10 Remedies To Treat Diabetes At Home

India has acquired the title of the ‘Diabetic capital of the world’. Nearly 50 million people presently are suffering from Type-II diabetes. A big challenge as it already looks, medical experts truly believe that an early detection and management of the disease can help manage it thoroughly. Even though the disease has made news since the start, India has explicitly lagged in spreading its awareness, as the number already suggests. This article is about the home remedies for diabetes.

History of Diabetes- 

Before the induction of insulin for the treatment of diabetes, many suffered premature death, that was until 1890’s. As vivid as these treatments sound today, horseback exercise, detecting sugar in urine with the help of water tasters, starvation diet, rice cure, potato therapy, all were a part of the treatment.

Today, lucky as we are, insulin is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the medical discoveries. Yet the treatment of the disease is very vague because the experts are still to understand all the components of this disease.

What is Diabetes?

Elevated blood Sugar level is directly associated with diabetes. The two reasons behind diabetes are

  1. When the body stops producing insulin.
  2. When the body stops responding to the insulin that is produced.
  • Two Types of Diabetes:
    • Type I Diabetes– Type I occur in people below age 20, a reason it is also called juvenile diabetes. This is an autoimmune disease and in this, your immune system targets your own pancreas that produces insulin, thereby making the organ inefficient. So, the body becomes partially or completely unable to produce any insulin.
    • Type II Diabetes- Type II is more common than Type I. It usually happens to people who are above 40. Here, the pancreas produces insulin but the body does not properly respond to it. Some other very common reasons are being overweight, poor diet, too much stress, sedentary diet.


How it affects an Individual?

Having diabetes doesn’t really change the basic necessity of an individual, it just makes some aspects of their life, more challenging.

  • An individual needs to be more careful about putting on weight as obesity act as a major contribution to diabetes.
  • A change in diet and planning adequate meals becomes an integral part of their life. Also, being more aware of what food affects the blood sugar level in blood is necessary.
  • Exercising regularly is the key and anyone who doesn’t have an explicit exercise routine will tell you how difficult it is to just get started.
  • Diabetics often feel tired, thirsty and often don’t get a good night’s sleep.


Whether the task is to maintain the weight, getting rid of that extra body mass, getting a good night sleep, food that an individual provides to their body plays a very important role.

Given below are some of those options, which can help in the management of diabetes.


Home Remedies for Diabetes

1. Avoid Gluten


Image Credit: Celiac Disease Foundation

You may have noticed shelved food in any departmental store, with a tag, ‘gluten-free’ on it and wondered if it is good for your diabetic condition. Gluten is a type of protein found in grains. It is a high carb food which can raise your blood sugar level. So, it is an advisable choice to reduce/remove gluten from your diet.

2. Flax seeds


Image Credit: Wikipedia

When you consume a meal, your blood sugar level spikes. Having ground flaxseed in your stomach can blunt this spike. In fact, WHO aka World Health Organization published a study on the effect of flaxseed in the management of diabetes.

It is also claimed that having one spoon of flaxseed can improve the insulin sensitivity in glucose intolerant people and there can be a small but significant drop in insulin resistance. And, even when flaxseeds are calorically dense, even adding a cup of it in the diet doesn’t increase your weight.

3. Cinnamon


Image Credit: Healthline

The direct treatment of diabetes includes either injecting insulin or oral medicines with insulin. Becoming a slave to these treatments, many people are also interested in food that help reduce the blood sugar level. One of such food is cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a commonly used spice around the globe for deserts and savoury dishes. Cinnamon not only can imitate the effects of insulin, it increases the insulin sensitivity, lowers blood sugars after a meal, lowers the risk of common diabetic complications, etc. However, this research has been completed only in animals and test tubes yet.

4. Tulsi Leaves


Image Credit: StyleCraze

Tulsi leaves, which is known to possess hypoglycemic property, reduces many complications that are associated with diabetes.

You can either chew tulsi leaves or make a tea out of the plant, both choices work well. Regular intake can substantially reduce the glucose level of the body.

5. Decrease GMO Food


Image Credit: GMOTesting

GMO stands for ‘genetically modified organisms’. So, Which are this GMO food? Because FDA to-date do not agree that GMO is any different from conventional food, there is no explicit label for it. Generally, anything that is packaged is a GMO, and most of these items are high in sugar, fat and salt, all of which a diabetic patient should absolutely avoid.

People with diabetes should stick to as much fresh and unprocessed food as possible, so they should also keep GMO’s at a distance.

6. Walking 


Image Credit: The Independent

One of the main reasons behind diabetes II is being overweight. Stating the obvious, reducing that extra fat also helps you get your sugar levels under control. People diagnosed with diabetes II have an excess amount of glucose in their blood, either due to lack of insulin or lack of effective use of insulin which is already present in the body.

Either way, the muscles can use some of the glucose they need during exercise, without insulin. A regular workout can also help the patients to avoid the long-term complications that are linked to diabetes.

7. Bitter Gourd (Karela)


Image Credit: Organic Power Food

One vegetable that people avoid due to its taste has to be the bitter gourd, also known as ‘Karela’ in India. As bitter as it is, karela has been used in many traditional medicines. It is also one of the most natural ways for avoiding sugar level fluctuations.

It not only helps in insulin simulation but also cuts down fat percentage in your body. Drinking a glass of bitter gourd every day can absolutely keep diabetes away.

8. Mango Leaves


Image Credit: Beauty Epic

This is one of the most recent updates for the diabetic patients. Also, it gives another reason to wait for mangoes, not just for its taste but health benefits. Tender mango leaves deliver an elevated insulin level in the body.

One way to consume is by drying the leaves and crushing them to a powdered form. Eating half a spoon of it every morning can curb the high sugar levels.

9. Aloe Vera


Image Credit: NDTV Food

For diabetic patients, aloe vera is another readily available option just that it’s bitter. Mixing it with buttermilk or a fruit makes it better.

Though Alovera is generally used in creams, lotions, shampoos and ointments, it has anti-inflammatory properties which help in healing wounds. Same properties also control the blood sugar level in a diabetic two patient.

Leg wounds and ulcers are a major problem associated with diabetic II patients, aloe vera supports fast healing in such circumstances.

10. Garlic


Image Credit: Old Farmer’s Almanac

Garlic is one delicious herb, although some people may think otherwise. It adds that extra flavour to every potpourri you make. Along with these established taste benefits, it also has many health benefits associated with it.

Garlic is mostly recommended to reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. A 2006 study also found that garlic might help blood sugar levels. Though the idea is still not confirmed, a 2014 study also supported the theory.


There might not be any permanent cure for diabetes, doesn’t mean, it can’t be well-maintained. One very effective way is to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. It is also true that you will have to adhere to a strict medical routine, but you can certainly give natural old-age techniques a try to see what works for your body.

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