19 Refreshing Skin and Health Benefits of Clove Oil

Clove oil is an effective remedy for various skin diseases and health problems. You can easily make it at home and use to fix numerous problems in a short period naturally. It has a beautiful fragrance that works as a good mouthwash and refreshes you as well. This oil is full of nutrients that even improve your dental and oral care. You can easily get various types of toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain a good amount of clove oil. This oil includes compounds like carvacrol, thymol, and cinnamaldehyde.

Skin Benefits of Clove Oil

The clove oil has some remarkable effects on the skin.

1. Treats acne

Clove oil works great on the acne problems. The antibacterial properties of the clove oil work in this case and give your skin a good relief from the pimples, blemishes, and acne. You can take a few drops of clove oil and coconut oil and mix it well before using on the affected area. It can reduce the blemishes, boils, pimples, and rashes in a short period. A spoon of honey along with few drops of clove oil can also give you a good result in reducing acne.

2. Eliminates skin problems

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the clove oil can eliminate various skin problems like dullness, roughness, premature aging, wrinkles and more. The rejuvenating properties of the clove oil can increase the blood flow and as a result, you can get a good radiant on your skin. You can use the clove oil along with few drops of carrier oil on your skin to delay the aging of the skin.

3. Nourishes skin

The clove oil works effectively in case of moisturizing your skin and making it glowing at the same time. This natural mouthwash can also give you a good cleansing effect and freshness. It can reduce the scars and the spots of the skin naturally.

4. Heals insect bites

The insect bites can be healed at home, at initial stage, by applying a few drops of clove oil. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the clove oil reduce the risk of infection in your skin. Its antiseptic properties can heal the pain as well and keep your skin well.

Health Benefits of Clove Oil

Apart from fixing the skin problems, you can also use this oil to keep your health game up.

5. Reduce Candida infection

The anti-infectious properties of the clove oil can reduce the risk of the yeast infection that occurs in the mouth, ears, fingernails, nose, gastrointestinal tract, and vagina. According to the researchers, the anti-fungal agents of the clove oil are mainly responsible for this. The intestinal parasites can also be removed by taking the clove oil at a certain amount. This can control diarrhea but you should take the advice of a medical professional in this case to get the best result.

6. Keeps teeth well

You can use clove oil as a good remedy for dental care. It can cure a toothache in a short period and kill the bacteria in the mouth. It also works to treat the mouth ulcers, sore gums, and weak teeth at the same time. You need to take 2 to 3 drops of clove oil and mix it with a spoon of olive oil. Then dip a cotton ball in it and place on the inflamed area. You can keep it on the inflamed area for 10 minutes if you are comfortable. Then you need to wash your mouth with warm water. This home remedy can give you good comfort in a short period naturally.

7. Increase your sex drive

Clove is known as an aphrodisiac and the oil extracted from it can be used as one of the best solutions for boosting up the sex drive. You need to take a few drops of clove oil and mix it in warm water. It can improve your sex life.

8. Strengthen immunity

Taking clove oil at a certain amount can increase your immune power. It has some antiviral compounds that can strengthen your immune power and help you to fight against various illnesses naturally. It can keep you away from a cough, cold, and viral fever. The effects of free radicals can also be prevented by taking this oil. It purifies blood and takes care of your heart at the same time.

9. Circulates blood properly

Clove oil is a good solution for stimulating blood properly in the human body. It can purify the blood and circulate it to various organs properly. Moreover, it can rise up the metabolic rate and oxygenate the blood at the same time.

10. Keeps the digestive system well

You can treat the stomach problem including indigestion by taking the clove oil at a proper amount on your belly and rubbing it. It can treat the gastric problem, stomachache and bloating in a short period. The anti-oxidant properties of the oil can eliminate the toxin element from your body and give you a good relief at home. Moreover, it doesn’t have any side effect.

11. Reduces the risk of ulcers

One of the main compounds of clove oil is eugenol which reduces the risk of ulcers in the stomach. It stimulates the mucus synthesis and protects your digestive tract from the risk of ulcer. It also reduces the risk of gastritis at the same time.

12. Heals nausea

The fragrance of the clove oil can reduce the vomiting tendency in an aromatic way. You can inhale the oil by dropping a few drops of the oil on the pillow before going to bed at night. It can give you a stress-free effect as well.

13. Keeps you stress-free

The aromatic effect of the clove oil can help you to release the stress in a natural way. It doesn’t only leave a soothing effect for its fragrance but also keeps the nervous system calm. You can topically apply the oil to release the mental stress. You can also mix the clove oil with the career oil and massage on your body to get the best relief from the hectic regular life.

14. Reduces respiratory problem

Inhaling clove oil can be a good remedy to eliminate the respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, and cold-cough. Its anti-inflammatory compounds can reduce the respiratory troubles in an effective way.

15. Relieves pain

The anti-inflammatory compounds of the clove oil can also eliminate the pain naturally and give you good comfort. The joint pain and muscle pain can be treated well by messaging with this oil. The soreness of the joints can also be treated by this oil.

16. Controls blood sugar

This oil is a rich source of phenol which plays an important role in case of controlling blood sugar. You can get a good result in glucose response and postprandial insulin. According to the studies, if you are a diabetic patient you should take this remedy as an effective one.

17. Treats a headache

Flavonoids are found in the clove oil at a large scale and it can work as the best inflammatory agent that can prevent a headache. It can reduce the tension of the blood vessels and as a result, you can get relief from a headache. You can take a few drops of clove oil and add a spoon of salt to it and apply on your forehead. It can give you an instant relief.

18. Reduces the risk of cancer

The bioactive compounds of the clove oil can reduce the risk of tumor growth in the human body. Oleanolic acid is the main agent in this case. The clove oil extract is known as the best remedy to treat the illness like cancer.

19. Good for hair

Apart from the health and skin benefits of the clove oil, you can also enjoy the good effects of this oil on your hair. It can nourish your hair and give you an amazing shiny and long hair. A spoon of coconut oil and the few drops of clove oil can be applied on your hair to get a growing and bouncy hair.

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