KOTA vs STUDENTS: 10 Things To Know Before Going To Kota

KOTA- A city which induces mixed emotions amongst students. From being on the brink of an economic collapse to establishing a multi-crore coaching industry, the city has certainly come a long way. It has established itself as the Mecca for fulfilling the middle class dream of getting into IIT/AIIMS. The staggering number of success stories over the years certainly makes a statement in favour of the city.

Does that tell you the whole story though? Let’s understand what a student is up against in Kota.

10 Things To Know Before Going To Kota

1. Know what you are getting into.

Studying in Kota for JEE or NEET is a whole different ball game. Don’t go to Kota because you got 10 CGPA in 10th grade or because someone you know went there and succeeded. Know what you are up for. Talk to people who have gone there to know exactly what to expect.

2. There’s no magic.

True, Kota probably has the best faculty and the best atmosphere to facilitate your preparation. But all these things still do not substitute brute hardwork. Merely going to Kota won’t increase your chances of getting into your dream college. At the end of the day, it’s just a city. It is up to you to make the most of it.


3. Know your odds.

Over 15,00,000 students appear for JEE-Mains each year while there are around 10,000 seats in IIT. That’s an acceptance rate of less than 0.7%. The numbers are similar for medical as well.

Over 1,00,000 kids go to Kota to prepare for JEE and most of them do not even qualify for JEE-Advanced. The odds are stacked against you. Know them.

Do not be deluded about your chances. The more aware you are, the harder you work. In the end your hardwork is in your control, not the odds.

4. The rule of 5 holds true for most people.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn

You are bound to make new friends when you move to a new city. And that’s one place where things can go wrong. Students from different cities, backgrounds and mindsets come to Kota to fulfill their dreams and a lot of them might not be as dedicated towards their aim as they should be. Make friends who are equally inclined towards their agenda. Remember,you are there to get into your dream college and not making friends. Be selfish about your dreams.

5. The food is going to suck.

You can join the best mess in the town and you will still get sick of it in 6-8 months. Eating outside is not a solution. Try your best to get used to the mess food as it is going to be healthier than fast food available outside. Limit your fast food consumption.

Also, Ma ke haath ka khaana rules!!!

6. Be Regular, be smart.

One just cannot stress enough on this. Homework is of supreme importance. Every coaching has great study material which is revised every year to keep up with the JEE standards. Don’t try to solve everything you can get your hands on. Your study material is your first and foremost priority. Everything else is optional.

7. Clear your mess in the classroom

Institutes in Kota have separate teachers to solve any doubts a student might have after a topic is discussed thoroughly in class. Most of these teachers are still under the training programme and are not good enough. Also, there have been cases of irregularities by the doubt faculty in showing up for the doubt class. The ratio of students to teacher is another thing which deteriorates the quality of doubt classes. Very few coaching institutes have a good doubt class system. So try to ask maximum doubts in the classroom itself. More often than not, the doubt class is going to be a waste of your time.

8. Results will affect you if you let them

This is not 10th grade people!! Getting 50% score here is tougher than topping board exams. And more often than not, results would not be favorable. These results are bound to deter you from your preparations if you let them. It is important to keep yourself motivated during this period. Self check on your preparation is more important than your rank mentioned. It is the final test that matters.

9. Distractions in Kota

The amount of distractions in Kota are enough to ruin your preparations. There are enough cyber cafes and movie hubs to waste your time. There will be stress regarding your studies, and taking a break won’t harm. But make sure everything is under control. Some movie is not worth your dream.

10. Don’t even think about it

You know what I am talking about. Cases of student suicides aren’t unheard of in Kota. It is important to realize that some college is not worth your life.

Take it from someone who did not even clear JEE- Mains. I failed to get into IIT, and that is probably one of the best things to ever happen to me. That one failure made me reconsider everything I wanted to do and helped me find new career opportunities, things which I really loved doing. Giving up your life is never the answer.


“Not your dream, not your city.” 

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