15 Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Women 

Depression is engulfing the world as we speak and the symptoms of depression are important to be noticed around. There is none untouched from this disease; men, women, teens, or children. The symptoms of depression in men and women might vary but the impact stays the same. The article talks about the depression in women. There are ample reasons because of which a woman gets into the lonely mode, sometimes nature is the reason behind it while in some others it is because of lack of support.


Causes of Depression in Women-

1. Biological Reason

Organically, discouragement keeps running in families – with logical confirmation that some hereditary reasons are more inclined to sorrow, though some hereditary inclinations are more impervious to it. However, natural elements are thought to collaborate with hereditary inclinations. That is, on the grounds that you might be more inclined to depression as a result of your qualities, but sound family and social connections can build strength.

2. Mental Causes

Ladies are more inclined to mental tensions and depression than men. With an inclination to be more enthusiastic, ladies will probably repeat negative musings amid episodes of dejection. While it is a typical reaction to cry, chat with companions, and repeat why it is you are in your depressive state, look into has demonstrated that ruminating about dejection can make it last more and even aggravate it. Interestingly, men have a tendency to occupy themselves from their depressive state – which has been appeared to diminish the length of manifestations. Extra mental elements that tend to influence ladies over men are negative self-perceptions and stress-incited depression.

3. Social Causes

Adapting abilities, selection of connections, and way of life decisions influence ladies uniquely in contrast to men. As a lady, you will probably create dejection from conjugal or relationship issues, work-life adjust issues, budgetary inconveniences, and distressing life occasions, including the passing of a friend or family member. Notwithstanding the natural, mental, and social reasons for dejection specified over, the National Institutes of Health demonstrate the accompanying are additionally expanded hazard elements of misery in ladies:

  • Death of a parent before age 10
  • Job misfortune, relationship issues, separate
  • Physical or sexual mishandle amid adolescence
  • History of the state of mind issue
  • Use of specific drugs

Risk Factors of Depression in Women

Since a woman suffering from depression, undergoes mental stress and much more, there are several risks involved when you are under depression:

  1. Self-hurt
  2. Being Abusive
  3. Behavioral Challenge
  4. Mentally retarded

15 Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Women

Symptoms of depression vary from woman to woman. Some of the major signs and symptoms are listed below:

  1. Feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, and despair

This is the very first symptom, which one experiences at the initial stage of depression. The feeling of being alone, hollowness and blaming just yourself for being the reason for almost everything are the initial sign of being in a depression.

  1. Irritability, anxiety, and guilt

People undergoing the Depression Syndrome tend to get irritated sooner than anyone else. They get excited about things which do not even stand any value.  To cope up with the weirdest situation, they make decisions in anxiety and in haste while their decisions usually result in wrong outcomes, which make them feel guilty.

  1. Feelings of exhaustion, severe tiredness

A person undergoing depression usually feels exhausted, and severe tiredness. They lack interest in doing activities as well as feel uninterested even being social.

  1. Loss of interest in previously pleasurable activities

Generally, a person undergoing depression tends to feel disengaged even from those activities which they were used to enjoy earlier. It can be about the movies or hanging around with friends, one gets engaged only with themselves when they undergo depression.

  1. Inability to concentrate or remember details

While a patient is going through a stage of depression then lack of concentration is a major symptom which instantly appears in a certain interval of time. The mental level becomes so weak that one is unable to concentrate on daily activities. Thus lack of memory is something which depressed an individual.

  1. Suicidal thoughts or attempts of suicide

People suffering from depression always focus on the negative things revolving around them. Thus, as a result, suicidal thought takes in their mind again and again. Thus their loneliness makes them empty.

  1. Sleep disturbances; sleeping too much or too little, insomnia

The sleeping disturbance is due to mental instability. Thus a person is unable to recognize the activities such as sleeping a lot or too little are a part of irritability.

  1. Changes in appetite – eating too much or too little

A person suffering from depression is unable to take care of herself. Thus they are unable to understand the necessity of a balanced diet.

  1. Symptoms such as headaches, cramps, digestive issues, breast tenderness, and bloating

The physical symptoms such as cramps, digestive issues and bloating can also take place due to sleeping disturbance or an unhealthy diet. So we can say that depression weakens the muscle as well as mental stability.

  1. Lack of energy

A person suffering from mental tension wastes her time in thinking unnecessary issues. And moreover, they are not able to consume a healthy diet which can provide the energy. They are not even aware of what they are eating.

  1. Feeling out of control

When the condition becomes worse the women can even hurt themselves. This is because the instant increase in aggression can lead to mental disorders.

  1. Mood swings and feelings of tearfulness

As the individual is unable to recognize the good or bad situations; hence mood swings or tearfulness takes place. They become unable to identify the things going around them.

  1. Panic attacks

The panic attacks can be due to biological or social reasons. Sometimes the patient is stressed out so much that she continuously thinks about previous activities that have taken place in the past.

  1. Feelings of tension

The continuous tension because of relationship or other social issues can destroy the life of an individual. They are unable to cope up with the situations.

  1. Lack of interest in daily activities and relationships

They are not able to perform their daily activities such as relationships


Dejection is twice as prone to influence ladies as men and has a tendency to have diverse contributing causes in ladies than it does in men. Contributing elements incorporate conceptive hormones, a varying female reaction to pressure, and social weights that are one of a kind to a lady’s educational encounters.

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For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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