Top 10 Car Modifiers in Delhi

I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself. This statement has driven a lot of young generations all around the world to improve and customize their car according to their personality. Young people are driven to customize their cars these days. A modification is not all about just altering the car interiors and exterior but to transform the regular cars into a speed devil or a luxury saloon. Car enthusiasts always want their car to be unique and different from other cars because the modification is all about showing off your creativity and love for your car and that’s the reason car enthusiasts are very much concerned about the shops and their work. You can check out the list of top car modifiers in India.

Car modification is broadly divided into two significant parts-

  1. Interior modification is basically what you see and feel inside while driving the car. This modification gives you a comfort when you drive your car, the engine disturbance you hear, the complete front panel you look at, the perfect sound system for you and the speed at which you wish to drive your car
  • Cushioning (Nylon or polyester)
  • Engine tunning
  • Accessories
  • Improvement in sound systems
  • Custom dashboard
  1. Exterior modification is basically what is a visible to the public. This modification focuses on giving the car a makeover, changing the look of your car, changing front grills, doing a good paint job and doing special coating to give your car a shiny look.
  • Custom paint and body job
  • Alloy wheels
  • Covering

Delhi is a place where a lot of talent is coming up for modifying cars. There is no particular criteria to judge a place of modification of cars but we bring to you the top 10 car modifiers in Delhi (NCR) region. We hope you like it.

Top 10 Car Modifiers in Delhi-




Image source- Team-BHP


Address: J1, Kailash Park, Opp Metro Pillar No. 330, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Motor Concept is a place where they offer you the most exciting and desirable solutions for great sound, designer interiors and other styling components to give an identity to your car.




Image source- teambhp


Address: 661, Zero Road, Silver Oak Farms, MG Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Performance Upgrades, Bodykits & Paintjobs, Wheels & Tires, Maintenance & Service, Suspension. Any kind of work you want to get done with your car this is a one stop shop.




Image source- hieuandloan


Address: Opp Pillar No.190, Near Arjunghar Metro Station, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110047

ALLOY WHEELS, TIRES, BODY KITS, CAR DETAILING, CAR WRAPPING all of these things are offered by this place at a reasonable cost.


4. Performance Zone–K & N Air Filter:


Image source- Justdial


Address: 53, Ground Floor, South Patel Nagar, Near Patel Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110008.

Performance zone offers 100% genuine products to their customers. They provide automotive lights, body kits, performance products, and other products. Performance zone is the single largest importer of performance zone products. Their major aim is to provide the best products and a service available to older as well as in today’s  generation.


5. Wicked wheels:


Image source- Just dial


Address: Wicked Wheels 38, Silver Oak Farms Road No 2, Ghitorni, M.G.Road New Delhi 110030.

Wicked Wheels is one of the best destination for giving your car the makeover it deserves. If you are tired and unsatisfied of poor services being offered elsewhere then wicked wheels is the right place for you. They strive to offer the highest levels of client satisfaction.


6. Autotude :


Image sourdce- steeroids


Address: B-197, Okhla I, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110020.

As their name suggests this is place for those who want to give attitude to their car. The passion and love for cars has driven this company to grow and has always encouraged them to give everything that’s best for their customers. Their team themselves are car enthusiasts which help them connect passionately to the car owners who wish to get their car modified.


7. SKG Modifiers :



Address: 394, Nilgiri Alaknanda, St. George’s School, Mount Kailash Apartment, New Delhi, Delhi 110019.

SKG MODIFIERS provide car modification and customization as per customer needs. They offer car interior modification, exterior modification, engine mods, car sale/purchase, car repairing services. Their main motto is to help the customers modify their vehicle and provide them with all the information, advice and accessories needed.


8. Ahmad Motor:


Image source- Just Dial


Address: Works Plot No.1355 Sector 5 , Vasundhara, Ghaziabad-201012, Uttar Pradesh, India.

This place is not much known to people but this a place to look for competition and performance in providing customer satisfaction and modification in future.




Image source- Just Dial


Address: 39 Prithviraj New Delhi – 110003 ,India.

Fine auto electric works has been doing business in India for last 35 years and has been providing expert and automotive repair to all their customers. The company’s main motto passion breeds its own success and the company believes soon believe that will the current pace and the enthusiasm in their team would help them achieve new heights in their industry.





Address: Block-D,48, Sector 2, Noida – 201301 Uttar Pradesh,India.

Passion for detail leads to better design, better design results in optimized functionality which in turn results in better performance. This is the philosophy that the company has been following for many years and will be following it in the near future. They provide services like mechanical repair, body and paint shop, composite fabrication, metal fabrication, performance design and dyno testing services.



As we end this article we understand that car modification is not just about getting new paint or rims or better sound system but it also means passion towards car and how we wish to showcase our personality through our cars. Above mentioned are some of the places that we think are cool enough for our readers but do try them and let us know how was your experience. If you are a bike enthusiast, you can check the list of the top Bike modifiers in India.

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