16 Amazing Skin and Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Nutmeg powder is known for its flavor and as a spice it has a good demand across the world.  This old but super spice can not only make the dishes delicious but also make you strong in numerous ways. There are plenty of health benefits of nutmeg. The spice is made of the seeds of the nutmeg. It has a great use in the deserts and beverages. You can also taste its flavor along with the cheesy and creamy dishes.

16 Amazing Skin and Health Benefits of Nutmeg

1. Prevents cancer

The antioxidant compounds of the nutmeg powder can give you an impressive result in the prevention of cancer. You can go through the studies that have shown how effectively this spice and oil can fight against colon cancer. The effects of this spice can stall the formation of some blood vessels that are responsible for the growth of the tumors. You can include this spice to your daily routine to reduce the risk of cancer and fight against this deadly disease as well.

2. Controls diabetes

The nutmeg oil plays an active role in controlling diabetes. You can take this as a remedy which has triterpenes. This compound is known as anti-diabetic agent and for this, you can get a good result in lowering your blood sugar level. This compound can deal with blood sugar and other chronic diseases at the same time.

3. Heals arthritis

Nutmeg is a good source of the anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce the pain of arthritis naturally. This can reduce the inflammation and pain of the joints and give you a good relief. You can take the nutmeg powder or use the nutmeg oil on the joints to get a good result.

4. Effective on insomnia

Nutmeg powder has a good effect on your sleep. You can take a pinch of nutmeg powder and mix it to a glass of lukewarm milk to get a good sleep at night. This spice has the ability to calm down the nerves and giving you a soothing effect. This can help you to sleep. So, make a regular routine of taking a glass of milk with a pinch of nutmeg powder before going to bed and sleep perfectly.

5. Good in digestion

You can also take the nutmeg powder to improve your digestive system. Otherwise, the nutmeg oil also has a carminative effect which helps you to get a quick relief from gastric problem, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. This spice takes an active role in increasing the secretion of the digestive enzymes as well. So, you get a positive result in improving the digestive health by taking this spice on a regular basis.

6. Relieves pain

The anti-inflammatory agents of the nutmeg help you in reducing pain according to the studies. Apart from this content, you will also get the menthol in the nutmeg extract. This plays an active role in relieving pain and giving you a relief. This is mainly used to heal the joint pains, muscle pains, and spasm. You can also use it to reduce the joint pain as well.

7. Controls cholesterol

Manganese is one of the minerals present in the nutmeg. This lowers down the level of bad cholesterol and rises up the level of good cholesterol at the same time. It can break down the cholesterol to lower its level. So, you can take it as a natural remedy for controlling the cholesterol level and taking care of the heart.

8. Takes care of the teeth

The antibacterial agents of the nutmeg can kill the oral germs and keep your mouth fresh. You can also use this to whiten your teeth and keep them away from the risk of the pain. It can also reduce the risk of a cavity and strengthen the tooth. It deals with the bad breath and takes an overall care of your oral health.

9. Helps in losing weight

The fiber contents of the nutmeg can help you to control your weight. You can also digest food well and that is also a good way to prevent obesity. You can also flush out the toxin elements out from your body which is essential to control the weight. Moreover, by controlling diabetes and cholesterol it can keep you away from the obesity tendency.

10. Good to treat anxiety

You can also treat the anxiety problem by taking the proper amount of nutmeg. It works well when you are fighting against anxiety and depression. This spice has an agent called trimyristin which can give you a relief from the anxiety. It deals with the problems related to the brain and mind. This can stimulate the brain and give you a better mental strength. The spice is known for giving you a better mood as well.

11. Treats the urinary incontinence

Some of the researches have shown some positive effects of the nutmeg on the urinary incontinence. But all of the researchers are not agreed with them. You can discuss with the doctor before taking the nutmeg when you are under treatment of urinary incontinence.

Skin benefits of nutmeg powder

12. Fights against acne

If you are seeing some acne on your face frequently then you can eliminate it with the nutmeg extract at your home easily. The anti-bacterial agents and the antifungal properties of the nutmeg can act as an excellent cleanser for your skin. You need to mix a pinch of nutmeg powder with a glass of whole milk and a tablespoon of honey. Then you can apply this paste on your face after cleaning it properly. Wait 10 minutes and then wash your pack with cold water gently. You can repeat this process thrice in a week to treat the acne-prone skin.

13. Eliminate pigmentations

You can also eliminate the pigmentations of the skin by applying a face-pack of nutmeg on your face. You need to mix one-fourth tablespoon of nutmeg powder and a tablespoon of lemon juice along with a spoon of yogurt. You should let the paste sit on your face and wash the pack with the cold water after 10 minutes to get an amazing result. You can repeat this process three times a week for a fast result. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer on your skin after washing this pack.

14. Lightens dark spots

The nutmeg has also the ability to lighten the dark spots and eliminate the blemishes of your skin at the same time. You need to combine the orange peel powder, lemon, and nutmeg powder with raw honey. This combination is needed to be applied on the affected skin properly. Let the mixture sit on your face and wash it after 20 minutes with normal water. This combination can not only clean your face but also fade the unwanted spots of your skin. This can give you a fresh and lively look.

15. Good cleanser

You can apply the nutmeg powder along with the other cleansing home ingredients. It is a gentle powder that can exfoliate the skin and give you a well-nourished skin. But you should apply the moisturizer after cleaning your face. Its antioxidant properties can clean the skin properly and give you relief from the stress.

16. Hair growth

You can also use the nutmeg powder on your hair to make them grow naturally. It increases the blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the hair growth. This can supply the proper nutrition to the roots of the hair under the scalp. And as a result, you get a better hair growth. You need to make a combination of half spoon of nutmeg powder, a spoon of honey, and a spoon of yogurt. Then apply the smooth mixture on your scalp and the length of the hair. Keep the pack on the hair for 10 minutes. Then wash it along with a gentle shampoo and notice the difference. If you repeat this process once in a week you can notice a remarkable change in your hair.


You should be careful about the doses of the nutmeg extract when you are consuming it or applying on the skin or hair. Excessive nutmeg can be harmful to you. You can also take the advice of the medical professionals before consuming the nutmeg. But this natural source can give you an amazing result to lead a wonderful healthy life.

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