30 Home Remedies for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, as per several mothers, is a beautiful and enriching journey, but the morning sickness accompanying it is the most unwanted and detested part of it. It is incredibly varied in different people. Some experience just nausea while others are attacked with relentless vomiting. While for many, feeling sick all day is a common thing; for few, morning sickness visits them in the evening. All that being said, morning sickness during pregnancy tends to appear as early as six weeks and keeps peeking in around the eighth and ninth week. But, no worries. Today, in this article of ours, we bring to you top 30 remedies for morning sickness that visits you during your pregnancy.

30 Remedies for Morning Sickness or Nausea Relief During Pregnancy

1. Herbal Tea-

It’s amazing how herbal teas soothe the restlessness and nauseousness in you. Try sipping different herbal teas having ingredients such as chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm, saffron, or apple spice. These are definitely going to calm down your senses and make you feel better. But make sure to avoid peppermint if you experience heartburn during this phase.

2. Ginger-

Morning sickness makes you feel queasy very often. Make yourself some ginger ale, a cup of hot ginger tea or you can even chew ginger raw if you’re comfortable with that. It’s sure to cure your motion as well as morning sickness within a few minutes.

3. Treat yourself with something sour-

Strange but true, sourness plays its magic, even when you are feeling sour in your stomach during the morning sickness. Try sucking some sour candy, have lemon water, or you might even keep scratching a lemon and keep smelling it all day while nothing else is available.

4. Red Raspberry-Leaf tea-

The herb not only smoothly eases symptoms of morning sickness but is also known for relaxing the muscles of the uterus. But before you consume it, get checked with your doctor once, as it might cause uterus contractions for some.

5. Mint-

Mint is known for the freshness in its taste and smell. And thus, it comes really handy during pregnancy. You can chew some mint leaves or just sniff them, and the morning sickness is sure to shy away.

6. Fennel seeds-

These not only make your stomach feel good, but they are popular for soothing nauseousness too. Carry some fennel seeds wherever you go and keep chewing them once in a while, whenever you feel nauseous.

7. Toast or Saltiness-

Treat yourself with starches, like salty biscuits, cookies or toats. They reduce the restlessness in you and give your mood a boost.

8. Smoothies-

This is indeed a fun and very loved home remedy. Whenever morning sickness hits you, just gulp in some smoothie made out of your favourite fruits. It calms you down by neutralizing your stomach acids and the blood sugar.

9. Vitamin B6-

When it comes to nausea and vomiting, vitamin B6 becomes a saviour. Experts recommend 25mg of vitamin B6 regularly for three days to avoid such situations. So, whenever you experience extremities in morning sickness, take and continue the recommended dosage.

10. Drink enough water-

Make sure that you keep yourself very hydrated. Keep drinking water every half an hour. Even if you need to rush to the toilet multiple times, keep consuming without fail and ensure to check your urine so as to be assured of the hydration. If not simple water, keep intaking lots and lots of fluids, even between meals.

11. Trail Mix-

This is basically a mix of fruits, nuts, and a hint of some semi-sweet chocolate chips that would satisfy your hungry taste buds without weighing you down even a little.

12. Grab a snack-

Reports say that pregnant mothers tend to feel good after having some quick snack just after they get up in the morning. So keep a pack of biscuits beside your bed, so as to restore your sugar and energy levels in the morning.

13. Consume small meals-

During pregnancy, avoid eating large meals as they cause extreme nauseousness and you might even end up vomiting. So just keep eating small meals at regular intervals and be rest assured about your good health.

14. Acupuncture-

Also known as acupressure, it has proven to be extremely effective in treating nausea, as per studies. You can wear sea bands or stretchy bracelets that put pressure on a nerve existing in the centre of your wrist. You might also consult an Eastern medicine specialist to receive various acupuncture treatments.

