15 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods

“Eat more to lose more.” We all will love this to be the motto of our life, right? Well, yes, it is possible. Not all foods increase your weight, some love us so much that they help us reduce weight. How? All calories work differently combined with our metabolism and help us stay fed for different time frames. Some foods ensure we feel full for longer or burn calories while eating more of these. Eager to know which ones? Well, this article will discuss about weight loss foods. Consider this as the ultimate guide to foods which should always be in your plate to shed pounds of weight.

15 Best Weight Loss Foods:

1. Apples

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Be it a beverage, a main course, or a dessert, apples continue to be a part of our diet from ages. Ofcourse, they are nutrient and fiber rich, they also help to maintain your blood sugar level as they are low calorie, and they keep you filled ensuring you stay away from high calorie junk. Moreover, apples prevent excess water weight and retention because they have low sodium content. One of the prime reasons, for it being helpful in weight loss, is that it contains 85% water and all water rich food are filling. Also, apples contain high fiber which takes care of our daily requirement needs and help us reduce weight.

2. Leafy Greens-

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We have all been told by our parents and teachers to focus on green leafy vegetables. Spinach, Kale, Mustard Greens, Collard greens, there are many options which come under the tag of leafy veggies. What makes these options weight loss friendly? These low calorie, low carbs, high fiber loaded vegetables will increase the volume of your meals without increasing the weight. We all know these are incredibly nutritious and rich with all vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eating leafy vegetables will prevent iron deficiency, boost your immune system, and keep control of your blood pressure. The calcium present also helps in fat burning.

3. Boiled Potatoes

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Boiled potatoes have a lot of properties which make them ideal weight loss food for you. The diverse variety of nutrients present in potatoes serve us a wholesome food to keep a check on weight. It helps a lot in controlling blood pressure because of high potassium presence. Boiling potatoes and then cooling them helps in formation of resistant starch which some studies prove that helps with weight loss. They also rank highest on Satiety Index and are considered a fulfilling food.

4. Avocados


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While right exercise contributes to the 30% of weight loss, right food takes the major chunk of 70%. A good diet, aimed for weight loss should contain enough amount of avocados since they have high nutritional content, greater fiber content and are a bundle of mono saturated fats. Avocados also make you feel fuller for a longer time reducing any cravings for next five hours. It also keeps us high on energy and will help beat the high cholesterol levels. For an entire planned diet, you can check How to Lose Weight Fast.

Avocado is high in fat and calories but it still helps in weight loss. More than two-third of the calories are monounsaturated fatty acids which helps in burning the fat as energy. Also it gives you the feel of full stomach and reduces your hunger and appetite. Consuming nature’s healthiest foods like Avocado aids you for natural weight loss.

5. Soya Beans

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A study indicates that soy reduces body weight, regulates hepatic lipid content and adipose tissue. Therefore, it may be potentially useful for the prevention of obesity and related secondary complications. Soya Beans have been a life saver for vegans as a vegan protein source and there are dozens of dishes made out of them. They reduce calories intake without compromising on any nutrients required.

6. Cottage Cheese

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All dairy products are protein rich. With a little carbohydrate and fat, Cottage cheese is mostly protein and is counted high satiating food. It will make you feel fool with little quantity. Also, as a dairy product, it is rich in calcium and that helps the fat burning process as well. A study conducted found out that cottage cheese works as good as eggs for weight loss by helping in control of hunger.

8. Eggs

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A low calorie high nutrient food, eggs form the part of breakfasts for majority. Once considered unhealthy, there is now no doubt among scientists that eggs help in reducing weight by providing less calories and making us feel less hungry for next meals. The nutrient value of eggs is really high as it contains all vital vitamins, iron, protein and zinc. The theory of eggs being high cholesterol agents and contributing to heart attacks has been refuted.

9. Pumpkin


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Yes, it might scare off kids during Halloween but pumpkin should be on the top of the list if you are on a weight loss diet. High fiber, low calorie option, pumpkin is a great substitute for that plate of salad you are trying to make with a permutation combination of various foods. There is an important antioxidant beta- carotene present in pumpkins. It slows down overall digestion and keeps the appetite in check. There are various dishes receipts available online for pumpkin.

10. Salmon

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Loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which helps in weight loss, Salmon should be on your weight loss menu. Its nutrient-dense calories will help you stay ahead of your daily health goals. Moreover Salmon contains Vitamin D which is rarely found in foods. A lot of researches have used Salmon Fish Oil in studies and have got positive results for weight loss. We know protein is important for the path of weight loss, and Salmon contains lean protein which is good for heart and overall health. The simple explanation is it takes more time to digest than carbohydrates and hence helps us stay away from overeating.

11. Cruciferous Vegetables

Coming from the Brassicaceae family, these include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale etc. These nutritional powerhouses will fill your tummy with the least quantity and yet provide you all the nutrients with low calories. Proven to be having cancer fighting substances, these veggies have right amount of fiber and protein to be in your weight loss food list. Some of these, like Bok Choy, are high with water content as well.

12. Soup

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Whenever we talk about weight loss foods and a diet, soup tops the menu. Soup, a watery food, does help in weight loss as its low in calorie density yet fulfilling. But, what matters is choosing a soup with the right nutrients- fiber and proteins. Look for ingredients such as vegetables and beans and avoid cream based options. On the satiety index, soups stay high and as a result whenever we go for a buffet, we are served with soups first so that we eat less. So, soups should stay in our diet but we need be cautious of the choices with the ingredients of the same.

13. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been known for providing all the skin benefits. It is also the best kind of natural fat for weight loss. Fat and weight loss? Yes. It contains high level, about 90%, of healthy saturated fats. This helps your metabolic rate and decreases abdominal obesity in women. By providing higher energy levels and at the same time decreasing your hunger, Coconut oil enhances the body’s ability to burn fats and balances our hormones. It should be an important ingredient in diet for people who want to reduce belly fat. In short, to cook any dish with all the above mentioned options, use coconut oil to stay focused on your weight loss goals.

14. Black Raspberries 

Black Raspberries regulate blood sugar, boost metabolism and add fiber to the diet. The high fiber content keeps the hunger at bay for longer. Black raspberries decrease the cholesterol levels in blood and hence decrease body fat in addition to the various health benefits of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and phenolic acids. Antioxidants also promote detoxification and weight loss in their own accord.

15. Watermelon

Watermelon is mostly water, combined with good fiber content. This combination fills your stomach and leaves you satisfied longer than any sugary, fat-laden dessert, hence it is considered a weight loss friendly food.


While these are the foods one should eat for weight loss, you can follow a particular diet as well. Here are the diet options for different people-

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