17 Unbelievable Benefits of Passion Flower

The plant genus Passiflora has nearly 400 species in this world, and passion flower is the common name of one of them. Found in abundance in the warm climates of North and South America these species are cultivated all over the world not only for their tasty fruit but for the colourful flowers it has. Passionflower is also famous for its many health and psychological benefits. Since the last 100 years many people have used it as a sedative, stress reliever and to provide aid in going to sleep. Read on to know more benefits of this wonderful creation coming from nature.

Benefits of Passion Flower

1. Maintaining a balanced mood

The biggest benefit that you derive from taking passion flower is the fact that it is a mood enhancer and can help in keeping the blues away. Studies on humans and animals have confirmed that while doing so, passionflower does not show any harmful side effects hence adding to its potential. Consuming a prescription medicine to do so can leave effects like dizziness and working impairment. You can combine passion flower with other herbs to increase the potency and use for effective results.

2. Delays onset of involuntary muscle contractions

Studies conducted reveal that the onset of involuntary muscle contractions can be comfortably delayed with the help of passion flower. Not only that it also reduces the duration for which these contractions are going to happen. Another benefit that you receive is that unlike other medical treatments taking passion flower reduces any kinds of stress you might be facing after the treatment. Further studies are going on to know if the flower can also benefit in reducing the trauma of people who are suffering from this ailment for a long time.

3. Provides restful sleep

It is a wide known fact that passion flower helps you to sleep fitfully and that without any distractions. Your mind is relaxed, and the body takes advantage of the same. A few years back a study was conducted where a group of individuals was given passion flower tea before retiring for the day. The result was quite promising indeed as a majority of them reported being able to sleep peacefully all thanks to the beverage that was offered to them earlier.

4. Relaxes symptoms of withdrawal

Often when we are trying to withdraw from the harms of cigarettes, it becomes all the more difficult to handle the impact of its withdrawal symptoms. The effect is so tough that we tend to back to our old routine to escape the same. However, when studies were conducted on animals, it showed that passion flower consumption helps in reducing nicotine withdrawal symptoms. If the same applies to humans or not is a question worth pondering upon. Moreover while doing so, it reduces any kinds of side effects as well hence increasing the efficacy of the treatment on hand.

5. Reduces the effects of menopause

For women, the menopause phase is extremely tough to deal with. Apart from facing anxiety and depression, it is also accompanied by problems such as anger, headaches, insomnia,and depression. Passionflower works to eliminate some of them to quite an extent and even works on removing hot flashes and night, sweat a common symptom of Menopause. A study conducted amongst females in menopausal and premenopausal stages revealed that along with anise, liquorice and evening primrose, Passionflower removes the signs of hot flashes that were faced.

6. Controls blood pressure

Blood pressure fluctuations are a common ailment in today’s stressful environments. Studies reveal that when 8 milligrams of passion flower were administered regularly for five days, the result was a dramatic reduction in the systolic blood pressure. Results also show that the presence of passion flower increased the levels of an antioxidant enzyme and reduced that of oxidised lipids thus providing a quick relief in ailments related to blood flow and pressure.

7. Reduction in insulin levels

Certain studies were conducted on 43 volunteers both male and female and who was suffering from Type 2 diabetes. They were administered yellow passion fruit peel flour for an extended duration of two months. After the time the results seen were quite encouraging. Most of the users showed a visible decreased insulin resistance. This indirectly reflected that consumption of passion flower could bring your insulin levels under control.

8. Inflammation reduction

Often the advent of any disease causes swelling and inflammation that is difficult to get rid of. The wild passion fruit species was analyzed, and its antioxidant properties paid attention to. Paw oedema is a disease affecting the paw area of animals.  A passion flower extract was administered to that area to know the impact of its use. In return, the oedema was reduced as the fluid buildup went away to quite a large extent.

9. Reduces ADHD symptoms

ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be a disturbing factor in the growth of kids. The other treatments may lead to severe side effects which are much more damaging. A study which motivated parents to opt for alternative medicine treatments showed clearly that herbs like passionflower, valerian, Lemon balm, and Roman chamomile were successful in treating the ailment without causing any major discomfort for the child in question. However, there could be some discrepancies still, and it is always better to consult with a medical specialist before using this as a treatment.

10. Skin ailments

Traditionally passion flower was used to treat skin issues like infections, rashes, burns and skin inflammation. From severe ailments like Eczema to psoriasis and acne and even severe allergic reactions, all of them can be treated in a mild form. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that for better results you need to use the passion flower tea in the most powerful connotation possible.

11. The health of your heart

When passionflower works to reduce your blood pressure, it has a positive impact on the health of your heart as well. In fact, by reducing pressure and inflammation in capillaries, passion flower can also reduce the impact of migraine and headaches. Furthermore, the effect of diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart diseases can also be brought under control.

12. Sex drive for men

For men who are suffering libido issues, the passion flower becomes a saviouras it works on increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. This not only works at improving their reproductive health and sex drive but also their virility and fertility.

13. Colic and other uses for kids

It is not as if the passion flower is only useful for adults and their illness. For small babies suffering from teething and colic, the passion fruit can be used as a possible treatment.  Apart from that asthma, whooping cough and insomnia or problem sleeping at night can also be cleverly tackled with the help of passion flower.

14. Back pain

Due to its ability to act on the nerves, the passion flower can be used to relieve even serious back pain. Moreover, it also is very effective in controlling your muscle contractions. Hence regular intake of passion flower tea would be a comfortable choice if you are still suffering from this ailment.

15. Edible uses of the flower

You can also use the passion flower as a perfect decorative part of your salads and dinners. The flower can also be used to make syrups. You can also use its fruits to make jams, jellies, wine or even eaten raw. However, the seed of the flower may be slightly poisonous as it has some cyanide in it hence people are discouraged from having it directly.

16. Epilepsy

If you are suffering from epileptic attacks and they are quite frequent, then the passion flower tea is a quite simple resort. It can provide relief along with the dose of your regular medicines that you may be taking. In totality, the passion flower reduces your muscle pains that can be caused by these seizures and also the frequency of these attacks.

17. Herpes outbreak

Having an outbreak of herpes in any form can be extremely dangerous. However, passion flower can be used to provide you with some relief in the pain and discomfort. Also when you drink this tea, it will tone down the nervous system because these outbreaks are usually associated with stress that you might be facing.

Passionflower has amazing calming properties and can be used for a variety of uses. When taken in mild quantities you can get rid of major ailments and that too without any fear of side effects. In the case of children through the passion flower should be given only after consultation with a doctor.  Also travelling or driving after ingesting passion flower can cause discomfort in the form of sedation which can be dangerous. Apart from that even pregnant women can face a problem with its use as it can cause uterine contractions and that too untimely. However, these are just few side effects, and the benefits of passionflower are manifold hence drinking its tea just for its taste can also be proved as a blessing.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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