Water Fasting- Impressive Results and Useful Tips

Fasting has been practiced by people for ages. It has not only proved beneficial in weight loss and reduction in calorie intake, but has also helped overcome a number of heart and kidney problems. Results of water fasting are rather impressive and hence responsible for the wide popularity of the same.

Water fasting is a category of fasting where we stop consuming anything except water.

In present times, water fasting has emerged to be a faster and convenient way to get rid of extra weight. Additionally, it also helps you in combating various chronic diseases and increases the process of autophagy in our body. Autophagy is the natural procedure that our body follows to flush out the unwanted and residual matter accumulated in the human body.

Let us initially understand what we mean by water fasting and look at some of its basics.

What do you mean by Water Fasting?

Water fasting is the process in which nothing other than water is consumed. Water fasting is recommended to be done for a duration of 24-72 hours. If you aim to perform water fasting longer than this period, you should get proper medical advice prior.

We can perform water fasting for various purposes such as weight loss, health advantages, religious cases, medical requirements, and for detoxifying as well. Upon referring to different studies related to water fasting, it has been determined that it plays a major role in reducing cancer-, diabetes-, or heart-related problems. Not only does it diminish the danger of chronic diseases, but also accelerates your body’s natural ways to eliminate wastes.

Now that we have had a generalized idea about the meaning of water fasting and the pros of this process, let us look at some of the tips essential for water fasting.

Water Fasting Tips and Tricks

Once you have chosen to go for water fasting, there are several opinions and talks that you will hear about that will make it confusing for you to decide which steps to follow. While water fasting might seem alluring for those who want to lose weight quickly, it may turn fatal in some cases since there is eradication of too many salts from your body. visitlcvalley.com

So, it becomes highly pertinent to comprehend the basics of water fasting before following this fasting technique.

1. Restrict

No matter how strong the urge to eat, you should restrict yourself from consuming even a little food during water fasting. Eating even a minute quantity of food will begin the digestion process that is harmful to the fasting process.

2. Fuel Adequately

Before starting with water fasting, you should fuel your body with adequate and appropriate nutrition so that you can easily endure the water fasting. You can get the necessary nutrients from vegetables, fruits, food enriched with protein, and other healthy foods.

3. Hydrate 

In order to keep your body sufficiently hydrated throughout the water fasting period, you should ensure that you consume water according to what your body demands.

4. Electrolytes laden Drinking

You can also drink healthy electrolytes or drinks imbibed with vitamins to remain energized while fasting. These are not harmful to your body. So, it won’t cause a problem in the fasting process.

5. Refrain from Caffeine

As far as possible, you should refrain from any caffeinated drinks. However, you can experiment with them before or after the fast, as these are helpful in increasing the rate of digestion of your body.

6. Exercise

You should engage in the amount of activity that is suitable for your body. A little bit of exercise or brisk walking is beneficial for your health even during water fasting.

7. Sleep

You should also ensure that you get an appropriate amount of sleep while fasting.

8. Start Right 

You can always start your water fasting just after having a meal at dinner. This way you can ensure that you can stop the fasting with dinner the next day.

These are some of the important tips that are necessary for your preparation for water fasting.

Let us now give some insights to the results of water fasting.

Water Fasting Results

1. You will notice that the ability of your body to perform autophagy is increased. Various studies conducted on animal bodies regarding water fasting has proved that the rate of autophagy has increased by a large amount, thus elevating their life span.

2. Water fasting can play a major role in people suffering from high blood pressure. In several cases, it has been observed that there was a significant reduction in blood pressure in people practicing water fasting.

3. Once you go for water fasting, the overall metabolism of your body will be enhanced. This occurs as a result of the increased susceptibility of your body towards the hormones insulin and leptin. While insulin strongly assists your body in decreasing blood sugar levels, leptin effectively manages the hunger signals of your body.

4. The chances of getting affected by chronic diseases such as cancer or diabetes or other severe health problems are highly reduced by water fasting. Studies have shown that water fasting is capable of restricting the development of cancer cells.

5. In some cases, water fasting may have adverse effects. Some may lose a large amount of weight quickly that may affect the functioning of the body. You may also feel dehydrated leading to headaches and nausea. It also may aggravate any prior medical conditions in your body.

Faster method to lose weight !

Thus, we see that water fasting is indeed a faster method to lose weight and also avail other benefits. Most of the studies conducted on animals related to water fasting have outstanding results. This implies that the water fasting process can be a huge advantage for humans as well.

However, it should be considered that this technique has some cons as well. It is therefore recommended to consult your doctor before going for water fasting for a long period. Otherwise, there can be severe impacts on your health such as diabetes, kidney problems, heart diseases, and more.

So, always start with 1-day or 2-day water fasting routine. Analyze how your body reacts to this situation and then go for further sets of water fasting.

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