8 Side Effects of Castor Oil

Castor oil is normally a vegetable oil excreted from castor beans. Also, it is mostly used while processing cosmetics and medicinal properties.

Castor oil is basically known for it’s qualities in improving skin or hair damage. Well, where there are many benefits, it is most certain to have side effects of castor oil with measures.

While, it proves to be good for skin and hair, it is equally a drawback for health when digested in heavy amount. Castor oil, has recently made an entrance in health issues and solution which means that there is no strong base for the theories proven according to the science.

Castor oil, if consumed more than an adequate amount, can be injurious to health causing many side effects to the body. Some may effect lightly while a few can be severe for the human body. Below are some side effects of Castor oil:

8 Side-Effects Of Castor Oil

1. Causing Nausea

A little extra intake of castor oil can harm our bodies in different ways. One of them is Nausea. Nausea can occur in various ways like having a heavy meal at once, eating too rapidly, exercising a lot in a go, etc,.

Due to the laxative properties in castor oil, it creates more nauseated feeling. Although, it is not something to worry about as it can be controlled easily, but it is better to be aware about the situation later.

Sometimes, vomiting is an accomplice to nausea occurred by castor oil. Be sure to cure it by having a candy or by breathing steadily or to rest at the moment.

2. Rashes on the Skin:

Humans have different types of skin on their body. Some have a sensitive skin while others have extra pampered skin. In case of castor oil, it is not suitable for a few people whose skin doesn’t support anything but rashes.

Due to some ingredient in castor oil, people’s skin might get affected and having it applied for a long time can create some serious issues.

This can be taken care of easily- wash the affected area by soap or apply some moisturizing cream on the area.

3. Abdominal Cramps:

One of the important and cautious side effects of castor oil is abdominal cramps. So there’s this chemical called Ricin, available in castor oil, which proves to be the most dangerous part of castor oil. It is mostly found in castor beans to produce castor oil.

One can die if there is an overdose of castor oil in their body. Ricin in castor oil is so strong that it is enough to produce abdominal cramps. As for the knowledge, ricin is that chemical poison which if taken on the tip of the pin, is potent to kill an adult. Immediately consult a doctor if you are exposed to ricin.

4. Keep Away From the Reach of Kids:

The harsh laxative in castor oil makes it dangerous for the kids. Especially for kids that age below 6. Avoid presenting castor oil or castor plants around kids.

Even the plant is unsafe when a kid is around as to prevent allergies and rashes. Kids have sensitive skin and sensitive organs while castor oil is strong and heavy, it is better to keep kids away from it.

5. Irregular Heartbeats/ Arrhythmia:

Arrhythmia is one of the major side effects of castor oil. If consumption of castor oil shows you the symptom of irregular heartbeats, stop consuming castor oil and reach the doctor as soon as possible as is it much of a serious threat to your body. As the oil is processed a lot, it is proved unsafe for the heart, especially for the heart patients.

6. Clearance of Nutrition:

As mentioned before, there’s a chemical known as ricin existing in castor oil which is extremely unsafe for the human body. Therefore, this chemical here, mugs your body from the nutrition you need.

It steadily clears away your nutrition leaving your body weak until severe measures are taken. It stops the nutrition process from forming the nutrition in your body. Hence, it takes away everything, only leaving weakness behind!

7. Diarrhea:

Despite the wide-spread use of castor oil in conventional and folk medicine, the molecular mechanism by which ricinoleic acid acts remains unknown. Ricinoleic acid mediates the effects of castor oil, a hydroxylated fatty acid released from castor oil by intestinal lipase.

The castor oil metabolite ricinoleic acid activates intestinal and uterine smooth-muscle cells via prostanoid receptors. Therefore, resulting in diarrhoea and frequent stomach aches.

8. Harmful For the Eyes:

Before applying castor oil on your face, you might want to know what effect it leaves while it is on. Castor oil may be proven good and beneficial for the skin and hair, but it is as equally harmful for the eyes and surrounding area of the same.

Our eyes are the most sensitive part of the face and the next sensitive part is the under-eye area. Applying castor oil can result in dryness on that area making it itchy and stretchy. Also, it is unsafe for the eyebrows as it reduces the time span for regrowth to a long extent.

However, there are not many side effects of using castor oil in our daily life. These are all nearly possible side effects that can be considered while you have a sensitive skin and health.

Although, this doesn’t happen always, but you never know what quality of Castor oil you get exposed to. It is always safe to consult a doctor if there’s any irregularity happening on and in your body.


Related Question:

1. Can Castor Oil kill you?

Ricin is a toxic protein found in the seeds of the castor fruit.

2. What happens you when you drink castor oil?

Castor oil starts working quickly and works as a laxative which relieves from constipation.

3. Can I take castor oil  everyday?

yes, castor oil can be taken everyday.


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