12 Ways to Increase HGH

HGH i.e. Human Growth Hormone is a hormone naturally produced by pituitary glands, which stimulates the growth of all essential tissues of the body, including bones. This hormone helps in controlling growth and chemical reactions in our body.

The hormone drives up the growth in a child and also increases the muscle mass and bone density in a human body. It controls the body composition, fluids in the body, sugar and fat metabolism and also somewhat looks after the functioning of the heart.

When HGH is released from the pituitary gland, it remains active in the bloodstream for sometime only, which is enough for the liver to turn it into growth factor, the most important of which is insulin-like growth factor 1 or IGF -2.


Imbalance of HGH in the body leads to:

  • Dwarfism
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness in bones
  • Delayed puberty

A healthy man should generally have less than 5 nanogram per millimetre of this hormone circulating in the bloodstream. A woman produces twice the amount of man due to pregnancy in future. The production of these hormones increases during puberty in both man and woman and sharply drops as an individual reached the age of early 20’s.


Some more details of Pituitary gland:

Pituitary gland is a pea sized gland placed near the centre of your head, just below the front of the brain behind the nose. It is named as ‘Master gland’ because it nor only produces the growth hormone but also many other hormones which helps in controlling the various functions of our body. Therefore, if the growth hormones (GH) lack or is in abundance in the body that means there is some problem in the pituitary gland. And in that case immediate consultation of the doctor should be done.

In a child, a doctor might check his/her weight, height and head size and compare it with the normal child’s body of that age group. If the doctor finds something wrong, he/she might recommend for a test which will prove the further reason for the same.


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But for an adult following are the symptoms if he/she has the deficiency or excessive GH:

  • Low strength
  • lack of energy
  • decline in muscle mass
  • depression
  • increase in the fat of the body

The reason of the following symptom may also differ which depends on a person’s body. But a blood test may diagnose the real cause of the following happenings.


Ways to Increase HGH Levels 


  1. Lose Belly Fat

The body fat that one carries is directly proportionate to their HGH level in the body.

Person who has high fat levels or has high belly fat will automatically deduce the production  of HG level in their body. Interestingly men get affected more with this than women if the fat levels are compared in both the genders. But one the person reduce the belly fat with proper diet and exercise can regain the appropriate production of the hormone in the body.

Therefore if a person get fit and healthy can easily stabilise the production of HGH level and can lead a disease free life. For faster tips to lose weight you can also opt for many fruits and vegetables.


2. Intermittent Fasting:

Restraining oneself from fasting actually increases the Human Growth Hormone level of the body.

Before the word Fasting screws the mental state of a reader, let me clear out, intermittent fasting means fasting at regular intervals. One can try this 2-3 days a week which in turn can easily bring back the GH level of a person to normal state.




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An instance of intermittent fasting is that first you have your last mean latest by 8 pm, which takes 2 to 3 hours to digest and thus will get digested by 11 pm. After that the person is not allowed to eat anything. When you wake up the next morning you are already in a fast state. Do not consume anything. You can skip breakfast and directly have lunch at 1 pm. This gap of 14-16 hours from you last meal till you lunch gives your body enough time to balance the HG level in your body.

One can raise the question that this long gap of food may affect the metabolic system of the body. But the study shows that if you skip a breakfast for 2-3 days in a week makes no difference in your metabolic system.


3. Arginine Supplements:

Arginine are among acids (used as supplements) which helps in building protein level in the body. This stimulates the growth hormones and thus help increase in GH level in the body. It works best when take before sleeping.

Some of the studies show that this supplement is when taken along with exercise makes o difference in the hormone level in the body. In fact a person who only exercises finds the same difference in the body as compared to the person who exercises and also takes the supplements. Whereas if a person just takes Arginine supplements and does not exercise finds a major difference in the level of the Growth hormone.

The intake of the supplement needs to be high in order to see the difference.

  • The supplement should only be taken under guidance of a doctor


4. Cut down the Sugar Intake:

Excess of sugar intake is always a big no for any person to lead a healthy life. Increase in sugar glucose also affects the GH levels in the body.

High intake of sugar not only affects the insulin level in the body, but also increases obesity which further disturbs the HGH level in the body. So it is rightly recommended by all doctors and dietitian to lessen the sugar intake as much as possible to stay always from any type of health disorders. You can check our Best Ways to Reduce Sugar in Breakfast article.


5. Avoid eating before bedtime:

Our body naturally releases growth hormones during the night time. If one chooses to eat late at night or immediately before bedtime, specially the carbs or protein rich food, causes rise in insulin level which further restricts the stimulation of GH in the body.

Therefore eating minimum of 2-3 hours before the sleep eventually decreases the release of insulin and the growth hormones gets enough time to react in the body properly.


6. High Intensity workout:

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This is considered one of the best method to trigger the GH levels in your body. An intensified training or exercise boosts the heart rate which is considered one of the best ways to stimulate the growth hormone. Intense training may include exercise like 30 seconds to 45 seconds of running, cycling, jump rope, sowing etc, taking 1 minute interval between each exercise.


This type of training is named as ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT) which takes 15 to 30 minutes of time duration..


7. GABA Supplement:

GABA also known as Gamma Aminobutyric Acid is a neurotransmitter which helps in sending signals to the brain. It is also a calming agent for brain and central nervous system which helps a person to have a sound sleep. But this supplement also helps in balancing the GH level in the body. One can find best results if he/she has it during bedtime so that it serves you with a sound sleep and thus the growth hormones gets active well and solves the purpose.


8. Sleep more:

Having a sound and deep sleep is one of the best ways to enhance your GH levels in the body. The growth hormone in a person’s body is not released continuously. It is released in pulses. And most of the pulses occur during deep sleep i.e. when one goes into third stage of sleep cycle when the heart and breathing rate, brain temperature and blood pressure is at the lowest levels.

So a sound sleep is very necessary to balance out the HGH levels.


9. Consumption of Beta Alanine or protein shake before/after workout:

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These are some of the common supplements taken by the people who does gyming for building bodies or enhance stamina for working out. Consumption of these shakes or supplements not only boosts the stamina for workout but also stimulate the growth hormones in the body.


10. Melatonin supplement:

Melatonin is a hormone that controls the sleep and the wake up cycle in the body. Supplements taken to activate this hormone may help a person have a sound sleep for good long hours and also maintain the blood pressure.

But if a person prefers natural ways to enhance these hormones can consume fruits and vegetables like pineapple, banana, orange, oats,sweet corn, rice, tomatoes or barley.


11. Other supplements:

Some other supplements that can be taken to stimulate growth hormones are:

  • Glutamine
  • Creatine
  • Ornithine
  • L-Dopa
  • Glycine


12. Best 5 foods to boost HGH levels naturally:

Finally here is the list of food that enhances the Human Growth Hormone level in your body naturally:

  • Rasberries
  • Turkey (chicken)
  • Sashimi (Fish)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Soy

Thus anybody detected with lack of Growth hormone can jot down the following methods and implement it in their daily routine to get back the hormone in a balancing rate and thus lead a healthy and fit life!


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