15 Health and Skin Benefits of Oranges- Diet and Nutrition Value

Orange is one of the most popular fruits that are sweet in taste. The juice of the oranges has a good demand in the market for its delicious taste and numerous health benefits. The trees of the oranges are generally cultivated in the growth of the orange trees can be noticed widely in the tropical and subtropical area. The foot bearing age of the orange trees is 3 to 6 years. Mandarin oranges grow well in 10 to 35 degrees Celsius temperature and annually 100 to 120cm rainfall. This tree grows well in different types of soils. The light soils with good drainage system can give you a good result in growing orange trees. The PH level of the soil should be within the range of 5.5 to 7.5.

Nutritional Value of Oranges

If you take a medium size apple you will get 19-grams carbohydrates and 3gm dietary fiber, 14gm sugar contents, one gm protein and other minerals at the same time. The vitamins like A and C are available in this fruit at a large scale. You can also receive a good amount of calcium from the juice of the oranges. These minerals and the antioxidants can help you to stay well in a natural way. This fruit juice can provide you good energy as well. A good amount of potassium is present in the orange juice that can keep your body balanced. There are some other phytonutrients present in this fruit juice that can help you to stay well.

Health Benefits of Oranges

The following health benefits of orange juice can help you understand how it gives you a healthy life in a natural way. The nutrients of the orange juice work in your body and help you to keep the inner organs well functioning.

1. Good for your digestive system

The orange juice contains a great amount of fiber contents that can keep your digestive system well. It can digest the foods in an easy manner by releasing the digestive enzymes. The dietary fibers can also keep your bowel system regular and work against the constipation problems.

2. Prevents cancer

Orange juice can help you stay protected and fight against the disease like cancer in a natural way. Orange juice has an element like D-limonene which plays an active role in preventing cancer. It works against the colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer etc. Moreover, it is a rich source of vitamin C which protects you from the effects of the free radicals.

3. Good for brain

The presence of folic acids in the orange fruit juice can help you to keep your brain well. It can develop the brain well and help you to get a better response as well.

4. Strengthen immune power

Orange juice is the rich source of vitamin C which can help you to strengthen the immune system which can fight against different chronic diseases and viral attacks. Vitamin C can produce white blood cells that help you to fight against the diseases.

5. Good in losing weight

If you have an excessive weight and you are finding a natural way to reduce it then you need to take a glass of orange juice on a regular basis. The greater amount of fiber and carbohydrate can keep you full for a long time. The juice is also lower in calorie which doesn’t add and extra weight to your body but keep you feel full for a longer time. This is a good way to keep your body weight under control.

6. Good source of antioxidants

Vitamin C and other antioxidants of the orange juice can wash out all the unnecessary chemicals from your body. This can also keep you away from the effects of the free radicals. These can keep you away from the unwanted body pains and inflammation in an effective way. So taking a glass of fruit juice can be a good natural way to stay away from the infections and inflammations at the same time.

7. Good for bones and teeth

Calcium is one of the main minerals available in the fruit juice. It can help you to stay away from different kinds of bone and teeth problems. This essential mineral can keep your bones strong as well.

8. Strengthen your vision

The orange juice is effective to keep your arteries well active and flexible. In this case the vitamin C of the orange juice plays an active role. You need to drink a glass of orange juice on a regular basis to keep the arteries away from the hardening. It can maintain the elasticity of the arteries and keep it strong.

9. Removes bad breath

The orange peel tea can be a good remedy for removing the bad breathe in a natural way. Its anti-bacterial agents can kill the germs and the bacteria of your mouth and give you a refreshed breath. You need to take a cup of orange peel tea on a regular basis to reduce the bad breath problems.

10. Good in blood circulation

The water content of the orange can keep your blood circulation process well. The peels of the oranges can reduce the stress of the nervous system and keep your blood circulation through lymphatic system good. It also gives a soothing effect on your nerves and helps you to get a good sleep as well.

11. Solves sexual problems

The presence of the mild aphrodisiac agents in the oranges can help you to get relief from various sexual problems like impotence, disinterest in sex, frigidity and more. The uses of this agent on a regular basis can help you to get a healthy sexual life.

12. Treats Diabetes

According to the researchers, the positive effect of the oranges on diabetic patients can reduce the blood sugar level in blood. The greater amount of fiber of the oranges works best in this case. This is a good natural remedy for the type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.

Diet use of Oranges

You can take the oranges by extracting the juice of the fruit on a regular basis. This is one of the most popular and delicious ways of taking the fruit which can help you to lead a better life in a various way.

You can also saute the ginger and onion in a pan and then add the orange juice to it to get the best sauce which you can enjoy with tuna and salmon.

You can also enjoy the orange fruit sections with different types of fruit salads. You can add some spices to this salad to make the fruit more delicious.

You can also add winter squash and sweet potatoes with the orange fruit sections. Before serving the dish, you need to sprinkle some walnuts on it.

You can use the herbal parts like flowers and the dried orange blossoms to enjoy the tea and get good refreshment on a regular basis.

You can also use the orange peels to increase the flavor of various dishes. The uses of these peels in making good beverages can make you impressed. You can also enjoy the flavor of the peels which can give you some good health benefits at the same time.

Skin benefits of Oranges

The effects of the oranges on the skin are remarkable undoubtedly. The following skin benefits of the orange fruit and its peels can help you to understand why you should take and use this fruit on a regular basis.

  1. Eliminates acne

You can take the oranges as a natural remedy for removing the acne problems. The citric acid of the fruit is the main component which plays an important role in drying and fading away the acne. Apart from consuming the fruit juice, you can also apply the ground peels of the orange on your acne to remove them. This regular use of the peels of the fruit can help you to get a better result in a short time.

2. Whiten and brighten skin

The natural bleaching elements of the orange can help you to get relief from the dark patches of the skin. The regular application of the orange peels can help you to lighten your complexion and remove the sunburn, tans from your skin as well.

3. Anti-aging skin benefits

If you want to hold on the young look of your skin then you need to consume the orange juice which is a great source of the antioxidants. This antioxidant can remove all the spots, wrinkles and age marks from your skin. Vitamin c of the orange fruit plays the most important role in this case. you can also use the peels on the face to get a good result.

Apart from these orange fruit benefits it can also give you the best result in making your skin radiant, white and bright. It can also rejuvenate the dull skin and give you a better look.

These above-mentioned points about the benefits of orange fruit can help you to get a better life in a natural way. If you take the proper amount of orange on a regular basis, then it can keep you strong, immune and secure. The popularity of the fruit is growing high for its taste and numerous health facilities.

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For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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