6 Safe and Natural Birth Control Methods- Including Consuming Ayurvedic Herbs

Natural Birth Control methods are safer ways to prevent pregnancy. There are various ways in which pregnancy can be avoided. But using natural methods can prevent damage to your body which may be caused due to various medications. Here is a list of some important and safe Natural birth control methods.

Natural Birth Control Methods:

1. Withdrawal:

Withdrawal is the most traditional method of birth control. It involves, the man pulling his penis out just when he is going to ejaculate. Sperms that fertilize the egg of a woman to form a baby, The sperms are discharged during the fluid that is ejaculated during sexual intercourse. Withdrawal is a method of pulling out just before the fluid flows out. The sperms shall not be discharged into the woman’s body and her eggs wont fertilize. This shall prevent pregnancy. This method is not the most reliable. Firstly because sometimes the man may not be able to pull out in time. The second reason is that a few sperms may be discharged with the liquid which is discharged before the man ejaculates, just during the sexual activity. However, this is the safest and most natural form of birth control.

2. Breastfeeding Infertility:

Only 1 in 50 women may conceive during breastfeeding. Women who breastfeed do not have their menstrual cycles. The women who gave birth less than 6 months ago, are breastfeeding exclusively without using any formula milk or food and the woman has not had her periods.

3. Knowing the most Fertile Days of the Month:

When you can use this method to plan your pregnancy, you can use the trick to avoid it too. There are various ways to identify the fertile days of the month and skip physical intimacy during those days. The most accurate way is to keep a track of basal body temperature using a basal body thermometer specially designed for the task. It is advised that it is used early in the morning while you are still on your bed. The days when your body temperature shows lower reading than the others comparatively, are the most fertile days for you. This happens because when the woman is ovulating, the temperature of the body drops. This lasts for about 72 hours. It may take some time for you to understand the pattern of your ovulation. However, with a few attempts, you shall be able to identify the difference easily.

4. Using Condoms:

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Using condom is the safest and the most effective method of prevention of pregnancy. Though it can be a debated if this method is natural, it involves minimum risk of pregnancy compared to all the other methods. Also, it is an effective shield against sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Consuming Papaya, Figs, apricots, pineapples:

All of the above fruits speed up your menstrual cycle and cause you to bleed. They thereby prevent implantation of the fetus. These fruits have a warm propensity like the herbs and if you want to dodge getting pregnant they are a tasty go to option. However they might not be a 100%  providers for the desired results.

6.  Herbs for Birth Control:

Nature has provides human kind with all his requirements. There are a lot of herbs and medicines in nature that perform the job of controlling the conception of a baby. The following herbs are known for controlling birth naturally without harming the body in any manner.

1. Using stonessed roots:

Also known as western stonessed, stonessed root is a perennial flowering herb. It belongs to the borage family of plant. This herb is found in the western parts of Canada and United States. This herb came to be used for birth control by the Indian tribes, dakota and shoshone. The roots are soaked in cold water and after a couple of hours this water is drunk. This concoction must be drunk once a day for six months continuously. It induces sterility permanently. It has been used since hundreds of years only to be known to the wider world in the year 1945. The method is natural and effective. However, one must not try it without medical assistance.

2. Thistle:

Tea made using thistle was drunk by native Americans in order to control birth. It is popularly known as blessed thistle due to its multiple medicinal uses and properties. A tea made of thistle leaves and flowers is often effective to regulate menstrual cycles. It can also be given to mothers in order to increase breast milk production multifold. It also contains anti septic and healing properties and is a dear friend of women going through their menopause.

3. Wild Carrot Seed:

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Wild carrot seed powder is taken by women to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse. This powder can also be used to infuse abortion. The propensity of this powder is warm. It thereby induces bleeding and prevents the egg from fertilization.

4. Ginger Root:

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Drinking ginger tea 4 times in a day can cause menstruation. Making ginger tea is very easy. Ginger tea is also used for prevention of bloating, for inducing sleep and curing cough and cold. Drink the tea while its warm to prevent pregnancy safely.

Pregnancy is a personal choice. It involves medical aspects also. Do not self diagnose and come up with unassisted solutions. Consulting your gynecologist before using any of the above methods is very necessary. You must not take risks with your health.


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