16 Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

If you are pregnant, you may eagerly be awaiting the arrival of your child in this World. The child’s birth is a very remarkable moment in everyone’s life. The baby is born when a woman undergoes labor pain. Labor is nothing but the contractions that the body undergoes before it prepares to deliver a child. The article talks about various ways to induce labor naturally.

However, labor pain is not necessarily experienced by all pregnant women. In such cases, the doctor may have to deliver the child through a cesarean procedure. In this procedure the doctor needs to cut the stomach of the mother to deliver the child. This process is painful if not during the birth of the child, after the surgery has been performed and also comes with its complications. Vaginal delivery of a child is the natural way of delivery and also widely preferred. In order that vaginal birth takes place, here are some ways to induce labor naturally.

16 Ways to Induce Labor Naturally:

1. Exercise:

By exercise, we mean an activity that increases the heart rate. This could happen with a long walk as well. There are also various exercises available for pregnant women. They involve stretching activities which help the cervix to expand.

2. Sex:

Having sex with your partner is a way in which oxytocin is released in the body. The oxytocin can increase as well as induce contractions. Do not worry, having sex is perfectly safe for you as well as your child. Just ensure that you do not have sex after the water bag has broken to avoid any kind of infections.

3. Nipple Stimulation:

Nipple Stimulation also produces the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin also helps in release of breast milk for your child. You and your partner can use a breast pump to stimulate the nipples to induce labor naturally.

4. Castor Oil:

Castor Oil can be mixed in milk and gulped down in the last days of pregnancy. This leads to diarrhea as well as vomiting. Do not panic, these may kick start labor pain by causing contractions. The theory is that the cramps in the bowel set off contractions.

5. Acupressure for Inducing Labor:

You could use this therapy again to release the hormone oxytocin. Though there are no assured medical conclusions to support the theory that acupuncture could lead to induction of labor, most women who have used this therapy have delivered vaginally.

6. Membrane Stripping:

Your doctor will use a gloved finger to separate the amniotic sac from the area around the cervix. This action releases hormones called prostaglandins, which help the body go into labor. This is how membrane stripping procedure is performed. This procedure cannot be used if there are signs of vaginal infections.

One may experience spotting and cramps after this procedure. Excessive bleeding must be reported to the doctor immediately. Your water bag containing the child may also break after the process on membrane stripping. In that case too, you must rush to your health center for delivery.

7. Spicy Food for Inducing Labor Pain:

Spicy Food could cause an upset digestive system. This leads to bowel contractions and ultimately causes labor. This is however not a very highly recommended method.

8. Red Raspberry Leaves Tea:

Making tea using the leaves of red raspberries is suggested by midwives in the final weeks of pregnancy. It induces labor. Even if it does not induce labor for you, it will make you feel hydrated which is a great thing for your child.

9. Squatting:

Just like any other method, this too is highly suggested by midwives. Squatting helps the cervix muscles to expand and relax alternatively. This is an excellent way to ensure that a pathway is created for your child to be delivered.

10. Using Motherwort:

This is a herb to be used towards the final days of your pregnancy. It makes your contractions more effective, regulates the Braxton Hicks contractions, and stops false labor. Taken shortly after birth, motherwort can also calm your nerves and potentially prevent postpartum depression.

11. Bouncing on Exercise Ball:

Ball exercises can help turn your baby and make him or her towards birth canal. This is a very old technique used by midwives to speed up dilation and move the baby down the pelvis. This must however be done under supervision of your midwife.

12. Basil for Inducing Labor:

Basil is a herb that stimulates menstrual cycles ad can thus also be used here to induce labor during your pregnancy. It increases the blood flow to your uterus. Start using a few in your dishes!

13. Eating Bananas:

Bananas have lots of potassium which is crucial for muscle contraction. Potassium deficiency delays labor. However do not consume any potassium supplements which are not prescribed by the doctor as the may be poisonous to your body.

14. Using Evening Primrose Oil:

Evening Primrose Oil contains prostaglandins which help the cervix to ripen for bringing on labor. However, there are limited studies on the effectiveness and safety of evening primrose oil. Evening primrose oil may actually cause labor to last a few hours longer when applied vaginally or may cause early rupture of membranes, meaning that your water breaks before contractions start.

15. Eating Dates:

This is yet another way of inducing labor pain and guess what, its tastier than most of the methods above! Though nothing in dates suggest that the labor will necessarily be induced on its consumption. However, most women who have consumed dates in their final weeks of pregnancy have experienced contractions leading to vaginal birth.

16. Eating Pineapples:

This delicious fruit is a sure thing to relish in the final days of your pregnancy. It stimulates the intestine and could thus commence a contraction.

However, after having read about these methods, one needs to also be aware of the risk factors of inducing labor.

Risk Factors of Inducing Labor Naturally:

1. Low Fetal Heart Rate:

Strong and frequent contractions can put the child in distress and reduce the heart rate of your child.

2. Uterine Rupture:

This is yet another risk. Strong contractions some times may cause the uterus to rupture and the woman may have to undergo a surgery to remedy this problem.

3. Excessive Delivery Experienced by the Mother:

The mother may bleed excessively and this may cause weakness in the mother. There are chances that your uterus may not contract properly after delivery.

4. Cause Infection:

The contractions may cause the membrane to rupture putting both the child and the mother at a risk of  infections.

Even if you cross your date, you must not necessarily induce labor. Take advice from your doctor and perform any of the above methods only under the guidance of your midwife or doctor. Stick to a few safe methods only. Do not try your hands at all of the methods and risk your pregnancy. Also make sure you do not overdo any of your adopted measures.

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