Top Must Visit Cafes in Sydney

Heading to Sydney? Plenty on your list? Picturesque harbour, the magnificient Opera House, sunny beaches to name a few. Well, time to update your list. Over the past years Sydney has remarkably upped its game in serving ridiculously amazing brew with hearty breakfasts. And guess what? Now, Sydney is a home to abundance of cafes at every nook and corner of the city. So, start planning where to relish your next brunch in the harbour city with our picks of Sydney’s best cafes.


Top Must Visit Cafes in Sydney


  1. Brewtown Newtown


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Famed as the most instagrammable cafes in Sydney, situated at the main street of the 19th century warehouse, Brewtown is a cafe micro roastery and a brew bar with delicately designed apparels. Serving the ridiculously rich aromatic coffee with the new age brunch dishes, visiting Brewtown will provide, beyond doubt, a distinctive experience.  The favorites include passion-fruit salsa, tart and vegan bircher muesli. Hit up Brewtown for lipsmacking baked goods with the extra-touch of healthy eating.


2. Bills

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Pioneered by Bill Granger, this café reflects the perfect Aussie spirit: sunny, casual and generous. From the top class service to the exotic food to the well smothered interiors, Bills café has got all things right. The menu has the classics from the ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter and banana to the creamy scrambled eggs, possibly the best in Sydney. The massive communal table in the middle of the room with a big bowl of apples is a major attraction for tourists and Sydney-siders alike.


3. Porch and Parlour


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Combining good food, coffee with art, music and people, Porch and Parlour offers the diversity in dishes from the wholesome sustainable food suach as the healthy Green Brekkie Bowl to the mouth watering alternatives like The Devil’s Breakfast, with chorizo, roasted potatoes. It is situated near the iconic Bondi Beach offering the laid back vista many Sydney-siders have grown fond of.


4. The Penny Royal


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Set in a laneway, the Penny Royal is a tiny café with four small wooden tables but with a wall so funky and quirky depicting a babushka puppy dog, a mouth watering sneakers and spiked cactuses, that it instantly makes up for the lack of space.This place spills out onto the sun-drenched pavement making the ambiance peaceful and relaxed. Famously known for the legendary notorious muffins, this café serves the finest coffee with the mouth savoring burritos topped with hunks of smokey beans, sweet salsa, cheese and avocado. Also, a super smiley staff just adds up to the experience.


5. Paramount Coffee Project


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Situated in the Surry Hill’s Paramount House Building, this open space is an ideal for millennials. Unlike any other café, PCP by sourcing it’s coffee from a mix of local and international roasters, has indeed brought a much needed change in the coffee scene in Sydney. Undoubtedly, this place offers interesting choices of food like chicken and biscuits, Peanut butter jellytime sago and creole jambalaya.


6. Room 10


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Renowned for both their quality food alongside their top quality service, Room 10 is one of Sydney’s hippiest café spot. It indeed is the bustling hole in the wall which addresses all your brunch and coffee needs. Being the perfect Brunch location, it serves amazing toasties and sandwiches. Apart from the sumptuous food, the staff here is super friendly and accommodating ensuring happy tummies and smiling faces.


7. The Devon Café


Looking for something exciting to indulge in? Well, the Devon Café is the ideal location. With a seasonal menu, this place always has something unique to offer, a good brew alongside top quality food being the constant. By mingling elements of both eastern and western culture, Devon café is one place to hangout and chill around. Devons café blends Asian fusion cuisine with coffee, keeping the main focus on innovative breakfasts and brunches.


8. Boon Cafe


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This cafe is just a manifestation of the word “boon” for all Loyal Chat Thai diners and Fusion Sandwich lovers, pleasing ambiance with exposed brick walls. It’s famous for producing a mash-up of Thai classics and some innovative musings on staple with artisanal ingredients from local producers along with a few daily specials and to experience the delicacy of “The Boon Kitchen” drop your shadow at 425 Pitt Street Haymarket NSW 2000.


9. The Grounds of Alexandria


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A truly unique venue with a cool atmosphere, eye catchy hanging baskets covered with greenery making the ambiance outstanding, is located in the heart of city with elephant parking space at 2 Huntley St, Syndney, New South Wales 2015, Australia. Quiet popular for its homestyle food and known as landmark coffee roastery, this cafe and its organic garden is well known for abundance of fresh produce and hands-on experiences.


10. Bay Ten Espresso



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A little slice of Sydney sunshine beams out of this cheerful little nook of cafe at 10 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay NSW 2060 set in historic sheds built under the elevated railway station besides Bradfield highway, Australia. This place is quiet famous for excellent coffee from white horse roasters with selection of batch brew, espresso based and cold drip, combined with a well rounded selection of pastries, breakfast and lunch. This one ranks among one of the best bicycle friendly cafe in Sydney.


Coffee lovers, rejoice!

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