10 Ways of Motivation for Weight Loss- Diet Plan and Weight Loss Secrets

“Prevention is better than cure”- Hit your motivation for weight loss than to hit a cardiologist!!!!!! Motivation is the hardest thing in life but you have to be positive and optimistic. It may sometimes be the toughest job to keep yourself going and keep on clinging on to the motivation of losing weight. But motivation can be enhanced and increased at any point of your life-Luckily! Numbers are not only the healthier part of your weight loss but to remain motivated is the healthy choice that you have to make. Motivation for weight loss is a everyday struggle to get for most. Let us check first some secrets of weight loss.


10 Secrets of Weight Loss

1. Stick to a protein diet:

Eating proteins like eggs and whey protein in your breakfast will make you feel full for hours. Reducing your craving for food. The metabolism of your body increases when your body is busy digesting your food burning of 80-100 calories per day.

2. 30 Minutes of exercise is enough:

Exercising for half an hour will help your metabolism and muscle mass to increase.triggering weight loss.

3. Slow eater loses weight faster:

Fast eating has an ill effect. By the time your brain gives a signal that your stomach is full, you have already eaten more than your body needs. Slow eating helps in chewing the food properly leading to proper digestion which reduces the chance of gaining weight.

4. Drink warm water:

The best hassle free method that you can go for weight loss is drinking warm water. From the start of your morning till the night before you go to your bed, replace normal water with warm water. It increases your body temperature which in turn posts up metabolic rate due to increased blood circulation. Results are unbelievable!!

5. Avoid sweet beverages and soda:

Eating sugar in excess leads to diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer. Sugar can be bad but worst when you eat it in liquid form. Beverages contain preservatives and harmful chemicals

6. Drink Green Tea:

Green tea has a high amount of antioxidants. It helps in increasing your metabolism and fat burning.

7. Stay away from processed food:

These are prepared in such a manner that may cause ‘addictive-like’ eating and will increase your desire to eat more. Calories, added sugars and fats are high in processed food. So it’s a big ‘no-no’!!

8. Go for Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are best friends to your weight loss. They are full of fiber and nutrients. People on a diet of fruits and vegetables weigh less.

9. Low intake of refined carb:

Refined carb is very harmful as it is less in fiber and more in fat.

One of the hardest parts about losing weight is of staying motivated. So what’s the solution when you have no motivation for weight loss.

Here are 10 Secrets of Motivation for Weight Loss

1. Find your inspiration

What will inspire you to stick to the changes that you have to make to change to lose the weight. Is it to feel better physically about yourself? Is it to win the heart of someone you love? Is it to help prevent serious illness like heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. Is it to wear nicer clothes? Find your inspiration.

2. Make a plan:

You are more likely to stick to your weight loss goals if you have a plan to stick to. Trying to lose weight without a plan is like trying to drive to a place you have never been without a map, GPS, any direction whatsoever.

3. Set realistic and attainable goals:

Focus on short-term goals rather than long-term goals. If you want to lose 150 Pounds you will be overwhelmed and likely discouraged if that you are focusing on. However if your focus on losing 4-5 pounds a month you will remain motivated because this is much more realistic and attainable.

4. Hire a personal trainer:

If your budget allows you, hire a personal trainer. The trainer will not only guide you but he or she will be able to keep you on track and motivated.

5. Challenge yourself:

A little competition can be good for you. Join a ‘Spark challenge’ for that extra push you need to meet your goals. As well as the support from others who are going after the same goal.

6. Reward yourself:

Take a look at your small girls and each time you reach one of those goals, reward yourself! But that doesn’t mean you will end up binging on some food, but rather something fun. Go to the movies, night out with your friend. Get yourself a present and buy something new, it can be clothes, shoes, TV, CD, books or something for your desk or anything that you want. Celebrate your success.

7. Vary your workout:

Do not stick to the same gym workout to lose weight. Treat yourself to a variety of workouts like aerobics, Zumba, walking, jogging, running and more. A variety of exercises retain your interest and motivation till the end of weight loss program and further you work out with excitement and pleasure.

8. Eat healthy:

The healthy or your diet, the more energy you will have and the more motivated you will be. This includes getting enough food because food fails workouts.


Source- organicfacts

9. Stop weighing yourself daily:

The daily fluctuation will mess with your motivation don’t wait for yourself every day and stand on a weight machine. Weigh yourself regularly that’s what successful dieters and those who want to maintain their weight do. Some step on the scales once a week or two and for some, it’s a month.

10. Read about it:

Immerse yourself in fitness and you will be much more motivated to work out. One of the best ways is to read fitness blogs so that you can follow along with other people who have the same goal as you. Get involved in fitness forums. Subscribe to fitness websites. So that you get daily motivation straight to your inbox.


Diet Plan to have Motivation for Weight Loss

Have a glass of warm water with lemon and honey. Which helps in eliminating body toxins.
• 3 slices of brown bread
• 1 bowl of cereal and nuts
• Eggs/whey protein
• 1 dragon fruit
• Green tea
• 6 Walnuts
• 4 dried apricots
• 1/4 Greek yogurt (nonfat)
• 1 small bowl of brown rice/ pita bread with hummus.
• 1 small bowl of Dal/cheddar cheese 1 oz
• 1 large bowl vegetable/ vegetable soup.
• 2 pieces of chicken /fish.
• Salad.
• 1 clementine/corn salad 1 bowl/vegetable sandwich.
• Dried apricots/walnuts/Greek yogurt.
• Green tea with fat-free biscuits.

• 2 chapatis/1 small bowl of brown rice/Dalia.
• 1 cut vegetables (boiled)/Tofu curry/1 cup spinach.
• 2 pieces of chicken (every alternate night)/baked Salman.
• 1 Cup Brussels sprouts.


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