13 Benefits of Sesame Oil and why it should be included in everyday diet ?

Sesame oil is a healthier alternative for regular vegetable oils. It is an extract of yellowish brown sesame seeds, primarily found in the regions of Africa. This oil is loaded with some amazing health benefits- from providing nourishment to the skin and hair to helping overcome anxiety and depression.

What can Sesame Oil be used for?

  • Sesame oil is used for cooking especially in Asian cuisines like Chinese, Japanese and Indian food.
  • It can be used for massaging the skin and hair for nourishment and for providing vital nutrients.
  • It can also be used as a carrier for most of the cosmetic products.

One of the prime reasons for its immense popularity is the presence of Vitamin E, Vitamin K and other organic compounds that make this oil the healthiest of all the vegetable oils available.

For all such people who are not aware of the amazing benefits of this oil, here is a list:

1. Unsaturated fat

The primary content of sesame oil is unsaturated fat that makes it better than its counterparts like ghee and butter which are loaded with harmful saturated fat. Cooking oils have a mix of three fats i.e. mono-unsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and saturated fat

If we talk about sesame oil the % of these three types of fat is 40%, 45%, and 15% respectively. The figures themselves are proof that the content of saturated fat is very less in this oil extract making it the perfect and healthiest vegetable oil substitute.

Also, in recent studies, it has been found that polyunsaturated fat is very helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Arthritis

Sesame oil is the powerhouse for all the vital vitamins and minerals, along with zinc, calcium, copper, and iron. Copper and zinc are catalysts in the production of red blood cells, and also help in improving the metabolism.

The anti-inflammatory properties of copper present in this oil make it a perfect choice for people suffering from problems like arthritis. It also helps in providing strength to the bones.

3. Antioxidant

Vitamin E, being the primary compound of sesame oil, makes it a powerful antioxidant. Also, the presence of chemical compounds like lignans makes it unique because of the powerful physiological and chemical properties.

4. Hair care

Since ages, people have been using it as a supplement to provide nourishment to the hair. The bioactive components present in black sesame seeds help in retaining the natural hair color along with preventing hair fall. The antibacterial nature of this powerful oil helps to keep foreign bodies like pathogens away from your scalp.

5. Skin nourishment

This oil extract has a rich content of zinc, which is the most important mineral required by the skin. Not only does it help in providing smoothness to the skin but also improves its elasticity. It also aids in getting rid of oxidative stress which in turn helps to reduce the signs of aging and pigmentation.

6. Natural SPF

Sesame oil is also considered as a natural SPF as it provides a shield to the skin when exposed to harmful UV rays.

Massaging this oil well into the skin before leaving home can provide nourishment as well as the mask that can help to regenerate healthy skin.

7. Controlled blood pressure

Edible sesame oil has all the properties to lower down the blood pressure by decreasing lipid peroxidation and increasing the content of antioxidants in the blood.

8. Good for bones

Calcium and copper contents in sesame oil make it a must-have cooking oil for the development of bones.

Adding sesame oil to your daily diet not only helps in bone development but also speeds up the healing process of broken bones. Doctors recommend the consumption of sesame oil especially for aged people to avoid problems like osteoporosis and bone weakening.

9. Anxiety

Tyrosine, another important component of sesame oil helps in promoting the serotonin activity of the brain. Serotonin helps to increase the blood flow, making a person happy and cheerful.

Those dealing with anxiety or depression must add sesame oil to their daily diet to give a boost to hormones promoting positivity.

10. Good for oral health

Not only physicians but dental professionals also recommend sesame oil for good oral health.

Doctors recommend using this oil by putting it in the mouth for a few minutes and then spitting it out before swishing it around the mouth. It helps in teeth whitening and getting rid of problems like dental plaque.

11. Boost Metabolism

Copper content helps to increase the production of red blood cells that further helps in boosting metabolism. This helps in consistent blood circulation to all parts of the body. Also, people aiming for weight loss must include sesame oil in their daily diet for faster results.

12. Boosts growth of an infant

Sesame oil is rich in multiple vitamins and minerals; hence it is the perfect oil that can help to boost the growth of an infant. Massaging infants with sesame oil every day can help in strengthening the bones and muscles.

13. Prevents Cancer

Contents like lignan and sesamin in sesame oil are known to prevent the growth of cancer-causing cells especially breast cancer and prostate cancer cells. Also, an organic compound like phytate helps in building immunity and provides strength to fight against cancer cells. 


How to use sesame oil ?

To enjoy the benefits of sesame oil, one can directly replace regular vegetable oil with sesame oil and include the same in the daily diet.

  • Those who need time to get accustomed with the taste of sesame oil can start with using small portions by blending it with some other cooking oil and then replacing it once you get used to the taste.
  • It can also be used as a seasoning over salads and vegetables.
  • Sesame Oil can directly be applied to the skin for better nourishment.
  • It can be applied as a hair oil before washing hair.

With such amazing benefits, this oil must be included as a regular dietary supplement. However, people taking medications for blood-thinning and low blood pressure must seek their doctor’s advice before consuming the same.


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