20 Amazing Nutrition and Health Benefits of Argan Oil

A native of the country of Morocco Argan tree is the origin of Argan oil. The fruit kernel of the tree yields the miraculous oil which is believed to enhance the beauty of your skin and hair. Resembling a shrivelled apple the fruit has a thick pulp and a bitter yet fleshy pulp. Seeds of the fruit are almond shaped, and hence it quite resembles an olive.

Even though till now the tree was endemic to Morocco it is being grown in other parts of the world as well. Apart from its beauty benefits the oil also contributes to improving the whole well- being of an individual. Read on to know more

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Argan Oil.

1. Moisturising

One drop of Argan oil applied religiously on your face at night time can provide your skin with the glow and shine it rightfully deserves. The oil does not even leave a sticky residue and is absorbed in the skin as quickly as you know. For best results, apply in circular motion to face and neck. The Vitamin E present in the oil also makes it suitable to be used to reduce the signs of ageing.

2. Exfoliation

By regular exfoliation we get rid of dead cells and our face skin becomes firm, toned and attractive. Mixing one tablespoon brown sugar with a few drops of argan oil and rubbing on your face for a few minutes can provide the exfoliation that you need. You can use this mixture evenly on other places like elbows and heels, and all the dry skin would be taken care of.

3. Stretch marks

If you are facing stretch marks argan oil can be used for that too. Just warm a bit of it and apply two or three drops of it on the area that has been affected. In case you have a history of stretch marks rub the same with brown sugar just right before taking a bath. Rinse with warm water and leave it to dry. By improving the skin elasticity, Argan oil cuts down on your getting stretch marks again.

4. Nail treatment

Making your nails soft is something that Argan oil can help you do. Firstly remove the nail polish and then apply a small drop each on every nail and massage it softly. Leave for some time and then wash off. Regular application of the same would make your nails supple and will keep them conditioned for long.

5. Cracked feet

If you are facing the problem of chapped and cracked feet, argan oil can be pretty helpful. Just take two drops and massage them on your feet every night. Cover your feet with socks and leave it overnight for best results possible.

6. Anti-seizure

As per a study conducted in 2017 on rats, it was found that the use of Argan oil reduced seizures in them. The study revealed that oil affected the hippocampus of these rates, which in turn increased the threshold for such seizures which meant that their incidence would decrease significantly.

7. Prevention of heart disease

According to a 2005 report, use of Argan oil can visibly bring a reduction in the symptoms of heart diseases. 60 young men who consumed 25 ml of Argan oil and virgin olive oil showed an improvement in their antioxidant status which reduces their heart ailments. Oral use of argan oil can also improve the lipid profile of a person hence reducing the chances of dialysis.

8. Inflammation

Argan oil has a huge quantity of ALA (omega three fatty acid), and these can visibly fight any inflammation affecting your body. If the inflammation is in your brain, the reduction in same can also save you from suffering from any degenerative disease like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Digestion

In the past also oils have been used to improve the digestion ability of your stomach. Argan oil comprises a variety of oils which indirectly contribute to the regularity and health of your digestive system. The combination of fat and fibre present in the same takes care that during digestion smooth processing and excretion of waste happen.

10. Metabolism

Though no concrete studies on the same have been conducted yet it is seen that EGCG and other catechins present in Argan oil improve the body metabolism. It also shows marked improvement in circulation, mental performance, cholesterol profile and other important factors.

11. Skin cancer

The chemical composition of Argan oil is such that it can stop the growth of skin melanomas and early stages of skin cancer. Apart from that the use of Argan oil also reduces the scope of acne outbreaks, dermatitis, scars etc. In fact as per a study when Argan oil was given to dermatitis patients, they showed quite a remarkable reduction in its symptoms.

12. Hair care

Not only for the skin the beauty benefits of argan oil extend to the hair as well. Direct application of the same to hair not only reduces the split ends but also makes them strong, lustrous and shiny. The Vitamin E present nourishes the hair amply and helps in the production and maintenance of new follicles.

13. Weight loss

Argan oil is rich in Catechins which are an integral part of another important weight loss formula, i.e. Green tea. Along with EGCG, these Catechins increase the fat oxidation speed in the body and also work on reducing the fat mass present in the body. This, in turn, helps you in hastening the process of weight loss.

14. Mental health

The consumption of Omega 3 helps in reducing signs of depression and improves the general mood of any person. Nearly ¼ of the population under the age of 25 suffer from depression and consumption of Omega 3 helps in parking the things up. That is also one of the very strong reasons why the usage of Argan oil has become so prominent over the last few years.

15. Antioxidant-

Caffeic acid which is present in Argan oil is quite a powerful anti-oxidant and can improve feelings of wellness and also reduce the chances of you contracting any other disease. Also, this factor helps in the reduction of any kind of cell damage that the body might have experienced. This is another reason why Argan oil dosage is highly recommended to keep the attack of cancer away.

16. Liver health

We all know the importance of having a smoothly working liver in our body. The most delicate organ of our body the liver needs adequate care to keep it functioning that way. Argan oil comes with hepatoprotective properties which mean that if you consume it regularly, you may have to stop worrying about taking care of your liver.

17. Wound healing

Since argan oil takes very good care of your skin, it also hastens the wound healing process. Any wound or abrasion on the skin can be healed quickly if you apply a drop of argan oil either singularly or with any other carrier oil. You can also consume it along with your food but application of the same is considered to be more effective in this case.

18. Diabetes relief

According to a recent study the regular usage of Argan oil can visibly the insulin resistance in a human. This is quite crucial as this insulin resistance is actually how the disease first enters your body. Argan oil also reverses the metabolic changes in people who consume high sugar diet to help them in fighting the disease effectively.

19. Heals razor bumps-

When you massage Argan oil on to razor bumps it provides that area with a soothing and calming experience. You can comfortably use the oil on legs, bikini line, and for men on their beard area. If you apply it regularly who knows you might even reduce the growth of hairs as well. You can also find it in most of the “beard oils” a product which is used to style, nourish and tame beard hair.

20. Dandruff and dry scalp

The fatty acids that are present in abundance in Argan oil can reduce the dryness and inflammation of your scalp. Just apply five or six drops of warm Argan oil in your hair and massage it carefully. Put a shower cap and let the impact be felt. Application of this hair oil mask twice a week is sure to get you rid of dandruff soon.

With its multiple benefits, the Argan oil is your knight in shining armour for all kinds of simple ailments. It can provide your face, hair, and body with moisturising benefits and even cure of you some dreaded diseases. However, the oil can be pretty concentrated, and you can mix it with any other carrier oil to ensure that you receive all the benefits properly. It is also suggested that a skin test is done before using the product to ensure that you are not allergic to any of its components. You can always go and seek a doctor’s advice if you notice any side effects.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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