What to Eat With a Sore Throat? 13 Delicious Options to Heal Throat

When you think of winter, you think of the warmth of the bed, the high-fat foods and all the comfort in the word. However, if your health has dived due to the cold, then you would also think of ways to curb that sore throat of yours so that you would be properly able to enjoy the winters. If you have an irritant throat, then eating and drinking would be the last thing on your mind, for each action of swallowing would bring a fair amount of pain with it. However, you need to eat to survive and having a scratchy throat does not mean that you stop living life. Therefore, if you haven’t asked the question “What to eat with a sore throat?”,then now is the time for asking, for we are bringing you 13 different, delectable answers to this question.

What to Eat With a Sore Throat?

1. Mashed Potato:

Mashed potato is one of the easiest foods to make. All you got do to bring this food into existence is to boil some potatoes and follow it by mashing them later. While they do not have much of a flavour on their own, they can be enhanced through some spices or veggies that can act as remedies for a sore throat. Adding these would give you a perfect combination of a filling food that is tasty, good for your throat and easy to eat. The last factor is an important one to consider, as a sore throat does not make swallowing hard foods a desirable experience.

2. Oatmeal:

To be perfectly honest with you, oatmeal is not what one might call tasty. Not when you are serving it as it is. However, this food is indeed full of fibre and other nutrients. If a sore throat is seasonal, then it is rarely the only condition that one suffers from. The other symptoms of weakness and flu are needed to be tackled as well. Therefore, have some oatmeal. But, how to make it more edible? Easy, you can add a bit of salt and cinnamon to it along with some coconut milk. Do this, and you would have a morning cereal people would trample all over to eat.

3. Tea made out of honey ginger and garlic:

Taken separately, the ingredient honey is a natural sweetener that adds flavour even the most flavourless things; ginger is an all-rounder that can provide you immediate relief from a sore throat and garlic produces allicin, something that kills the germs causing so many issues in your throat. Therefore, when you are combining these three and mixing them with tea, arguably the most refreshing drink in the world, you are creating a triple threat. A triple threat against the symptoms of a sore throat.

4. Chicken Soup:

One of the most obvious foods that are considered the enemy of cold and flu symptoms is chicken soup. Considered to be the go-to food when it comes to dealing with cold symptoms, its broth can relieve a lot of scratchy feeling present at the back of the throat. That is not all, as it is chalk full of proteins, it would also ensure that your body is properly nourished during the ordeal of cold and flu.

5. Sage:

Well, it is not so much food, as it is something you can add to your foods to make them a lot tastier. This little herb has giant qualities of being an antibacterial, antiseptic, and astringent. It is due to these qualities that it is also considered as something that people can chew to deal with a sore throat. Its potent as it is, but when you use it as a condiment, its true potential as the ultimate throat reliever shines through.

6. Carrot Soup:

If you make the mistake of eating raw carrots, your sore throat is going to be aggravated to a whole new level. However, if you transform this vegetable into a soup, you are priming it to pour all its qualities into you. Filled to the brim with Vitamin A, C and minerals like potassium, this is the perfect tasty way to get a handle on your sore throat. Additionally, the mentioned nutrients would keep your body charged and provide you strength until the cold is over with.

7. Cooked Vegetables:

If you truly want to be healthy, then you cannot deny foods just because you are sick. Therefore, when you are hit by cold, it is high time to eat some veggies. However, before you eat them, have it made sure that they are cooked to perfection. Perfection here is the ease of swallowing and digesting these vegetables. Eating cooked vegetables would boost your immunity, and your cold would be healed. As a direct consequence of this, your sore throat would go away as well.

8. Ice Cream:

For some, eating ice cream during winters might come as a shock. However, the truth of the matter is, you need a bit of coldness to beat the heated pain of a sore throat. However, make sure that you are not overindulging in this icy delight, for this might just as well turn tail and aggravate the cold like symptoms. Furthermore, if you have an issue with this sugary delight, you can partake in a vegan, healthier version of the treat. The effects would be the same, the taste, not so much.

9. Pomegranate:

Pomegranates are hailed as one of the most difficult fruits to consume fully. However, these talks often fail to mention that this particular food is loaded to the crest with antioxidants, and astringent. For the latter part, you should know that garlic has it too. This particular chemical is responsible for killing the germs that play a role in swelling your throat. Consequently, pomegranate helps with decreasing the symptoms of a sore throat. One pomegranate a day is enough for you as this particular fruit is also filling as well.

10. Scrambled Eggs:

Scrambled eggs are delectable, easy to eat and easier to digest. This delight works wonders for your body during breakfast. However, it also does wonders for your sore throat, when you consider that it is filled with omega six fatty acids and a lot of protein. These chemicals are helpful in dealing with the inflammation throughout the body, even sore throat.

11. Smoothies:

Fruit smoothies are generally considered to be healthy. Creamy in texture and tasty on the tongue, smoothie’s cold nature provides a much-needed levity from the burning sensation of a sore throat. Furthermore, if you have a taste of blueberry smoothies, then you have hit a health jackpot, for it entails astringent tannins that reduce the swelling of a sore throat.

12. Warm liquids:

Warm liquids are good for your health under any circumstance. Drink warm milk when you have throat irritation, and you would ensure that your body is nourished properly without aggravating the throat. Herbal teas, as we mentioned above are good for you in this condition as well.

13. Alcohol:

According to the crew of Lifehacker, alcohol can have a positive effect on you if you have a throat irritation. Specifically, whiskey, where you can either drink it as it is. Or, you can mix a bit of it with warm water and gargle using the resultant concoction. According to the website, this can provide a much-needed levity from cold symptoms as well. However, be warned, even if you are thinking about drinking whiskey, make sure that it is being diluted properly so that you are not immediately intoxicated. As far as the matter of its taste, this is one point that can be considered the most subjective.


The above-mentioned foods can be indulged in if you have a sore throat. However, much of this list can be subjective. For example, ice cream while considered by some to be a reliever of sore-throat symptoms is considered by most the aggravator of it. That being said, if you are seeking to live properly while you are hiding under the sheets, shivering and contemplating getting better, the foods that are mentioned here can help you get better.


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