If nothing else is available, test out this easy acupressure technique. Press your three fingertips gently yet firmly on the base of your palm, just above the point where you’d take your pulse on your wrists. Now, breathe deeply and press the area with your fingertips for about a minute or more, then gradually increasing the pressure until you start feeling slight discomfort. Frankly, the sensation must be equal to the feel of a mini-massage.

15. Exercise-

A gentle walk, while you are suffering from the irritating morning sickness, can make wonders for your body. Doctors suggest pregnant people, 20 minutes of walking a day, as it helps to release endorphins to counteract the fatigue and nausea.

16. Facial Wipes-

Many a time, wiping your face, with the wet and refreshing wipes can definitely make you feel better from within. So make sure to carry a pack of same with you, always, during pregnancy.

17. Increase Iron Intake-

It’s important to increase the intake of vitamin B complex and iron tablets during the entire pregnancy. Even consuming some extra amount won’t harm you. B complex tablets such as Rainbow Light and iron tablets such as the Floridex Liquid Iron Formula are generally recommended. They are all non-constipating and food-based.

18. Brewer’s Yeast-

This formula, high in B vitamins can be a real big saviour for pregnant mothers. You can include it in your diet by sprinkling them on brown rice, bread or even smoothies.

19. Personalized Belly Rub-

Well, you can make your own belly rub and create a permanent solution for those sickness attacks followed by nausea and queasy stomach. Just add 1 drop of peppermint oil to 3 drops of chamomile oil. Now every time you feel sick, just place a warm, damp towel and rub your belly gently.

20. Protein-Rich Snack-

Make yourself some snack, quite rich in protein and fibre and eat it before you go to bed at night. This will keep you full and your stomach at ease.

21. Apple Juice-

Well, as a matter of fact, this the easiest remedy possible. Just make some fresh apple juice and keep sipping that throughout the night. This would not only keep your blood sugar stable, but it would also ensure, that next day goes well for you.

22. Tomato Juice with Lemon-

I think this would be your favourite. Times have proven that pregnant people, quite often crave for salty and sour foods. But here, before even your craving starts, keep intaking some tomato juice mixed with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, whenever you feel even little queasy or nauseous.

23. Popsicles-

Fill in your fridge with some colourful natural juice popsicles. These are an amazing way to stay hydrated while intaking real fruit juices; both being the crying need of the hour. Keep eating them whenever you feel thirsty or just crave for some food. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

24. Slow and Steady-

Ensure to get out of your bed slowly and steadily whenever you feel like or want to get out of the bed or chair. Many times, it’s the movements that might increase the symptoms of morning sickness.

25. Fresh Air-

Getting some fresh air is extremely crucial for you. It alleviates many of the symptoms that make you feel sick during this phase. Either sit in your garden or take an evening and morning stroll daily. Also, try to stay away from the pollution as this might harm the growth of the baby.

26. Avoid the following foods-

Some foods should be surely avoided during pregnancy. They include caffeine, artificial sweeteners and other kinds of spicy, greasy, fried, rich, fatty and fast foods.

27. Peanut Butter Crackers-

These prove to be really helpful to beat nausea. Just get some cracker biscuits and spread some peanut butter over them. Other than being a tasty treat, it would soothe your queasy stomach too.

28. Apple Slices-

Apple slices are the best when it comes to pregnancy headaches. They release the tough membranes and calm down your restless senses.

29. Apple Cider Vinegar-

Here is another superb home remedy for the unwanted morning sickness. Mix 2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water and 1 tbsp. of honey too. Then drink it slowly while you feel the remedy working its magic.

30. Yoga-

During pregnancy, relaxing your bodies is very important. Some amount of yoga regularly would recharge your batteries, reduce your stress levels and keep the morning sickness in check.

So, these were the popular, easy and most effective home remedies from the top experts of pregnancy, brought together, just for you. Hope you found them try-worthy. Next time, morning sickness says hello to you, during anytime of the day, just kiss them a goodbye with these wonderful hacks.

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