Best 10 Low-Height And Light-Weight Scooty For Ladies

Mobility brings freedom! Freedom to do your daily chores, reach your workplace, commute at an affordable price, get past the lunatic traffic, especially in cities, and find easy parking space. Additionally, features like gearless control, high mileage, varied options and colours, convenience, low cost of maintenance, climate, all of it act in favour for a girl/women to own their personal bikes. In fact, a motorcycle is considered as a utilitarian vehicle for Indian roads. For the daily use, girls prefer low height and light weight two-wheeler Scooty options.

So for your daily use, if you are looking for such a manageable bike, below are some of the best options available of Bikes for girls in India.

Best 10 Low-Height And Light-Weight Two-wheeler For Girls

1. Honda Aviator

Honda Aviator, with its ‘Live your style’ slogan, is the third scooter offer by the Japanese makers for India. The fancy and courageous look of the bike has absolutely captured and seized the eyes of Indian women.


Image Credit: IndiaMart


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 54,418


  • Pearl Igneous Black
  • Strand Silver Metallic
  • Rebel Red Metallic
  • Pearl Sunbeam White

Weight: 109 Kg

Seat height – 790mm

Engine Power: 109.19 cc

Mileage: 66 kmpl

Brake Power: 8 bhp

Top Speed: 83 kmph


2. Yamaha Ray Z

Specially designed for the female riders, Yamaha Ray Z was launched in the year 2017. Yamaha also claims to have designed the engine of this vehicle explicitly for polluted and chaotic city roads.

Image Credit: Maxabout


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 51,919


  • Regal Red
  • Astral Blue
  • Moon Walk White
  • True Blue

Weight: 104 kg

Seat height – 760mm 

Engine Power: 113 cc

Mileage: 62 kmpl

Brake Power: 7 bhp

Top Speed: 86 kmph


3. Hero Pleasure

Light and Zippy, Hero Pleasure pledge its customers, nine paint schemes and an Integrated brake system (IBS). IBS just means that the front, as well as rear brake, is automatically involved as soon as the left brake lever is pulled, hence reducing the overall risk of falling in case the brakes are applied in emergency. It is priced at Rs 46,000 with steel wheels and Rs 48,000 for alloy wheels. https://littlescholarsnyc.com It is the perfect option for people looking for low height scooty.

Image Credit: Mexabaout


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 47,627


  • Matte Grey & Red
  • Matte Grey & Yellow
  • Matte Grey & White
  • Pearl White
  • Fiery Red
  • Bold Black
  • Matte Grey

Weight: 101 kg

Seat height – 760mm 

Engine Power: 102 cc

Mileage: 63 kmpl

Brake Power: 6.91 bhp

Top Speed: 77 kmph


4. Honda Dio

Honda Dio along with its BS IV-compliant engine introduced some vibrant paint schemes to uplift the visual appeal of its old model. It also has a fancy Led strip on the handlebar and mobile charging plug-point integrated into its design. And, that’s not it. The wider seat that it offers makes it extra comfortable for both, the rider as well as the pillion.


Image Credit: Motorscribes


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 51,468


  • Pearl Sports Yellow
  • Vibrant Orange
  • Sports Red
  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic
  • Candy Jazzy Blue

Weight: 105 kg

Seat height – 765mm 

Engine Power: 109 cc

Mileage: 60 kmpl

Brake Power: 6 bhp

Top Speed: 78 kmph


5. Suzuki Let’s

Suzuki let’s might be an entry level scooter but it is one of the lightest low height option in the two-wheeler segment for women. Powered by Suzuki Eco Performance engine, Let’s is also equipped with an additional storage box and mobile-charging point.


