Top 5 Ways To Boost Immune System

The immune system is a defense bar, protecting you against bacteria, germs, viruses, and diseases. It also helps with our reckless exposure to iced milkshakes and buckets n buckets of icecreams. We all want to boost immune system.

The immune system, which is made up of cells, tissues, and organs, is a perfect blend of teamwork. Different chunks working in sync to guard your overall health. While it is still unclear why some people have a stone cold protective layer and others have a feeble fence, the immune system is still ‘the’ shield.

There is also a huge trend to be more and cleaner by each passing day. While this gives a sense of satisfaction, it actually stops the overall development of your immune system.


Top 5 Ways To Boost Immune System-


1. Enough Sleep


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Many studies claim that there is a direct link between sleep and our immune system. When we sleep, different germs/disease-fighting substances and hormones are released. Our immune system is in direct need of these hormones.

If there is a lack of these substances due to sleep deprivation, your body has a deficiency of the necessary sources that fight back on your behalf.

With the changing weather and seasons, one thing that you can assure is to provide your body with enough ‘Good sleep’. Doesn’t mean you need to overdo it. 8-9 hours of disciplined sleep will do the trick.


2. Probiotics


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Intake of probiotics can be through different modes. The easiest way is to include food with a probiotic property. With 70-80 percent of our immune system lying in the gut, it is a muster to keep a check on what we are feeding it.

A recent study also claims that probiotics in the diet act as a defense wall against microbial infection. In all, probiotics help maintain the gut lining.

Through the food that we consume, different kinds of acids are generated creating a home-y environment for the bacteria to survive. Probiotics, on the other hand, secrete antibacterial peptides capable of the killing the bacteria before it affects any organs.


3. Cold Water Bath


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One of the strong pillars of the very famous Wim Hof is to improve your immunity by exposing to extreme cold. As per him, ‘The cold is the absolute doorway to the soul’. What his method exactly does is, it builds a brown adipose tissue. That tissue then reduces the inflammation responsible for the mortified immune system.

There are two types of fats, brown fat, and white fat. When you take a cold water bath, brown fat is activated, also resulting in increased energy levels and calories burned.

Not just that, exposing oneself to cold pushes your immune system to withstand extreme conditions, in a better way. Fat loss, better sleep, energetic feeling, massive willpower, improved skin and hair, improved circulation, a release of the endorphins-feel-good hormone, are some of its other benefits.


4. Nuts


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Try looking for the top immunity-boosting food and nuts are always on the top. Whether you need Vitamin C- To improve production of IgM antibodies, Vitamin E- To boost the immune system of elderly, Zinc- To increase the level of T cells, Selenium- To activate cancer-fighting cells, Bioflavonoids- to prevent damage to the body due to the environment; Nuts are your ultimate source.

And, how can I forget, how handy and convenient it is to carry them anywhere and eat it as per your own convenience.

Some of the best varieties for boosting your immunity are almonds, walnut, Cashew nuts, pine nuts, brazil nuts, and pecans.


5. Immune Supportive herbs


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Chinese and Ayurveda, both have a common saying, adding herbs to your daily diet not only creates wholeness but it provides that extra beneficial shot to boost the immune system.

Herbs, which are also like the icing on the cake, shouldn’t be confused to be the only support you need to combat infections, especially the life-threatening ones. Herbal Immunostimulants, which is one of the group, is a combination of herbs which is used to treat acute infections by the stimulation of white blood activity. It helps the body to resist infections. This set of herbs can also be utilized when you are in a perimeter of a contagious disease.


Summation: Whether you use one of these ways or other or all of them, proper eating and sleeping is the key to boost immune system, also as per my own personal experience.

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