10 Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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While humankind is plagued with various diseases and challenging ways to deal with them, Cancer has been the most dreaded and nearly fatal illness. No kind of illness is welcomed by anyone but Breast Cancer is particularly a nightmare for every woman. This article will help women recognize early Symptoms of Breast Cancer and hence enable them to effectively deal with the issue.

Causes of Breast Cancer:

Nothing in particular can be attributed to the cause of breast cancer. There could be some factors which would possibly interplay in cause of this problem but it may not be guaranteed that such causes will necessarily cause the occurrence of Breast cancer. Some of the causes that could be listed are as here under:

  1. Genes: If there has been a past history of breast cancer in the family of a woman, the chances are high she would also be susceptible to breast cancer. It is important that there is a blood relation. A remote relation with someone who contracted this disease puts you in no danger of the same.
  2. High Levels of Estrogen: A high level of estrogen could pose a lot of other dangers apart from breast cancer. Estrogen cells divide at a faster rate and thus could lead to breast cancer.
  3. Having a late first Child: It is not necessarily a cause of breast cancer. It could be a supporting factor if this disease has to set in due to other problems in your body.
  4. Menopause: If a woman stops menstruating after 55 years of age, she could possibly be prone to Breast cancer issues.
  5. Frequent intake of Birth Control Pill: Birth Control Pills meddle with your hormones. An over intake could lead to serious problems to you uterus. It also could lead to problems of breast cancer.
  6. Adverse Lifestyle: The consumption of drugs, alcohol, frequent smoking habits, obesity and such unhealthy lifestyle patterns could indeed pose serious risk for contraction of Breast Cancer.

10 Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Though there can be no determinable factors about what exactly can cause breast cancer, one can certainly ascertain the early signs. Recognizing these at an early stage and then maintaining a certain level of vigilance regarding the same will only help you avoid the fatal disease and the worsening complications arising out therefrom. The signs of Breast Cancer are as under:

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1. Changes in the Breast:

This will obviously be the problem area and hence needs a certain level of attention. There could be minor changes visible to you like having a painless lump. The shape of your breasts could appear to be changing. Particularly bulging in some direction.

2. Thick Breast Skin:

You could also notice a very less significant change in the skin of your breast. Like the appearance of some dots as well as the thickening of the skin of the breast.

3. Change in Colour of Breast:

The colour changes in the skin of your breast may be very prominent. You may notice the skin turning pale and orange-ish or occurrence of rash and itches.

4. Changes in the nipple:

Your nipples could be visible to you as falling or bending. Your nipples could be sore. Touching that area could make you feel overly sensitive and you may experience slight pain.

5. Changes in the Armpit:

If your breasts haven’t been showing any signs of lumps, check for any lumps in the armpits. If you find them, you could be under the danger of a breast cancer.

6. Changes in the Neck:

Keep a vigilant eye on the lymph nodes over your neck region as well. You may observe small lumps in this region too.

7. Peeling, Flaking Skin:

The skin of your breasts could be peeling and flaking just like the dead skin sheds off your dry body parts. This is a potent sign of breast cancer.

8. Discharges:

You may notice clear or unclear discharges oozing out from your nipples. If you haven’t been a lactating mother, this is an abnormal situation to worry about.

9. Unusual Warmth:

You could also experience a certain level of inflammation. This could be a sign of rare and aggressive breast cancer.

10. Breast Pain:

Though not very prominent, there could be some pain in the breast. The intensity of pain could differ. This may not be a necessary symptom though and can be removed using remedies like massage.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer:

The diagnosis of Breast Cancer involves doing a mammography of the breast in order to detect any kind of abnormality in the breast. It is an X-ray to detect the breast. Instead of X-ray, breast ultrasound may also be used.

Furthermore, a part of the affected breast tissue may be removed for detection. This is known as biopsy. The samples are detected in the laboratory where they are detected for the presence of cancerous cells. It is the most definite and reliable way to find out the presence of breast cancer. The doctors may also suggest an MRI scan for diagnosis. 

Treatment for Breast Cancer:

It is important to determine the stage of your breast cancer in order to determine what could be the treatment for the same. The same is determined by the size, shape of tumour and the area in which it is spread.

Chemotherapy is suggested for women before resorting to surgery. Hormone therapy is also used. Furthermore, in order to remove the cancer, the doctors could suggest surgery. In order to prevent the reoccurrence, chemotherapy is also used post surgery. Chemotherapy is used to prevent the spread of cancerous cells also.

Radiation Therapy is also used. High-powered beams of energy such as X-rays, and protons, to kill cancer radiations are used too.


This article just gives you an overview of the disease, the symptoms and its associated diagnosis and treatment. It is always recommended to consult the doctor and take medical help for any related problems. Keep alert to watch out for early signs and symptoms. Also take second opinion before undergoing any type of treatment. It is only the will and determinations of your body that will help you defeat this kind of dangerous disease.

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