Top 10 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

To find our bellies sworn by fat is just frustrating. Moreover, witnessing it growing big day by day feels like a big nuisance. Not only this, increasing belly fat can also be an indication of existing heart diseases and Type II Diabetes. No doubt all of us keep struggling to lose belly fat. But no worries. We at ExtraChai have researched and curated a list of top 10 ways to lose belly fat rapidly.
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How to know if you are suffering from Abdominal Obesity?

After proper measurement, if your waistline is more than 35 inches (in women) and 40 inches( in men), it indicates that you’re suffering from abdominal obesity.

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Losing belly fat helps you to:

  • Live a Longer and healthier life,
  • Feel amazing about yourself.
  • Have a thin waistline which you can happily flaunt.
  • Get rid of excess body fat and to stop feeling low about yourself.
  • Stop facing issues with tight clothing.

So, stay tuned to our article to know more about the proven strategies to lose belly fat.


1. Avoid Sugar-

Sugar/ Added sugar/ Liquid sugar has extremely harmful effects on our metabolism. Sugar basically comprises half fructose and half sugar. And the fact is that fructose is eminently detrimental to your health. Now, when we consume more of added sugar, our liver gets overdosed with fructose, which then is converted into fat. It leads to severe insulin resistance and brings a whole lot of other problems as a bonus. Some of the biggest ones being belly fat, fuel to cancer cells, and impairing white blood cells.

source: British nutrition foundation

So, if you are really interested in reducing your belly fat, just quit added sugar, sugary drinks or sweetened packaged foods or just reduce their consumption.


  • Stop consuming packaged foods
  • Choose whole fruits over fruit juices
  • Avoid flavored yogurt
  • Make rules for your dessert consumption
  • Consume more of dark chocolate
  • Avoid packaged beverages and soda
  • Follow reduced sugar breakfast


2. Reduce your stress-

Stressing a lot tends to produce an excess of the “stress hormone” called cortisol, which happens, when the adrenal glands are triggered, which leads to gaining more fat. Research has proven that high cortisol levels in our body increase our appetite and tend to drive the abdominal fat storage of our system.

So, people who already have a large waist need to take extra care about stressing, as increased cortisol further keeps adding to fat gain around the middle of your abdomen. To aid reduction of belly fat, engage yourself in pleasurable activities, that definitely relieve stress, keep practicing yoga and meditation regularly.

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  • Meditation
  • Write down your feelings
  • Scribble
  • Spend time with nature
  • Make a to-do list
  • Get some good sleep
  • Do deep breathing while thinking.
  • Take a hot shower
  • Distract yourself
  • Practice yoga
  • Introspect on what is stressing you.
  • Get lost in some music
  • Read
  • Visualize your stress
  • Smell something good.
  • Go for a long drive


3. Do cardio or aerobic exercises-

Doing cardio exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn calories and in turn reduce belly fat. It not only helps you with that but even makes your heart and lungs stronger, increases your bone density, reduces stress and definitely provides relief from depression and anxiety. One research study found that women lost more fat from all body areas when they performed aerobic or cardio exercise for 300 minutes per week rather than just 150 minutes per week.

So make sure that other than maintaining a proper diet, you definitely inculcate a habit of infusing cardio exercise into your lifestyle and maintain a much-needed regularity.



  • Determine that you have to do it.
  • Stop. Take a break. Start.
  • Mix and match
  • Always carry your heavy bags
  • Time it right.


4. Replace cooking fats with coconut oil

Science has proven that coconut oil is the healthiest fat one can consume in their lifetime. It’s active contents not only boost our metabolism but undoubtedly decrease cholesterol as well.

To boost the loss of belly fat, the best way to consume coconut oil would be to take approx. 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day (Consume it as it is, or add in cooking), as per studies. Well, you need to keep in mind that coconut oil is even quite high in calories. Instead of just adding extra fat to your diet, replace some of them with this wonderful fat.

source: www.today.com


  • Add coconut oil to the warm lemon water.
  • Mix coconut oil into your green tea
  • Add coconut oil to curd
  • Use coconut oil in baking.