Image Credit: Scooterrazzi


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 50, 701


  • Pearl Mirage White
  • Orange / Matte Black
  • Glass Sparkle Black
  • Royal Blue / Matte Black

Weight: 98 kg

Seat height – 765mm 

Engine Power: 112 cc

Mileage: 64 kmpl

Brake Power: 8.50 bhp

Top Speed: 85 kmph


6. Honda Activa-i

Launched as a cheaper, lighter and more stylish version by Honda, this motorcycle carrier many cosmetic changes to its assembly. Activa which is one of the best selling scooters has had many upgraded versions over time. Even though Honda claims Activa-i to be a unisex scooter, it has a feminine touch in its restyled body.


Image Credit: India Today


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 50,285


  • Orchid Purple Metallic
  • Lush Magenta Metallic
  • Neo-Orange Metallic
  • Black
  • Imperial Red Metallic

Weight: 103 kg

Seat height – 765mm 

Engine Power: 109.19 cc

Mileage: 66kmpl

Brake Power: 8 bhp

Top Speed: 83 kmph


7. TVS Wego

Known for its mileage, TVS Wego is one of the most successful two-wheeler models by TVS Motor. The design of this model is extremely slim with literally no extra bulk and low height. Another fascinating feature of this bike is its fully digital speedometer.


Image Credit: Overdrive


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 53,401


  • Dual Tone Blue
  • Dual Tone White
  • Deep Sky Blue
  • Volcano Red
  • Sporty White
  • Mercury Grey
  • Midnight Black
  • Metallic Orange
  • Orange Black

Weight: 108 kg

Seat height – 770mm 

Engine Power: 110 cc

Mileage: 70kmpl

Brake Power: 8 bhp

Top Speed: 84 kmph


8. TVS Scooty Pep +

Scooty Pep + is one of the cheapest models in this segment. Its amazing graphics, auto fuel tap, utility box, push and pull bag holder, bag hooks and glove box genuinely makes it stand out from the wide range of competition as a low height scooty.


Image Credit: IndiaMart


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 39,995


  • Frosted Black
  • Vivacious Purple
  • Nero Brown
  • Nero Blue
  • Princess Pink
  • Nero Peach

Weight: 95 kg

Seat height – 768mm 

Engine Power: 88 cc

Mileage: 68 kmpl

Brake Power: 5 bhp

Top Speed: 70 kmph


9. TVS Scooty Streak

This model was developed keeping the Indian college-going youth in mind. Due to its small body proportion and lightweight, many women, who are riding a bike for the first time prefer this model. Also, this model is targetted towards a limited set of a customer rather than a larger audience.

Image Credit: CarsandBiikes


Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 44,140


  • Pride Black
  • Lust Black
  • Rage Black
  • Greed Black
  • Envy Black

Weight: 96 kg

Seat height – 740mm 

Engine Power: 87 cc

Mileage: 65 kmpl

Brake Power: 5 bhp

Top Speed: 75 kmph


10. Piaggio Vespa

Vespa is a legendary and one of the oldest scooter brands by the Italian conglomerate. It offers six models for the Indian market, each of which is designed for minute convenience. Though it is one of the most expensive models in the segment, its powerful engine, a variety of colours can be appealing to many.



Other Specifications:

Approximate Price: ₹ 74,937


  • Midnight Blue
  • Vibrante Rosa
  • Giallo Lime
  • Monte Bianco
  • Nero Black Matt
  • Nero Matt
  • Marrone Crete Senesi
  • Portovenere Verde
  • Rosso Dragon
  • Arancio Taormina
  • Bianco Perla
  • Red

Weight:  114 kg

Seat height – 765mm 

Engine Power: 125 cc

Mileage: 52 kmpl

Brake Power: 9.90 bhp

Top Speed: 59 kmph


So if you are thinking to buy an easy-ride for your day-to-day use?

Go through the clear-cut features and buy the best-suited model for yourself!

If you do not care for the height of the vehicle, you can also look at 5 best light-weight two-wheeler for girls.

If you want to go a step ahead after buying, and modify your bike, here is a list of top 10 Bike modifiers in India.

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