8 Easy Natural remedies for Panic Attacks


Owing to the changing lifestyle and zeal to excel in this competitive world, anxiety , stress, and panic attacks have now become common mental health issues. According to statistics, almost 20% of adults are suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety and stress often lead to panic attacks leaving the person more stressed and perplexed. There can be various reasons for such anxiety and panic attack. While stress at the workplace and home are the primary reasons, an overactive thyroid can also contribute to the same. Diagnosing the accurate cause can help in effectively treating these problems.

Doctors use various psychological therapies along with anti-anxiety medications to deal with the situation. Patients need to understand that such treatments take time. If patients and their families follow the therapies and take medications as per their doctor’s guidelines, the problem of panic attacks and anxiety can be cured forever.

Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

1. Exercising

Exercise not only helps to burn additional fat from your body but it is also a great way to burn off all the stress and anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks resulting from stress can be best cured with regular exercising. It has been clinically proven that people often suffer from anxiety after they quit smoking, and the only way apart from anti-anxiety medication to cure such stress is to exercise.

2. Writing

Panic attacks usually occur when a person gets innumerable random thoughts and doesn’t find a way out to relieve the same, making him further confused and perplexed. If a person finds out the way to relieve this stress and anxiety, the situation can be controlled before going out of hands. Writing is the best way to avert panic attacks; it can help in a much better way to cope with stress. Researchers conducted a study in 2016 and found that children indulging in creative writing are able to handle stress and anxiety in a much better way.

3. Meditation

Stress and panic attacks usually happen when there are a series of random thoughts going on in the mind. Meditation can help to curb down such thoughts making the situation a little less stressful for the person. Meditation makes it easier to calm down the mind and manage anxiety, thus averting panic attacks. One can try a range of meditation styles included under Yoga. However, mindfulness is the best way to deal with this situation. According to research, it is more effective for people who face stress and panic attacks due to mood swings.

4. Herbal teas

Apart from various therapies and exercises, there are numerous products that help people deal with stress and anxiety. Herbal teas can help to relax the mind and ease sleep. The presence of chamomile can help to control the level of stress hormones and mellow down the effect of anxiety.

5. Aromatherapy

There are certain oils whose aroma and fragrance can help to soothe the mind and lower down the level of stress and anxiety. Smelling such oils at the time of stress can help a person to lower down the effect. However, these oils and scents may work differently for different people depending upon the level of stress and capability of the mind to avert the same. Aromatherapy also helps in lowering down heart rate in a short span of time making situations easier for a person suffering from stress and panic attacks.

6. Stay away from alcohol

If you want to have the best effect of the treatment you are taking, it is really important to stay away from alcohol, smoking, drugs, and even caffeine. All these things have the capability to trigger a panic attack. It is recommended to stay away from all these things even after your treatment gets over.

7. Enough sleep

Try to get as much sleep as you can. Getting good and sound sleep will help you to cope up with stress and will also help you to calm mind-boggling with unnecessary thoughts. It will also help you to relax physically as well as psychologically. If you are unable to get enough sleep, speak to your doctor. He may recommend some antidepressants to calm down your mind.

8. Talk to someone

When in stress talk to people around you. Having more number of people around you will help to cope up with stress and anxiety. There is no other way to cope with stress in a better way than using talking therapy. Your loved ones can help you overcome your fears. Support from your friends and family is the best medicine you can ever take to deal with in this mental state. www.colombia.co

While Natural methods may calm down anxiety, it is often noted that therapy does wonders when it comes to mental health.


Counselling Therapy

  • First of all, it is very important to understand whether you are having a panic attack or is it any other health issue. Common symptoms such as racing heartbeat can also be caused by heart attacks or other heart related problems. Therefore in the first place, the doctor will examine you thoroughly and after ruling out any such problems; he will recommend you to the psychologist for further sessions.
  • The psychologist will not directly go for any treatment or medication; first of all, he/she will try to talk to you and get to know the actual reason for your stress and anxiety leading to a panic attack. Once the reason is understood, he will initiate counseling sessions and therapies. Once you understand what is causing this panic attack, it will become easier for you to handle the situation and deal with it.
  • Your doctor will also tell you about various relaxation techniques that you can use to handle your panic attacks. The best way to control your panic attack is to learn how to control your breathing; this can help you to deal with panic attacks easily even if someone is not around.



It is really important for everyone to understand that any person experiencing such conditions needs support. Try to deal with such people with lots of love and never judge them. You never know what they are dealing with and your judgmental thinking may only escalate their problems. Try to stay calm and handle the situation with the utmost maturity and care.

Stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are only a mental situation that can happen with anyone anywhere. People suffering from such conditions are among us, and we could be in their place at any point in time. Make sure to be their support system rather than being a critic.

And for those who are dealing with this problem in their everyday life, you need to understand that the issue can be resolved only if you are ready to resolve it. Others can help you only when you are ready to help yourself. Till the time you don’t want yourself to come out of this, no one else can ever help you. Any treatment or natural remedy will help you only when your will power is strong enough to fight against this uninvited state of mind.

Don’t let anxiety, stress or panic attacks overpower your life. Instead fight with the situation contributing to the same and lead a happy and prosperous life.

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