5. Infuse more protein in your diet-

Well, the protein being one of the most important determinants of weight loss, you should include a good amount of protein source at every meal, like eggs, fish, dairy, nuts, etc. Other than increasing appetite, higher intake of protein promotes the release of the much-needed fullness hormone.

Several pieces of research show that people who consume more of protein, tend to have less abdominal fat, than those who consume low protein diet because proteins positively help you to retain the muscle mass during weight loss and even raises the metabolic rate.

source: biggiesboxers.com


  • Eat more of peas
  • Consume more black beans.
  • Eat more brown rice
  • Intake excess of meat, chicken, and egg if non-vegetarian.
  • Consume more lentils
  • Have more walnuts and peanuts.


6. Cut out on carbs

We often ponder about what is the need to quit our favorite carbs. Well, you might not know that quitting carbs not only reduces fat but also makes you feel full, reduces the risk of heart diseases and strokes, your belly gets flatter, your muscles get stronger, you feel undoubtedly more energized and less lazy. So, either quit carbs or just follow a low-carb diet and consume more of whole grains rather than refined grains. As refined grains tend to increase abdominal fat and the risk of diabetes, so make sure that you do not consume more than 50 grams of carbs in a day.

source: Medical News Today


  • Replace fruit jams with real fruits.
  • Check your energy bars.
  • Eat baked.
  • Eat more of heartier vegetables than grains.


7. Get plenty of sleep-

An ample amount of sleep is the best thing you can gift your growing abdomen and your fattening health. Your body needs minimum 8 hours of sleep so as to function properly so that it can pace up the digestion process and the weight loss process. An observational study found that those who sleep less than 5 hours per night are definitely more likely to gain weight quicker than those who sleep 7 hours or much more per night.

The fact is that more than the amount of sleep, the quality of sleep is more crucial. A sound sleep calms down the nerves, and loosens the excess visceral fat.

source: quora


  • Avoid bright screen few hours before bed
  • Take a bath before you head towards bed
  • Keep your bedroom dark
  • Keep it cool
  • Cut caffeine by the noon
  • Think about something pleasant
  • Listen to music.


8. Quit fruit juices-

I mean the packaged ones, which promise a whole lot of minerals, vitamins, and iron, but provide you with only, harmful artificial sweeteners, fat inducing chemicals and a bunch of other reasons to quit them. They are equivalent to soda and other cold drinks, even though they are marketed to be healthy. Thus, you should just quit them. A huge factor contributing to your fatty belly would just vanish and your condition would definitely improve.

Talking about fruit juices, we can’t forget about the real ones. You might not know but even the natural sweeteners, they comprise of, are remarkably unhealthy for your belly. Thus, you should consume less of them if you are a health enthusiast.

source: askopinion


  • Start tracking your calories
  • Drink more of lime water or detox water
  • Save it for special occasions.


9. Consume Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the ultimate magical liquids whose benefits are not so well known. It not only fights diabetes and lowers sugar levels in your blood, lowers cholesterol and reduces heart risks, protects you from cancer-causing agents, but also contributes to weight reduction and loss of belly fat.

You can use it in salad dressings, mayonnaise, and the best way being- 2 tbsp of it in one glass of lukewarm water, first thing in the morning.

source: healthline


  • Apple cider vinegar and honey drink
  • Mix it with green tea
  • Add it to a ginger lemon mocktail
  • Add in lemonade


10. Drink green tea

You might often wonder, why is green tea so good and why are all the health experts going mad about it. This is because of its miraculous health benefits. It contains bioactive compounds that work great on your health, flushes toxins out of your system, calms you down, improves your brain functioning, induces fat burning, lowers the risk of various diseases, and keeps you at bay from obesity.

It also contains the antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine which promote extensive metabolism and makes you live longer. So ensure that you start inculcating the habit of sipping two cups of green tea daily.

source: NDTV Food


  • Add honey for sweetening
  • Stir in some lemon juice to taste
  • Pour cinnamon sticks or cinnamon powder
  • Mix chia seeds in it


So these were the top 10 ways to lose belly fat, with the most effective hacks to make your life easier. These would definitely help you out and promise to be your best friend on your journey of weight loss. You can also check the list of Top Weight Loss Friendly Foods.

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