Top 10 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online While Working From Home

Internet can do a heck lot of things, you really cannot be idle if you own a laptop and a working internet connection. From upgrading your knowledge, connecting to people globally to knowing the happenings of the world, it lets you do every single thing in minutes. But that is not all.

The real power here is that internet can even make you earn money online! The best thing about making money online is you can take yourself away from the grind of traditional 9 to 5 and work as per your own leisure and time. Here, you are your own boss and your own employee!

Quite eager to know about what these options are? Have a look at the list

Top 10 proven ways to earn money online-


1. Start Blogging:


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You might have heard the term “Content is the King”, it really is. Creating an engaging and informative content online on regular basis can attract the prospect customers. The task is to make them regular visitors of your blog with focusing on their interest area.

This makes you earn money through affiliate links or products you are writing about. How? Companies pay you commission when you refer them customers. 

How to do that?

Get yourself registered on blog platforms like Blogspot or WordPress. Start creating content as per your selected niche and you are good to start!


2. Create a YouTube Channel:


You might have seen so many you-tubers out there earning money through the same as their full time profession. Some of them are motivational speakers while other are comedians.

But there are other channels of common topics such as “How to tutorials” of different fields, “To do list” and many more.

How to do that?

Create a YouTube channel, may it be of your passion or interest. Add accurate title with proper content as well as SEO oriented keywords to make them grab maximum views and YouTube will pay you when you get viral. You can use the Top 10 SEO Tools to Gather Traffic.


3. Write and Sell E-book:


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Internet has become a great publishing world too. Find a niche which you are passionate about, be it an inspirational story or some “how to” books, you can sell any book about any category. There are numerous websites on the web which allow publishers to get their books listed.

The best part is you don’t need to be a major name distributor with profound pockets to get in on this activity. Moreover, if you own a website you can even directly sell it through it.

How to do that?

Get your book ready try publishing it on websites like amazon, lulu and many other. To make it go viral try to make buzz on social sites and start promoting to many other sources too.


4. App Development:


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The App market has increased a lot since last years. This is because everyone owns a smartphone now a days, and almost every one of them use at least one app in their day to day life, No matter whether it is a productivity app or just a game as a part of having fun.

All you need is a great idea to grab your target audience and your application is fit to get viral around the markets.

How to do that?

Even if you don’t know coding, you can hire a app developer and get it done for yourself. After that, by placing few useful advertisements or making it a paid app, you can generate the revenue as the installs increase.


5. Sell your stuff online:

You can easily sell your stuff online, whether it is purchased from a wholesaler or DIY any other thing you are passionate about. You can even indulge any of your hobby like making homemade chocolates, making handmade jewelries or different crafted arts and sell them online.

Create your own store using services like Shopify or use third party websites like amazon, eBay etc.

How to do that?

For third party websites get yourself registered as a seller account and start listing your products and every thing, from getting the product picked up from your place to get it delivered to client, will be done by them.


6. Sign up to Freelance websites:


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Initially it was only freelancer, but now there are huge number of websites for all the freelancers. Many people today are using these websites even for getting their full time source of income.

You can get different categories to get yourself listed as per your interest level and skills.

How to do that?

Get your self registered on websites like Refrens, Upwork or Fiverr. Add your skills and interest, if possible show your previous projects, grab the client and get it done!


7. Freelance Writing:


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There are many people out there who work few hours a day and are able to make full time income from it. This can probably be the best career for you too if you love to write. You might face a difficulty initially because it takes time to get your portfolio and resume built which showcase your skills.

But once, you are done with that you are definitely going to bang on making money while writing articles as a freelancer.

How to do that?

Create your web presence, where you can get all your work and portfolio listed. Get yourself to places like LinkedIn where professionals seek and help one another.


8. Be a Virtual Associate:


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This won’t really get you a lot of money, but can handsomely your earn your pocket money. There are many companies who are willing to have virtual human bot to solve the queries and interact with the visitors on their website.

The luxury here is that you only need two things to cope up with this job, One your internet connection with laptop and secondly, proficiency in the language required by the web master.

How to do that?

Find such webmasters who require these assistance. For instance, you can checkout in education niche where students need assistance of university.


9. Trade Photography art Online:


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If you are passionate about photography, you are going to love it. You can easily list your art online and set a price tag on it for sale. There are many photography websites who will easily assist you to sell your work on web.

This doesn’t require a lot of hassle, but of course a great bunch of pictures which attracts your target audience.

How to do that?

Get yourself registered on websites like Unsplash, you may find a bit of competition over here but once it gets cherished you will easily get the amount you demanded.


10. Become an Online tutor:


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If you love teaching you can easily sign up to tutoring websites with your educational qualifications and skills. Doing this will let you get indulged in one to one tutoring, creating your tutorial video lessons, and much more easily.

Moreover you even develop your own course on websites like coursera etc.

How to do that?

Find Online tutoring websites, register yourself with all the required details and you are perfect to go!


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