What Is The Process For Tourist Visa For USA – Category B2?

The Tourist Visa category for US falls under category B2. This is also for medical visitors. This is the category of visa for you if you are visiting your children working in US or meeting any other relative.

The following details are based on personal experience in August-September 2017 for Visa applied in Mumbai.

10 things you should know for tourist visa (B2) for USA from India.

  • The fee for the visa application is $160 (appx Rs.10,000 as on sept. 2017). This fee is non refundable.
  • The visa is granted for 10 years. Multiple entries are allowed under this visa. A single visit can have maximum 180 (6 months) of stay.
  • There are 2 appointments required. First is called OFC, where they take your fingerprint and photo, after verifying that the visa application and passport details match. The second appointment is the actual interview. In mumbai both the appointments are at BKC but in different buildings.
  • OFC takes not more than 5 mins. This is just a basic ID creation process. You need to carry your DS160 confirmation and appointment confirmation letter with current passport here. In Mumbai, the OFC office opposite the MTNL office in Bandra Kurla Complex, appx. 200 meters from MTNL on the other side. Even if you reach early, they will take you in and complete the process.
  • The Interview takes about 1 hour of waiting time and 2-10 mins of interview time. In Mumbai, the interview office is near trident hotel, behind MTNL office in Bandra Kurla complex. Reach atleast 15mins before the time. They will take you in early but make you wait inside.
  • If you are travelling from outside Mumbai, take the OFC appointment a day before the interview so that you can finish both in a single visit. You cannot do both on the same day.
  • There is no dress code for the interview.
  • DO NOT carry mobile or any electronic device to any of these place. If you do, there are auto drivers who will hold your mobile for a hefty fee (about Rs.500 – bargain). You have no option but to trust them. There is a travel company next to OFC office that has locker facility.
  • You need not make tickets before the visa is granted.
  • It is always better to apply couple of months before the designated travel date so that you can get the tickets cheaper.

Process for Tourist Visa for USA

  • Fill up the form DS-160 here. This form ask you for your details. If you are applying for family or group, all details will asked in this form. While  starting the form you will be given a application ID asked to set a secret question (password), you can retrieve your partially filled visa form later by entering the application ID and password. A partially filled application can be retrieved for 30 days from the time of first starting to fill.
  • Create login for taking appointment for interview here – You will have to create a login and fill up your details here. You have to fill up your payment details here itself to schedule an appointment.
  • Make Payment and Take appointment – You can either do a bank transfer (NEFT/IMPS) or pay at your nearest Axis Bank branch. The receipt ID will have to be submitted at the login created in above step to schedule an appointment. If you have made an online transfer, wait for atleast 3-4 business hours for their system to record your payment. If you submit your receipt ID before that, the system will just keep saying the payment details was not found.
  • Schedule both the appointments – The OFC appointment must be atleast a day before the interview appointment. Try to do it on consecutive day so that you don’t have to travel to the consulate city again.
  • Select location for passport delivery – You will be required to select a Bluedart courier office in your city where they will send your passport later, if visa is granted. Home delivery option is available for Rs.500
  • If your visa gets approved, they will keep your passport and send it later at the Bluedart office selected above.

List of Documents Required For US Tourist Visa (B2) Interview

This is a list of compulsory as well as suggested documents. I observed around 50 interviews while waiting for my turn, they rarely ask for any document apart from your passport but it helps to have them ready. They ask for visa of your relative if they are inviting you there. Your old passport if that has a visa stamp. At times, proof of your investment or property.

  • Current Passport of all applying member.
  • DS160 confirmation letter. (From the visa application system)
  • Appointment confirmation letter. (From the visa application system)
  • Spouses Passport (make sure it is updated to have your name) if applying alone.
  • Your previous expired passport.
  • Self affidavit with purpose of visit, property/assets details.
  • 6 months bank account statement.
  • 3 year IT returns.
  • Marriage certificate. Birth certificate of children.
  • Family Photo.

List of popular question for US visa Interview

The job of the interviewer is to determine that you have a reason to come back to India and that you will not become a liability to their nation because there is no one to take care of you there.

  • What is the purpose of your visit?
  • Details of the person inviting you? Their visa status, employment details.
  • Your occupation details. This question is critical, they determine whether it is something significant to come back to. If you own a business or family business, how many people work for you.
  • Your previous occupation details.
  • Your family details. If you have spouse/children who are dependant on you are not traveling with you, that is an advantage because that is a strong reason for them to ascertain that you will comeback.
  • When are you planning to go. When are you planning to come back? An approx date is fine. They are more comfortable granting visa if you have short term travel plans, around 4 weeks.
  • Generally, this is all they ask and decide based on this. Other questions are only detailing of the answers that you give.


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