9 Crazy Nutritional and Health Benefits of Cacao, the Superfood


Before we see what are the list of amazing health benefits of cacao on our body, it would be fair enough to have a quick look at what exactly cacao is. And why should we seek health benefits from them? Theobroma trees found in Native South America are harvested to peep out the cacao beans. This look similar to the coffee beans and also have an array of properties that aid better lifestyle. Chocolate is something we all love, but we refrain from eating as they make us fat. Agree? Being superconscious about the health and our flabby belly, we need to curb our craving for the lip-smacking melting chocolates. But no more.

Do you have any idea as to what the cacao beans are and how do they affect our body? I mean are they seriously good for health. Chocolate and health benefits? Chocolate in my diet plan?

Yes, you heard it right. Chocolate, your chocolate is good for the heart, good for your mind and good for your health too. But what and how?

Cacao beans, the raw form of chocolate extracted from the Theobroma trees are a bunch of goodies. Though they are slightly better in taste but consuming them will have an excellent impact on your health. They can be consumed in various forms such as chocolate nibs or the cacao nibs, cacao powder and the cacao butter. The high-quality chocolate has a lot for you and your health.

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Cacao

1. A sense of Happiness:

Sometimes, you are low in mood. You don’t feel like taking or being with someone. Even your 2am partner does not soothe your mind. Just some time alone and you be with yourself. Right? Well, we all have this at some point in our life. But what about grabbing a bar of chocolate? I know you are smiling. The visual of chocolate makes you happy. Wait, do you know that chocolate actually has good improver embedded in it? Anandamide, the bliss molecule is loaded in chocolate, and when you add the theobromine, you are now ready with the excellent form of chocolate. These are a bliss. They create a feeling of euphoria. Also, the combination is helpful in curing cough. They are far better than your basic codeine and the cough suppressants. Not just tastier or better, but your chocolate is a substitute for calming your mood.

2. Trigger Your Mood:

Cacao, is not just to make you happy or add bliss but the compound phenethylamine or PEA is extremely good to set your mood. We all know how chocolate aids sexual activity. But the neutron chemicals released by the cacao enhances pleasure. You are bound to fall in love and relive your sexual life. It is worth mentioning that the only food that has PEA is blue-green algae. So, you see how effective is cacao. Having said that, have you ever thought why do people give chocolates on Valentine’s day or why is it so popular. Is it tasty? Yes of course but the major fact is its capacity to improve libido. Yes, it does, so next time, don’t forget to give your partner one.

3. Say bye bye to mood swings:

Everyone knows this, women have it, men gift it. Right? Those unnecessary mood swings and those irritating cramps have only one remedy. Dark chocolate. Serotonin in brains is triggered by the cacao. So the next time you are in your PMS grab a bar to stay calm. When women are expecting their periods, the level of serotonin dramatically drops. And as the feel-good hormone reduces, you are likely to get irritated. Cacao has this exceptional benefit to boost the level of the brain to calm and restore your feelings. This makes it the best period food.

4. Good For Your Heart:

I have heard this, so might most of you. Dark chocolate has excellent benefits for your health. The flavonoids present in the cacao are anti-inflammatory and also possess the antioxidant good for your heart. These are helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They bring about a decline in the probability of heart stroke and also promote blood circulation. More than 700 compounds present in the cacao are antioxidants, and the polyphenols are effective in reducing the levels of cholesterol majorly the bad cholesterol and also deters hardening the arteries. So, you see how effective are cacao for you.

5. No more premature aging:

Both red wine and green tea have this exceptional quality to prevent premature aging. But do you know that cacao also has these antioxidants that classify your skin and soothes it? The polyphenols present in the cacao is same as you would get in green tea or red wine. The catechins and the anthocyanins found prevent early oxidation or cell destruction they keeping you younger. You need not worry about those dark lines or the wrinkles, the antioxidants prevent them , and you can keep fresh again.

6. Boosts energy:

Another excellent feature of the cacao is its capability to boost energy. Cacao is rich in minerals and rejuvenates you by energizing the entire body. Your nervous system is not affected or stimulated, and so the energy developed lasts longer. The mineral is capable of generating loads of energy and fight fatigue owing to the extremely high magnesium content. Another additional benefits of the magnesium present in the cacao protects the possibility of osteoporosis, a decline in the probability of type2 diabetes, and also cause a reduction in pressure. It is seen that 2 tsp of raw cacao comprises 52 mg of magnesium. This is around 14% of the requirements of daily intake.

7. A beauty food:

Cacao is a bunch of goodies. Not just magnesium, but it also has a concentration of sulfur and in surplus. Suplur majorly monitors the skin, complexion, and hair. They have this exceptional feature of keeping you fresh and your skin blossoms. Sulfur can build and then rebuild the keratin and collagen necessary for the health of your hair and skin. Your hairs grow longer, your skin shines more and your nails prettier. And not just this, the advantages of sulfur does not end here. Your body needs nutrients to work all day long, and so the sulfur continuously drives them in and out of the cells thereby keeping your immune system healthy, regenerating tissues and also regulate your blood sugar levels. So, cacao has so much to offer. But do not just keep on consuming, remember everything should be taken in right amounts to drive benefits. Excess of anything no matter how good it leads to problems.

8. Boosts metabolisms:

It is a known and also a problem fact that if you do not have enough antioxidants in your body, then you are bound to feel weak and in turn face an array of health issues that might lead to a lifetime risk. Hence, it is imperative that you keep your body decked up with nutrients and antioxidants. Several studies reveal that consuming cacao made chocolates reduces cortisol, the stress driving hormone. It is also found to boost or leverage your metabolism as mentioned above and also promote the microbial activity of the gut. It is not a basic idea to consume Cacao made chocolates in moderate amounts to stay away from unwanted health issues and stay fit.

9. Glowing skin:

We all know that cacao has flavanoids and not feeling but in good amount. Apart from all the major benefits, we have mentioned so far, flavonoids present in cacao blemishes skin beauty. Drinking cacao leads to a better texture of the skin, rejuvenates your skin and make you look better. The chemical present leads to greater saturation of the oxygen into the skin thereby opening pores. The micro-circulation increases, and also accounts for better hydration in the skin. You can use it as an add-on in your coffee cup. Smooth made from the cacao is not just tastier but also healthy. They protect you from the sun rays, boost hydration and make your skin feel fresh. Several scientists believe that cacao can prevent skin cancer.


So, you see what are the advantages or the benefits of the pure form of the chocolate, the cacao. No matter how you consume, raw or a smoothie or make dishes from all by yourself, cacao has a pool of benefits. They are an excellent source of nutrients needed by the body to combat fatigue and stay fresh.

Be it boosting your memory or keeping your health in shape, your heart fit or energize yourself, cacao has it all. Your immunity increases and you are full of energy. Prefer making your own chocolate at home so that you can keep a check at the sugar levels you put in to make a smoothie. But always remember, everything has it benefits only when you consume it in moderate amounts. Excess consumption of anything or everything is bad. So, keep up to the limit and enjoy the superfood to aid health benefits. Also, do check out the difference between cacao and cocoa beans to know which ones are better.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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