Top 15 Regional Movies You Should Watch.

People might go crazy over the Hindi or English movies that release in abundance every week, but one cannot look away from the fact that lately a lot of attention is also given to the regional movies. The biggest winner out of them is probably this year’s Baahubali that won accolades and hearts in equal measure.

In this list we bring you the best of the regional movies that have won a lot of acclaim and awards and are absolutely a must watch. So go to your nearest video library and rent all and binge watch.


  1. Nayakan (Tamil)



Starring the legendary Kamal Hassan, this 1987 flick is loosely based on a real life underworld don and his struggle to survive in the city of dreams.


  1. Court (Marathi)



A 65 year folk singer is taken to court on charges of abatement of suicide because of a song he performed that might have caused the suicide.


  1. Lucia (Kannada)



This one is as trippy as it gets. Lucia, a drug that can make your desires come true in your dreams, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. The movie is also the industry’s first crowd funded film.


  1. Punjab 1984 (Punjabi)



Based on true incidents, this one’s a story about a mother finding her son who is labelled as a terrorist in the unfortunate times of 1984 in Punjab.


  1. Mersal (Tamil)



The most recent one and the most controversial one, this movie exposed the corruption that occurs in the medical industry. A milestone in actor Vijay’s career.


  1. Pather Panchali (Bengali)



From the renowned director Satyajit Ray, this one tells a compelling story of a poor family in the backdrops of a rural village in Bengal.


  1. Sairat (Marathi)



A beautiful Marathi take on Romeo Juliet, the movie is being remade into many other languages including Hindi, and will mark the debut of Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar.


  1. Wrong Side Raju (Gujarati)



Funded by Anurag Kashyap, this masterpiece tells a gripping story of an Amdavadi accused of a hit and run accident and how it completely changes his life.


  1. Thithi (Kannada)



A national award winner, this movie tells an absorbing story of the moments that a family goes through after the eldest one in the family dies. The eldest one that was a 101 year old.


  1. Sethu (Tamil)



A Romantic Drama of a rebellious youngster and a timid girl, this movie was remade in Hindi with Salman Khan in the lead. Watch this one for the amazing actor Vikram.


  1. Tasher Desh (Bengali)


Image source- Glamsham


A psychedelic adventure set in the backdrops of a Utopian revolution; it is a current day take on a famous Rabindranath Tagore play.


  1. Fandry (Marathi)



Love knows no caste and Fandry redefines the statement in a hypnotic way. From the makers of Sairat (Also on this list).

  1. Eega (Telugu)



A story of reincarnation by none other than S S Rajmouli (Baahubali fame), a man reincarnates to become a housefly and avenge his death.


  1. Drishyam (Malyalam)



You might have surely known about the Ajay Devgn version of this movie but make sure to watch this one because of the brilliant actor that Mohanlal is.


  1. Chauthi Koot (Punjabi)



Set during the time of 1980s in Punjab when there was a lot of ongoing political tension, the film runs two stories alongside that are engrossing af !!


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