What Causes Lower Abdominal Pain? Here are the 9 Reasons.

We all know that the treatment of abdominal pain depends upon which area it pains. There are various types of it such as right side, left side, upper, and lower abdomen pain. Pain in the lower part of your stomach, mainly below the navel is referred to as lower abdominal pain. Lower abdominal pain could also be right lower or left lower or even just below the umbilicus at the centre. This is also called suprapubic pain. Lower abdominal pain is one of the most common pains in women because they have multiple organs present in the region. Ovaries, uterus and the tubes, all are part of the lower abdomen in females. Hence, there are various causes of lower abdominal pain.

Women experience lower abdominal pain more than men. Abnormal Vaginal discharge is the common cause of pain in lower abdomen among females.

Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain

Though unusual vaginal discharge is regarded as one of the most common causes behind pain in lower abdomen, there are a few others that support the cause.

1. Appendix

Appendicitis occurs in the lower right of the abdomen. The pain and discomfort caused due to the same can spread to adjacent areas. You need to check for other symptoms of an appendix to be sure that your pain is because of inflammation of the appendix.

2. Infection in Bladder (Cystitis)

Bacterial infection in the bladder leads to cystitis and also cause pain in the lower part of the abdomen. The pain can last for longer hours and worsens if left untreated. Fever, a sense of exerting pressure accompanies the infection.  You should never delay visiting a doctor in such cases.

3. Inflammation in Pelvic

The pelvic inflammation is accompanied by pain in back and abdominal pain while having sexual intercourse. Also, a mild pain while you urinate, adds to your discomfort.  If the inflammation has also witnessed abscess, then you might need surgery.

4. Menstrual Pain

Owing to regular monthly cycles, women experience acute pain in the lower part of the abdomen. These are the effect of contraction of the uterus lining, a common activity while they menstruate. The pain is severe and in a few cases unbearable. Several medications are given to soothe pain caused due to menstruation.

5. Miscarriage

Another common reason for pain in the lower abdomen is miscarriage among women. You can experience pain in the lower back as well as, the lower part of the abdomen. This is accompanied with vaginal discharge and bleeding or vaginal spotting. Several OTC drugs are prescribed by the doctor to expel the pregnancy.

6. Endometriosis

An abnormal condition when the uterine tissue growth occurs outside of the uterus. This induces immense pain and causes discomfort. This is accompanied by pain during sexual intercourse, pain during urination and also muscle cramping. Extreme cases lead to infertility and defecation. Several painkillers along with home remedies are advised by doctors to soothe the pain. Few cases seek medical surgery to cure the disease in a better way.

7. Urinary tract infection

Infections caused by the kidney, uterus, bladder and the urethra are referred to as the urinary tract infection. UTI causes immense pain in the lower part of the abdomen. The pain is accompanied by a great urge to urinate, pain in the rectum, cloudy urine, and a burning sensation.

8. Fibroids

A common condition found in women passing childbearing age is the growth of noncancerous tissues outside the uterus lining. Extensive bleeding, pressure or pain in the pelvic region, constipation, and constant urination are a few indications of the presence of fibroids. Several drugs are given by the doctor to ease the pain temporarily.


Another common cause of pain in the lower abdomen is the presence of the Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a hormonal disorder occurring in females. Heavy bleeding during menstruation and also irregular periods indicate PCOD. Few cases seek surgery, but most of them can be cured by the intake of drugs or over the counter medications. It is important to maintain PCOD diet as well.

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