What Causes Hair Loss?

What causes hair loss? Hair loss is a common problem where one affects at some point of time in their life. A research in America found that almost 75% of the population is suffering from hair loss disease. Yes, you read it right. Hair loss is not a defect, it is a disease. It is very common to lose some hair in the process (cycle) of hair growth. But if you notice any sudden increase in the hair fall, you should be worried about it.

There are dozens of causes for the loss of hair including hormonal imbalances in the body, some kind of medical usage, vitamin deficiency or protein deficiency, life-style changes and many other causes. The reason for what causes hair loss has to be identified by a professional like dermatologist and necessary precautions are to be taken care to stop hair fall.

Hair fall is common both in men and women. The causes of hair loss in men and hair loss in women may vary. Men are more likely to be prone to the hair fall disease than women due to male pattern baldness. In most of the cases it can be treated and there are many ways of hair growth naturally., but in very rare cases there is no treatment for hair loss.

Let us discuss the most common causes of hair fall.

What causes hair loss?

As said earlier there are diverse reasons for the loss of hair. As there are many reasons for the cause of hair loss, it is quite challenging to diagnose the root cause. To name a few for example, the list goes as discussed below.

1. Vitamin Deficiency

In most of the cases, the main reason for the loss of hair is vitamin B deficiency. Due to the hurry-worry lifestyle these days, one tend to move fast and sometimes forget to take care of their health. It leads to vitamin deficiency as we tend to eat more carbohydrates which does not help in the prevention of hair loss. It is advised to take enough time to consume healthy food rich in vitamins. Most importantly vitamin B helps for the growth and strength of hair. Do check for this vitamin in the food you consume regularly to keep a check on your hair fall.

2. Heredity

If any one of your family is suffering from the hair fall disease, then you are more likely to be affected by the same as it causes by the transfer of the genes. In such cases taking the assistance of a physician can help you to recover your lost hair and helps to regrow new hair normally. You have to diagnose it as early as possible to make your hair fall problem much better and simple.

3. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can be seen in both men and women, but women are more prone to the deficiency of hormone. During pregnancy, menopause and in many other stages of life, women are affected by the hormonal imbalances. But men are no exceptional to hormonal defects, as some hormones are triggered in the same manner in both men and women equally. Say, for example thyroid; it can be seen commonly in both of them. Thyroid is of two kinds, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, in which hypothyroidism leads to heavy hair fall. You can see visible results of hair loss within a small time of being affected by thyroid.

4. Medical conditions

Hair loss can be a fallout of some medical usage, like when used for depression, migraine, cancer, high blood pressure, heart problems and heart diseases to name a few. In such conditions after stopping the usage of these medicines, in most of the cases you can notice the regrowth of the hair normally.

5. Hair styles and treatments

As we are living in a stylish era, we tend to look posh. To look trendy we make our hair and we tend to treat it with certain chemicals which are harsh on the hair, which leads to the hair fall. Limiting the styling of your hair and taking necessary and regular treatments for hair care leads to the decrease the hair fall problem. If you use a hairdryer, then always use low heat settings to prevent hair damage and blow it from a safe distance.

6. Protein deficiency

The hair is made up of a vital protein called keratin and it helps to strengthen the hair and growth of the hair naturally. The deficiency of such protein leads to hair fall. Making a habit of including protein rich products in your diet will help you to stop hair fall and serves you with natural hair growth. Taking supplements along with the diet helps to recover quickly from the hair fall disease you are suffering from.

7. Physical and Emotional stress

Taking stress either physically or mentally can lead to huge and sudden hair fall. Taking stress leads to hormonal changes and imbalances, which often leads to hair follicles to the shedding stage. If you are stable and can manage the stress, it is way easy for your hair to regrow and stop hair fall problem.

8. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a condition of disorder where one is seen as a habit of pulling or plucking the strands from their head and other body parts manually. It is termed as an OCD and they are tendedto pluck the hair with their roots when they are in a stressful situation or facing nervousness, which leads to temporary baldness. However, if they stop the habit of plucking the hair, it grows normally and you are safe from achieving baldness.

9. Skin disorders

Certain kind of skin disorders like scalp infection and skin infection can lead to hair loss. This type of disorders are caused due to improper cleaning, usage of dreadful hair dyes and colors, a certain type of hair styling products and exposing to UV rays. Cleaning the hair regularly using mild shampoos and protecting it from exposing to harmful UV rays can help to rescue from the problem of hair loss.

10. Anemia (Iron deficiency)

Iron is an important mineral which helps to regulate the growth of blood such that maintains the health of the body. The deficiency of the iron, which helps to carry oxygen through blood to various parts of the body including hair can lead to hair loss. Taking iron supplements and consuming iron-rich diet can help you overcome the risk of hair loss.

11. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is a health related issue seen when your immunity system acts actively. It treats hair as an alien by mistake and tries to remove it as much as it can. Due to Alopecia areata, hair losses in round patches on the scalp. It can be treated medically by the dermatologists effectively if you are regular for the treatment intervals. Within the first few weeks of the treatment you can notice visible results of the hair regrowth.

12. Weight loss

Even if the weight loss is good for you to be healthy, in some cases it affects the growth of the hair which tends to hair loss. As the weight loss is a stress to your body, it impacts badly on your hair. As the sudden loss of weight disturbs your system, it affects some or the other parts of the body, mostly your hair. All you need is a period of a few months to make the system normal so that you can see the correction of your hair growth.

13. Aging

It is very common to see people tending to lose their hair when they enter into their sweet 50’s and 60’s. As it is a life cycle change, experts do not recommend treatment for the hair loss as it may affect them in some other way related to their health. Since you can’t stop ageing, so as you cannot prevent hair fall during that phase of your life. So no need to worry and enjoy your life happily.

As hair loss is most commonly seen in many pupil around the world, you don’t need to worry about it. Taking enough precautions and diagnosing in the meantime can help you to overcome the risk of hair loss. Consulting dermatologist regularly and keeping an eye regularly on the hair fall at steady intervals can help you diagnose the hair fall problem rapidly. There are a lot of hair regrowth products available these days.

Keeping an eye on your health, regular exercises, consuming healthy food rich in vitamin and proteins and consuming adequate amounts of water can help you prevent the hair loss disease in most of the cases as they act as home remedies for hair loss. Treat your hair as a friend with utmost care and not as an alien. Clean it properly at regular intervals and protect it thoroughly. Do remember it is just a phase of hair life cycle.


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