Orange Diarrhea : Causes and Treatment


The colour of our stools may never be a major concern for us. In fact, most of us do not even bother to check what colour of our stool.  A Healthy bowel means a well-formed brow colour stool which passes out quickly. However, orange diarrhoea or orange stool can raise alarms on the bowel condition.

In normal situations, an orange poop could be because of consumption of items rich in beta carotene. But the problem arises when the poop is frequent than normal and each time the shade is orange. Read on to know about orange diarrhoea and its causes and treatment.

Causes of Orange Diarrhoea

1. Food Items

Specifically, orange stool happens when you eat items rich in beta carotene. Beta carotene contains a compound known as carotenoid. These carotenoids are present in many vegetables, oils, grains and fruits and can be multi-coloured. Beta carotene is also popularly known as “pro-vitamin” as it can be converted into Vitamin A.

Below mentioned are items that have high Beta carotene content in them.

  1. Apricots
  2. Carrots
  3. Spinach
  4. Sweet potatoes
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Kale
  7. Mango
  8. Cilantro
  9. Winter Squash

Beta Carotene supplements are also available for sale and they can also lend an orange colour to your poop.

2. Synthetic Dyes

If you use synthetic dyes such as those included in soda or orange coloured candy that can also be a cause of the trouble.

3. Medications

There are medications like the antibiotic Rifampin which may lead to an orange or a light coloured stool. Also, medicines which have Aluminium hydroxide in them like in Antacids can lead to an orange stool.

4. Fatty items 

If you have consumed lots of Butterfish be prepared for sticky, loose, fatty, orange stools and that too for at least a week after the same. Also if you are taking too much of fatty food i.e. items like fries, junk food and fish oil simultaneously. In the end, eating too many orange coloured items at once can cause orange Diarrhoea.

Medical causes of Orange Diarrhoea

It is obvious that any ailment that affects your bowel could be harmful. In case along with Orange Diarrhoea you also experience symptoms like vomiting, dizziness, pain in the abdomen it means that the problem is serious enough to require the intervention of a doctor.

Let us read on to know some medical related causes of Orange Diarrhoea.

1. Blockage in the bile duct

This is usually a rare phenomenon but not one needs to be careful. The situation arises when the patient is suffering from cancer of the pancreas, bile duct or gall bladder. The colour of the stool, in this case, is white or clay and sometimes orange.

2. Microscopic Colitis

This is the term that is coined for an inflammation of the colon. This condition interferes with the way food is absorbed in your body. Thus when you eat something that is orange or red in colour that gets converted into an orange Diarrhoea condition. However, the situation may not be serious and you do not have to worry too much about it.

3. Parasitic infection

When a parasite infects you may face chills and nausea along with facing orange Diarrhoea. In case of this, drink lots of water and consult a doctor immediately.

4. High levels of Bilirubin

Studies have revealed that when excess amounts of Bilirubin are broken down in the intestine the result is a red or orange stool. This is serious as high levels of Bilirubin means that your liver does not seem to be working aptly. If the situation remains like this for long you must consult a doctor.

5. IBS and SBS

Irritable bowel syndrome and short bowel syndrome, to be precise affect people above the age of 40 years. Symptoms of IBS are a pain in the abdomen, Diarrhoea or constipation, Lethargy and depression and pain during sex. On the other hand, SBS symptoms are the loss of appetite, seizures, nausea and vomiting, lethargy and difficulty in breathing.


Gastroesophageal Reflux disease as it is popularly known as is chronic in nature. It shows symptoms like heartburn and a sweet taste in the mouth. Consumption of alcohol, too salty, sweet and sour food needs to be controlled to keep the problem moderated.

7. Gallstones

Stones in your gallbladder can be disturbing your digestive process. Apart from that, they can be a major reason for the colour of your stool changing. Also, Crohn’s disease is another cause of the same. If you continue feeling uncomfortable you should consult a doctor.

8. Medical tests

Certain tests on the body like CT scan, MRI etc. change the colour of your stool. But this problem gets rectified a few days after the tests have been conducted. Thus you need not panic for the same and medical intervention is not required here.

9. Liver diseases

Liver ailments like cysts, fibrosis, cirrhosis, cancer, hepatitis, jaundice, fatty liver disease etc. can be a cause too. They obstruct or stop the production of bile in your body hence leading to the problem of orange diarrhoea.

Treatment of Orange Diarrhoea

Orange diarrhoea is not a very big concern provided you are not having any additional symptoms with it. If you are afflicted by other signs like vomiting and nausea then the situation is probably serious and you need to do consult a doctor.

In most cases, the following methods can be used to keep check on orange diarrhoea.

1. Diet

If your orange poop is because of the food then you can limit the consumption of such items. You may have taken synthetic dye based foods or items rich in beta carotene. If this is the cause of your trouble, quickly cut off such items from your list.


If you are facing GERD then there are multiple treatment methods you can use. You have to reduce acid reflux which can be done by making some lifestyle changes. This could include taking steps like:

  1. Avoiding overeating
  2. Not bending too much
  3. Limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine
  4. Restrict the intake of salty and spicy foods
  5. Losing excess weight
  6. Quitting smoking
  7. Giving gap in food and the time you hit the bed.

3. Rehydrate

If you are continuously facing the problem of orange Diarrhoea you must increase your water intake.

4. Junk Food

At times consumption of junk food can also cause you to face Orange Diarrhoea. Avoiding items rich in oil like fries, burger and spicy items can  resolve your orange Diarrhoea problem. You should avoid milk and milk products, apple juice, caffeine and alcohol until the situation improves.

5. Medications

If the Diarrhoea situation still persists the doctor needs to be consulted. You might also have to cut down on any previous medications in case the doctor feels that the orange poop is arising as a side effect of those medicines.

6. Fibre consumption

Failure of the body to digest food properly could also be the reason for orange poop. You must increase your fibre intake. By doing that you smoothen the bowel movement and thus improves its quality.


Orange diarrhoea as such is not a huge cause of worry. Most of the times it is caused due to the consumption of items which contain beta carotene. In order to get rid of it, you need to find the exact cause and then curtail its consumption. You can replace items like carrots with sweet potatoes to see the difference.

However, if you continue facing symptoms like abdominal pain, dizziness, constipation, weakness, diarrhoea and heartburn then it points towards a serious situation. It means that you might be suffering from any of the serious medical ailments that have been mentioned above.

In that case, you need to quickly reach out to a doctor for advice. Such ailments are chronic by nature and ignorance in that matter can worsen the situation. Only the doctor can advise on the exact cause and treatment that is required. In case of conditions like cancer, cysts and fibroids the treatment should be regular and prompt to achieve desired results.


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