more and more people to break the barrier between you and the outside world.
  4. Medical help
    If anxiety cannot be treated by taking the above personal steps, then
    Consult a doctor as soon as possible. Consult a nearby Psychiatrist or psychologist who will help you in a much better way. Psychotherapy is a treatment which involves interaction with a trained mental health professional. He will provide with the best medicines and counselling which can improve your mental health.

It is a tough challenge for patients having anxiety to deal with the triggers but nothing is impossible. Train your mind and teach to be positive and happy for anything that happens in your life. The brain will work the way you want it to work. Try to see the optimistic side of every situation. Try to talk to more and more people to trash away all the wrong thoughts. After all man is a social animal and it needs constant presence of someone.


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