Top 10 Residential Schools in Panchgani

Which city hits your mind when you hear the term Residential Schools? I can guarantee you that 90% people will think of Panchgani, isn’t it? This is because Panchgani is renowned for many leading residential educational institutions. We all watched Taare Zameen Par as well.

Panchgani, located in Maharashtra, not only attracts the crowd residing in Mumbai (Mumbai also has a lot of Residential schools) and Pune but also students across the globe. With more than 100 boarding schools in Panchgani, it is difficult to make a definite short list.

We have listed top 10 boarding schools in Panchgani

1. St. Peters School:


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The school is ranked 10th in India, 2nd in Maharashtra, and was ranked among top 10 boys boarding school by Education Today. It is affiliated to ICSE Board and is existing since 113 years.

The campus facilities include Library with well-equipped reading atmosphere, Gym with well-certified trainers, counseling centers for students to provide personal guidance. Moreover, it also includes extracurricular activities like  Elocution, Debate, Dramatics and many more to enhance student skills.

Website: http://peterspanchgani.org


2. Pinewoods International High School:


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The school is maintaining the legacy since 1986 and is a well known among top residential schools in Panchgani. Pinewoods is a co-educational school managed by Mahatma Laxman ji Arya Educational Public Charitable Trust.

It is affiliated to ICSE Board. The campus facilities include science and computer laboratory, healthcare with proper diet as per student requirements. Their hostel is well equipped with Air Conditioners as well as refrigerators.

Website: http://www.pinewoodsinternational.com


3. New Era High School:


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According to Education India World Rankings, it is ranked on fourteenth in India and among top 10 in  Maharashtra. The school was established in 1945 and today it has grown into a leading international educational institute.

New Era is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE for 1st to 8th and IGCSE Cambridge for 9th and 10th. With many different extracurricular activities, it also includes French as a foreign language.

Website: https://www.nehsindia.org


4. Panchgani International School:


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The School was established in the year 2004, it is an excellent blend of technological and traditional norms of education system. The school is a co-educational school affiliated to Maharashtra state board.

The infrastructural facilities of the school include cafeteria, library, hostel, sports complex, gym, auditorium, hospital etc.

Website: http://www.panchganiinternationalschool.org/


5. Billimoria High School:


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The school was established in 1908 as a boys school, and it then re-established in 1995 to turn into a co-educational school. BHS is one of the oldest and renowned school among top residential schools in Panchgani

It is affiliated to CBSE Board and the extracurricular activities also includes well-equipped sports ground. The in-house facilities include computer, Mathematics, science and Home Science Laboratories

Website: http://www.billimoriahighschool.org


6. Kimmins High School:


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The school is prevailing since 1989 and counted as one of the best girls residential schools in Panchgani. It is affiliated to ICSE Board and boasts of a beautiful campus of 15 acres covering the best climate of Panchgani.

Kimmins is equipped with some great facilities of laboratories, library and even different playgrounds for outdoor activities.

Website: http://www.kimminsschoolpanchgani.org/


7. Sanjeewan Vidyalaya:


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The school was established in the year 1922 and is affiliated to CBSE as well as IGCSE. Sanjeewan is well equipped with science laboratories, computer laboratories, libraries and a separate technology cell.

It also has well-maintained facilities for extracurricular activities which includes Fine Arts Centre, Archery, Amphitheater and much more.

Website: http://www.sanjeewanvidyalaya.org


8. Silverdale High School:


The school follows a coeducational system till SSC and girl boarding post that. Silverdale is a 20-year-old school affiliated to Maharashtra state board. It even has a huge campus with well managed swimming pool and playground.

The extra facilities of the school include a computer lab, indoor play games, assemble hall, and science lab to provide students practical knowledge and exposure.

Website: http://www.silverdalehighschool.com


9. Codesh School:


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Codesh was founded in 1990 and is affiliated to ICSE Board of Examination. The school is managed by Panchgani Education Foundation which is a registered trust. The extracurricular activities include many cultural competitions and education competitions for student betterment.

The school is well equipped with extra facilities libraries, laboratories, sports activities, swimming pool, libraries, pantry as well as medical facilities to provide a healthy environment for children.

Website: http://www.codeshschool.org


10. God’s Valley International School:


Image Source- bharatvidhyapeeth.edu


The was established in the year 1988, and is renowned as the most modern boarding school in India. It has a beautiful campus covering 72 acres area and owned by Bhartiya Vidya Peeth group of institutions. https://analystprep.com online ambient synth

God’s Vallery School is affiliated to CBSE Board of education. Moreover, the school has a large number of indoor as well as outdoor activities like well-equipped playgrounds, libraries as well as laboratories.

Website: http://gvis.bharatividyapeeth.edu


Time to send your kid to get the best education.

Here is the list of Top 20 Boarding Schools in India.

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