20 Period Foods to Satisfy Your Cravings- Peanut Butter, Yogurt, and More

Most women across the world experience pain and niggles around ‘that time of the month’ including fatigue, headache, bloating and unhealthy food cravings. Processed or fried food can worsen the symptoms while consuming nutrients dense period food can help you relieve those symptoms. If your period is around the corner, read on to find the right period foods for your cravings to help you ease your discomfort.

20 Period Foods To Satisfy Your Craving

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter contains vitamins, fiber, protein and monounsaturated fat (good fat). It can be a huge energy booster when you feel fatigued and low while menstruating. Aside from being healthy period food, it is good for your heart and increases your immunity as well. According to one study, 2 tablespoon of peanut butter 5 days a week lowers the risk of diabetes. That way, it has got you covered for your sweet cravings on period days.

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2. Chia Seeds

Chia is the ancient word for ‘strength’, which surely every woman needs to find during her period woes. An ounce (28 grams) of Chia seeds contain a decent amount of calcium, manganese and phosphorous. They are excellent source of Omega 3 and loaded with antioxidants, thus making them one of the appropriate period foods.

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3. Oats

Oats are good source of fiber and carbs and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are the healthiest grains to eat during period or otherwise. They are rich with zinc and magnesium which are helpful in fighting cramps. It can be a great go-to period food for women who have diabetes as long as the portion is balanced.

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4. Bananas

Aside from being all time favorite fruit for most people, bananas are a good source of potassium which mitigates the cramps and bloating. A single medium-sized banana will replace the potassium you lose from 2-3 hours of exercise. They give assistance to easy digestion, heart health and weight loss. Putting a banana in your bag can be handy while experiencing menstrual pain during commute.

5. Oranges

This juicy citrus fruit is good source of vitamin C, thiamine and potassium. In fact, one large orange can provide 100% of daily intake of vitamin C. It also helps in coping with anxious and depressed mood. Consuming raw orange or orange juice will ward off symptoms of PMS. Grab an orange when you’re craving snacks and candy.

6. Watermelon

Just like orange, melon is also suitable period food. It helps you keep hydrated and contains nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Citrulline, an amino acid in watermelon helps relax the muscle soreness and lowers stress. The natural sugar in it succors bloating and tackles weakness and fatigue.

7. Kiwi

This small fruit is blessing for menstruating women since it contains actinium, an enzyme that helps combat bloating by making digestion easier. Just like the seeds, its furry skin is edible which contains vitamin E. Adding some kiwis in your morning smoothie will surely get you through the D days easily.

8. Tofu

Although paneer and tofu appears similar, there is huge difference between them. Paneer, commonly known as cottage cheese, is made from cow or goat’s milk while Tofu is procured from soybean milk. Packed with protein and iron, it becomes relevant period food for vegans. Mouth-watering recipes such as smoky tofu tortillas, tofu pancakes and tofu-spinach cannelloni can be prepared at home to substitute paneer dishes.

9. Spinach

Spinach is full of insoluble fiber which benefits health in several ways. They also contain a high amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin E which forbids nauseous feeling and abdominal pain. It can be consumed as vegetable or can be converted into healthy soup to devour during breakfast.

10. Broccoli

You can put broccoli at the top of the list of period food due to its several nutrients which fight PMS. It is also a good source of dietary fiber which regulates the effect of fluctuating hormones. You can savor some broccoli soup or can bake it with creamy cheese to have a delicious meal option at home.

11. Parsley

This herb stimulates the appetite, improves digestion and can also be used to induce a period. It is widely used as a garnish in food and beverages and is effective for curing other menstrual problems too. Grace your soup with bunch of fresh parsley in morning or relish parsley tea during evening.

12. Whole Grains

Whole grains such a brown rice, barley or millet provide the body with needed fiber and protein which are essential for improving hormonal balance. They also provide a prolific amount of iron and calcium. The pain and bloating can be controlled by opting for whole grain breads, popcorn or cereals.

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13. Flax Seeds

Flax seeds work wonders for women’s hormonal problems as they contain a valuable amount of omega 3 and fatty acids. They are great source of lignans, a natural compound, which boosts low estrogen levels and controls heavy bleeding during menstruation. They also reduce the risk of breast cancer and prevents headache, mood swings and anxiety. Eating flax seeds regularly or adding them grounded to certain foods aids in regulating the ovulation process.

14. Walnuts

Walnuts contain higher amounts of antioxidants than most other period foods. Additionally, they are loaded with magnesium and vitamin B6 and have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties to fight cramps. These energy dense little guys can be eaten on their own as snack or can be added to breakfast cereals, cakes or other baked dishes.

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15. Yogurt

Yogurt contains bacteria cultures that promotes healthy digestion and is good source of calcium which lessens period soreness. Having low-fat yogurt with fruits will settle upset tummy and aches. However, due care should be taken while consuming large quantities since dairy products contains arachidonic acid, which increases the production of prostaglandins, a cramp causing enzyme.

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16. Eggs

Eggs are also called “nature’s multivitamin” because of its paramount nutrient qualities. Most of the nutrients are found in yolks such as iron, fat and soluble vitamins, whereas the white skin contains protein. Eating eggs daily will decrease the uneasiness and nauseous feelings associated with period. Avoid eating hard-boiled eggs since they are known to cause bloating as well as heartburn to those with sensitive stomach.

17. Lemon

Lemons are great source of vitamin C and have several beneficial plant compounds that lowers cholesterol. This citrus fruit is rich in fiber and the nutrients in it enter the blood stream quickly. If you feel fatigued or weak during period, having a glass of lemon water will immediately make you feel fresh and energized.

18. Saffron 

Due to its high cost, saffron, also known as kesar is used sparingly. Aside of boosting overall health, the anti-inflammatory properties in it are therapeutic in nature which makes it perfect remedy for women experiencing menstrual distress. It is used to ease the blood flow, relieve the symptoms of pain or stimulate menstruation. Just a strand of saffron in luke warm milk at night will put you in a deep sleep and totally forget your period.

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19. Salmon

This popular fatty fish contains omega 3 and is known for its anti-inflammatory property which relaxes the uterus, thus helping with cramps. Besides being rich of protein, it is an excellent source of B vitamins. Different recipes of salmon such as salmon sushi and salmon rolls will reduce irritability and breast tenderness.

20. Dark Chocolate

The majesty of all period food, dark chocolate, contains magnesium and fiber which regulates serotonin the happy hormone. Research has found that eating one bar of chocolate (1.4 ounces) everyday reduces stress hormone cortisol. For best results, go for a chocolate that contains 80% or higher cocoa content and kiss goodbye to PMS.

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