Prunes For Constipation- How to Use?

Constipation is a trouble maker to a lot of people. Irregular bowel movements amounting to constipation not only are a leading cause of other serious diseases, they also trigger anger, stress and frustration. There are a variety of food items to consume in order to clear out constipation. A lot of people use prunes for constipation cure. Prunes have a lot of health benefits, the most prominent one of those is clearing constipation.

How Prunes help relieve Constipation?

1. Source of Fiber:

Prunes are made by dehydrating plums. Plums are a great source of fiber that also makes prunes rich in soluble fiber. Fiber is not a nutrient. It does not provide energy to your body. However, fiber is important to assist digestion. Fiber is the source of roughage that the stomach needs to accelerate the evacuation of waste products from your body. Soluble Fiber gets dissolved in our body and as a result it is the most active. The fiber breaks down stool that makes them difficult to pass through the rectum. As a result stools become less hard and less difficult to clear from the body.

2. Controls Urge to Take the loo:

It may well happen that you face nature’s call at an emergency meeting or during an urgent call. If you wish to skip more of these instances, start eating prunes. Prunes help to control the urge to answer the call of nature. Prunes help in regulation of the cycles of your body which relate to elimination of waste from therein.

3. Contains Potassium:

Potassium is an important mineral for our body. It keeps digestive system healthy. A healthy digestive system means an absence of constipation. Potassium is also responsible for keeping the gut healthy and accelerating metabolism.

4. Prunes act as laxative:

Prune juice has laxative effect. This means that it acts as a catalyst in excretory process of waste materials. This prevents stacking up of waste inside your body thereby preventing any of the problems related to stomach including constipation.

5. Prunes help control Blood Pressure:

Prunes can easily make up to the list of super foods. They have a lot of health benefits one of which is controlling the blood pressure in our body. It regulates the pressure of the blood flowing through the streams in your body keeping them optimal and in turn preventing a lot of associated health risks.

6. Prunes for Heart Health:

Prunes help in keeping the heart healthy. The direct effect of a regulated blood pressure is felt on the heart. High blood pressure leads to health related problems and can damage your heart first. Optimal level of blood pressure keeps your heart healthy and strong.

7. Prunes contain Iron:

Prunes are a great source of nutrition. They provide a lot of iron to your body preventing Iron Deficiency Anemia. Iron too helps to keep the heart healthy and eliminates various health problems from your body.

8. Prunes contain Vitamins:

Prunes contain vitamin A, vitamin B-6, vitamin K, niacin and riboflavin. These are essential nutrients for the overall development of the body. Prunes also contain minerals like copper, magnesium and manganese.

9. Prunes are good for Bones and Muscles:

Prunes also contain boron. Boron is good for muscle co ordination and development of bones and muscles. They make bones stronger. Boron also corrects the problem of bone density. This prevents problems like osteoporosis and other bone related issues. Prunes help in reduction of radiation to bone marrow thereby protecting it. They are best for post menopausal problems like fatigue and weakness.

10. Keeps your Stomach Full:

Consuming prunes can help you in controlling your weight gain. Prunes have properties that can make you feel full and satiated. As a result you will omit eating junk food that leads to shooting of your weight. So if you are trying to shed off those pounds, you need to pack prunes for yourself.

11. Controls Cholesterol:

The cholesterol levels are combated on a daily consumption of prunes. Prunes clear cholesterol deposits from your arteries. High cholesterol levels constrict the arteries causing the blood flow to get obstructed. This causes problems like heart attack, stroke and heart failure.

How To Use Prunes?

1. Eat them Everyday:

The best way to consume prunes is to have them everyday in the morning. They are best when consumed early in the morning everyday. Just take a handful of prunes for breakfast everyday for a good health.

2. Make Prune Juice:

You could collect the prunes, de-seed them and then grind the prunes into fresh juice. This form of prunes contain laxative properties and are best to solve constipation issues. Prune juice is also available for purchase online and even in stores. Prune juice also acts fast on your digestive system. It affects the main cause of constipation and remedies the problem by curing the root cause of constipation. Prune juice is said to have relieved some instances of chronic constipation also.

3. Prunes with Yogurt:

Yogurt has a lot of probiotic properties. Adding prunes for topping to a bowl of yogurt shall act like feather on cap. This is the ultimate combination for digesting food and elimination of excretory items from your system.

4. Prunes with your daily cereals:

Sprinkle prunes on your bowl of cereals. They pump up your energy levels and make you feel satiated for a long duration of time.

5. Use it on your Pie:

Prunes can add its delicious flavour to your pie. Pies taste more sweet, tangy and tender with prunes on them. You could ad them before baking and they will impart their host of flavors to your pie.

6. Prune Jam:

Making jam of the prunes and eating with your bread is also the best alternative to artificial jams and sugary syrups. Where could you find the perfect blend of taste with health benefits and clear bowels all together?

Prunes have various health advantages. The highlight of all of those advantages is the positive impact it has on your digestive system. It aids in proper functioning of excretory organs and keeps your system strong and healthy. You must make sure to find prunes in your kitchen. If you could have prunes from France, it will be the best deal you could have as France is famous for manufacture of quality prunes.


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