Top JEE Coaching In India  

India is an “Engineer” obsessed nation. Correction, India is a “JEE” obsessed nation. Every parent dreams that their kid studies in the most prestigious Engineering college of the nation. And that dream has a big hurdle in the form of JEE. While clearing JEE is a challenge, there are coaching institutes in our country to offer guidance for the same. Here are some of the best JEE coaching institutes in India.

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Top JEE Coaching In India  


1. ALLEN, Kota

Founded in 1988, Allen was originally a pre-medical coaching institute. It has given a string of amazing results in JEE in recent years. Allen has experienced faculties across all its batches and is known to help students prepare for other entrances like BITSAT. It has a great doubt class system to ensure that no student is left out in a crowd of over 2000. It has expanded in cities like Jaipur, Indore, Surat, Chandigarh etc.

2. Resonance Eduventures, Kota

Resonance was founded in 2001, and has grown a lot since, in terms of infrastructure and faculty. It has some very experienced faculty for the top batches and decent ones across all the lower ones. It boasts decent results in both JEE Mains and Advanced. A good share of its faculty are IIT graduates. Resonance also has separate batches for Hindi and English speaking students. It has expanded in cities like Mumbai, Raipur, Delhi, Surat etc.

3. FIITJEE, Delhi

Founded in 1992, FIITJEE has made its mark on the coaching industry by giving excellent results year after year. FIITJEE also has one of the best All India Test series with thousands of students appearing for the test. It has one of the finest faculty available in the country and it has made its name across the country.

4. Vibrant Academy, Kota

Vibrant Academy is best known for its excellence in JEE Advanced. It has the best faculty for the top 2 batches. A selection percentage of 50% speaks volumes about its faculty. Vibrant Academy is present only in Kota. It is important to note that the institute does not offer a lot of help for other examinations and boards.

5. Sri Chaitanya and Narayana (CHAINA), Hyderabad

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy and Narayana coaching are two of the biggest institutes down south. They started out as rival institutes but have now collaborated. The institute has consistently produced top ranks in all the entrance including top 3 in JEE Mains 2016. Classes begin as early as 6 am and can go on till 8 pm. Requires a lot of dedication.

6. Vidyamandir Classes, New Delhi

It is one of the premier IIT coaching based in Delhi. It has smaller classrooms which ensure more attention on students. Results have been decent with 40+ students getting rank in top 1000. A good proportion of the faculty consists of IIT graduates.The study material is known to be very comprehensive.

7. Bansal Classes, Kota

Bansal classes are one of the earliest institute in the country. They have been a springboard for a lot of JEE aspirants for decades. They have a strong distance learning programme which ably backs their classroom teaching. It also has centers in various cities around the country.

8. IITians Pace, Mumbai.

IITians pace is the biggest coaching institute in Maharashtra, and it produces better results than any institute in the state. The quality of coaching leaves nothing desired. The institute produced 16 of the top 100 AIRs in JEE 2016.

9. Motion IIT JEE, Kota

Motion Kota has some of the best faculty in the country. They allow their students to attend the class of any faculty they like . It also has video lecture labs to facilitate its students. One can also take individual classes for every subject from the institute. The average faculty standards of the institute is high which is also reflected in their results.

10. Aakash Institute, New Delhi

Aakash faces stiff competition in New Delhi from FIITJEE and VMC. While Aakash is one of the best institute for medical, it also has a decent record in JEE. It has centers across the country which have produced good results in recent years. The faculty is good, if not excellent.


Go ahead, start studying.


As most of the options are from Kota, you can check out the life of students in Kota from my personal experience there.

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