15 Easy Answers of How to Increase Sperm Count and Boost Male Fertility

Sperm count is an important factor when one is trying to conceive. This is an essential part in Male fertility. These days owing to various lifestyle changes sperm counts are visibly decreasing among male. Just like women are suffering from infertility these days similarly men aren’t excluded from this problem. As per the guidelines of World Health Organization a fertile male should have at least 15ml of sperm in a single semen discharge. If the sperm count is less than 10ml per sample, then it means it’s a case of male infertility. It is important that an individual takes care and knows how to increase sperm count to ensure the chances of conception.

How to Increase Sperm Count and Boost Male Fertility?

1. Stop Smoking:

Smoking is actually very harmful if you want a good sperm count. It not only decreases sperm count but contributes to various health problems in the child. Smoking reduces the semen volume, development of the child, and risks the damage of DNA in the child. At least quitting smoking three months prior to the conception is essential.

2. Lose weight:

Men who have increased weight in comparison to their height and age are in a risk of lower sperm count. So, make sure you lose some weight.

3. Limit Alcohol:

Too much use of alcohol is another reason for the decrease in the sperm count. If you are a heavy drinker, then make it a point to bring the consumption down drastically.

4. Don’t wear tight clothes for too long:

Avoid wearing tight clothes in a row. Wear as much loose clothing as possible and giving room to your testicles.

5. Don’t take illicit drugs:

Say no to drugs. Even if you are trying to conceive or not never take drugs. These drugs contribute in gaining weight and a decrease in the testicle size. So, avoiding these drugs can be beneficial for boosting the sperm count.

6. Regular exercise:

One of the best ways to boost sperm count is exercising on a regular basis. As per various study it is seen that regular exercise ensures that testosterones level go higher. This in turn improves the quality of the semen. But make sure you don’t overdo it.

7. Take Vitamin C supplements:

Antioxidants are very important for the sperm count. Vitamin C counters the level of ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species. As per various studies conducted, it was seen that Vitamin C supplements have improved sperm count in infertile men by more than 90%.

8. Vitamin D intake:

This is another nutrient that can be helpful in boosting sperm count. Low testosterone levels can lead to lowering down sex drives. Vitamin D is seen as an essential component that helps increase testosterone levels in men.

9. Avoid unhealthy eating:

An unhealthy diet is also contributed to a decrease in sperm count. To boost your sperm counts make sure that a proper diet is maintained. A healthy adult male should have a proper diet which contains all the necessary proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates. Eat a proper meal and concentrate on a fixed diet.
Food that helps in boosting sperm count: Including these foods in your diet might be very helpful. As these foods are wrapped in essentials that contribute to an increased sperm count.

10. De-stress:

The present lifestyle’s most important defect is stress. Different diseases are a result of the ever-so-intensifying stress. Even sperm count too heavily gets disrupted because of stress. To boost sperm count, one should de-stress themselves in regular intervals. Regular walks, meditation and outings can be helpful.

11. Keep the testicles cool:

Essentially the sperm needs a cooler environment. Compared to the body temperature the testicles should be at least 4degrees cooler. So, avoid hot baths and saunas. This is will keep them cool and breathable. This is the same reason that tights should be avoided.

12. Eat nuts:

Eating any kinds of nuts could improve the sperm production by decreasing the oxidative stress levels. If you are not a fan of nuts, then become one. The study has seen that men who consumed more nuts had an improved semen and sperm quality.

13. More sex:

Have more sex. This is important because if sperm stays in the gonads for a long time then they are exposed to ROS. So, a proper ejaculation at least 4 times a month is beneficial for fresh and increased sperm count.

14. Some medicines have an adverse affect:

There are certain medications such as anti-depressants and medications used for blood pressure can which drastically bring down the sperm count. So, consult with your doctor whether you should consider sperm storage before starting with these medications.

15. Urinary Tract Infections:

Urinal tract infections often get untreated. If there are any such infections, then better get them treated at the earliest as it can lead to a decrease in sperm count. At times such bacterial infections may lead to permanent damage.

Understanding Male Fertility and Sperm Count:

Both male and female these days are suffering from fertility issues. There are various kinds of fertility issues among men. So many factors are responsible for low fertility in male. Erectile dysfunction, Sperm motility, Libido, Testosterone levels and most importantly Sperm count. All these are responsible for a male to not being able to conceive naturally. Genetic problems and health can be some responsible factors for such fertility issues. But a low sperm count is contributed largely to poor lifestyle.

Importance of Sperm:

Sperms are the gene carrying cells that contain an important gene pool of the father carried on to the child. The mechanism of male fertility is such that a male can continue to make sperm even later in their life. It’s just that the sperm count comes down as a man keeps on gaining age. But still there are instances where older men have fathered children. To keep the sperm counting up and running it is essential that certain lifestyle changes must be brought about. A healthy baby largely depends on the health of a sperm. A healthy sperm count assures the chances of a healthy offspring.

Factors responsible for a low sperm count:

There are various reasons that are responsible for a probable fall in the of sperm count in an adult male.
• Smoking
• Eating unhealthy food.
• Over abuse of alcohol.
• Gaining weight.
• Doing drugs.
• Sexually transmitted diseases.
• Stress.
• Urinary tract infection.

The bottom line is to keep a check on the sperm count. Infertility is a major issue that affects numerous men all around the world. If you too think this is an issue with you, then take your lifestyle changes seriously. The general health of an individual is important to increase the sperm count. There is no guarantee that these above precautions are sure to work. But there is no harm in trying. Even studies have found effective results with such drastic changes in an individual’s lifestyle.
Infertility these days can be treated and there are various medications and treatments available for the issue. All you need to do is get in touch with a doctor speak about the issue. This is not something to get discouraged. There are people who have suffered from the same issue and have recovered with treatment. Becoming a parent is of immense happiness and nothing should come in the way of it not even infertility.

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For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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