12 Signs and Symptoms of HIV- Causes, Cure, Test

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) causes a severe problem known as AIDS. It attacks the immune cells of the human body due to which CD4 cells stop screening the body to fight with various types of infections. Due to these infections, the person can even suffer varied cancers related to immunodeficiency. Generally, if you do not get the proper treatments for reducing the effects of this virus, then the risks of cancer may increase with the running time. HIV can be found in every tissue of the body even the transmission of this fluid occurs through body fluids such as semen, vaginal fluids, blood, and the breast milk. So, it is entirely a severe problem and should be treated with care.  The symptoms of HIV can be felt but problem arises when it becomes active and the person is known as HIV positive patient.

Causes of HIV:

When it comes to identifying the causes of HIV AIDS, then HIV retrovirus is the only thing that causes the production of this disease. Even the rates of the disease depend upon the immune system of every individual or can say that progression rates vary from person to person. It spread from an individual to another only when they have contacted with infected sexual fluids such as rectal, genital, oral mucous membranes. The disease can even spread when having sex without condom nonetheless vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Another cause is the sharing of sex toys. It causes AIDS when we do the sharing with HIV positive person.

Risk factor:

When a person falls prey to a particular disease, the one thing that continually occupies the mind is how it will affect their health and living. A person who has HIV might affect other by interacting through vaginal sex, anal intercourse, and use of syringes by others which have already been used by them. Such a person cannot have unprotected sex, the one that does not require the usage of a condom.

12 Signs and Symptoms of HIV

Generally, a disease shows the same signs for each person, but the case is different when it comes to HIV AIDS, as its symptoms vary from person to person. Along with this, the signs also vary with the stages. Those symptoms are:

  1. A Sore Throat:

When a person is infected from the HIV, then the individual generally get the whitish coating on mouth or tongue which leads to sore throats. This is the primary symptom of the HIV infections or can say the HIV AIDS disease.

  1. Dizziness:

With the HIV infection, the infected person may feel unexpected tiredness in the extreme condition. Due to which severe headaches and the dizziness show its presence in the body of that individual.

  1. Weight loss:

When the person faces sudden loss in weight, then he or she must be aware that there is the possibility of HIV infections. This also leads to the depletion of human energy due to which person suffers a lot. Generally, it can be observed only in the later stages of the disease.

  1. Unexpected bleeding:

An HIV infected person generally faces unforeseen bleedings in the body parts as the skin starts growing. The individual may face bleeding in mouth, nose, anus, or vagina, or from an opening in the body. It is not safe to ignore it as it is a late stage symptom.

  1. Skin rashes:

HIV makes the immune system weak due to which body stops fighting with germs, and this is the reason of rashes on the skin of people. It may also cause a problem in the treatment of other illness such as flu or something.

  1. Fever:

The people infected with HIV may suffer from the fever which stays for a long term. When it comes to the intensity of fever, then we keep the temperature between 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit and 100.8 degrees Fahrenheit as a low-grade fever. An infected HIV person feels the same but for extended periods.

  1. A cough:

A typical cough can be a symptom of any standard or mild disease, but if you are facing persistent, thick and dry coughing, then you must notify the signs. The reason behind it is that the weak immune system causes this symptom so pay attention to it.

  1. Diarrhea:

Even the diarrhea is a prevalent symptom, but when it comes to recognizing for HIV AIDS, then it occurs for a long duration due to which we can depict that the person is infected from HIV.

  1. Numbness in body parts:

Generally, an HIV infected person may face severe numbness in hands or feet, even the pain too. Along with this, the person may also face the loss of muscle control, loss of muscular strength, paralysis. These all cause the numbness in the body, and it is a significant symptom which points towards HIV infections.

  1. Swelling of glands:

When the immune system becomes much weaker than usual, then the lymph nodes of various body parts suffer from infections. The lymph nodes are contained in the neck, back of head, armpits, and groin. In the case of HIV infected person, these nodes get enlarged which can also be known as the swollen glands. These may persist for an extended period.

  1. Chronic pelvic inflammations:

Pelvic inflammations occur in the uterus, fallopian tubes, and in the ovaries of the woman. So, these infections may cause damage to the baby of a pregnant lady.

  1. Bad yeast infections:

The lousy yeast infections occur in most of the women who are HIV-positive, and the sad thing about this is that you cannot cure these infections anyhow. So, the woman suffering facing this symptom should consider caring about it.

Diagnosis/Tests of HIV:

HIV AIDS can be diagnosed only via blood tests, but the question arises that which are the tests beneficial for the recognition of disease. The answer can be depicted from the following mentioned tests:

  • ELISA Test
  • Saliva Tests
  • Viral Load Test
  • Western Blot
  • Home Access Express Test

These tests are highly beneficial in the diagnosis of the disease. But, one should follow the prescription of a doctor to choose any of these methods.

Treatment/Cure of HIV:

Generally, people think that it is not possible to treat, but there are various medicines which can decrease the effects of this virus. The drugs which can treat this disease are known as the antiretroviral (ARV). These drugs cannot be given alone to the patient whereas these can only be given by combining it with any other drug. The treatment therapy is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART is recommended to each person affected by this virus nonetheless checking the persistence period of infection. Now, even stem cell has helped treat HIV. Recently, a London based patient got cured HIV.

Medication of HIV:

HIV infection generally shows its effects after only a few days of transmission. The HIV affects the immune system, so it is essential to treat it with full throttle as it can cause various health issues. Now, when it comes to the medication for this, then you can follow the below-mentioned drugs with the prescription of the doctor.

  • Reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors – These types of drugs block the functioning of the HIV virus to make the infinite copies of it.
  • Protease inhibitors – Protease inhibitors fight HIV infections causing proteins so that infections may get restricted.
  • Fusion inhibitors – The fusion inhibitors restrict the entry of HIV into the body cells.
  • Integrase inhibitors –The integrase inhibitors limit the production of copies of the virus by blocking the enzyme which assists the virus in spreading the infections.
  • Multidrug combinations – Multidrug combinations point towards the combination of two or more drugs.

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