13 Impressive Lavender Oil Benefits for Daily Life

Lavender oil, being one of the most versatile and popular oil is widely used in many beauty products and medicines. Being extracted and distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, the oil is known for curing all major and minor issues related to human health. The plant bears purple coloured flowers which appear smaller in size.

Commonly, lavender is famous for perfumes and soaps which help to purify the skin. The flowers have a calming fragrance and have been used as perfumes for centuries. Lavender is a pure oil which is extracted through steam distillation. The pure oil differs from other diluted oils.

Lavender oil helps to cure anxiety, allergies, fungal infections, depression, nausea and menstrual cramps. This oil can be put to use in your daily lives. The oil has multiple uses along with many health benefits.

Some of them are highlighted below.

Lavender Oil Benefits

1. For reducing acne

Lavender oil is best for those suffering from acne. It has the ability to kill all the bacteria collected inside the skin. It unclogs the pores and helps to reduce inflammation on the skin.

Add 2-3 droplets of lavender oil with any regular oil like coconut and argon oil. Mix both the oils and apply it on the skin. The oil is used in salons and spas in order to treat damaged skin.


2. Gives relaxation in eczema and dry skin

Eczema is a type of skin allergy commonly seen in children and adults. It is a condition wherein you suffer from constant itching and redness on the skin. Since lavender oil has anti fungal properties and kills away bacteria causing germs, it is a great remedy for eczema and dry skin.

While applying the oil, add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil to the mixture.


3. As Insect repellent

You must have seen Advertisements for killing away insects from home. Many mosquito repellents contain lavender oil. This is because the oil helps in curing the insect bites. It acts as an insect repellent and gives relief after a mosquito bite.

You can make your own spray or can use in a candle. Add certain amount of the oil in the candle or add the oil in the water to use it as a spray.


4. To heal a wound

If you have a cut, burn or scratch, lavender oil is the best and a natural remedy to get rid of them.

Apply 2-3 drops of the oil along with coconut oil. Pat the mixture on the wound. If your wound has healed already, the oil helps in reducing the scars.


5. For skin lightening

As mentioned earlier, lavender oil has anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. All the bacteria and infection present in the skin can be reduced with the help of this oil. Dark spots, wrinkles and pimples gets reduced and the skin lightens up.


6. Helps in getting good sleep

There is a reason why hotels use lavender oil in rooms. The oil is present in toiletries like bathroom spray, room spray, pillow spray and in soaps. It is the soothing and relaxing fragrance of the oil that helps to get good sleep in the night. It enables relaxation of mind and body.


7. Hair loss

It is scientifically proven that lavender helps to stop hair loss. There is a disease named alopecia areata wherein hair is lost in some or all the areas of the body. Lavender helps in the growth of hair.


8. Menstrual pain

Many young ladies have complains of extreme pain before and during their menstruation. Although, there is nothing to be worried but it also cannot be avoided. Aromatherapy for lavender oil proves to be a very easy and convenient way of reducing the cramps.

Inhaling the oil for the first 3 days of the menstruation reduces the stomach ache and cramps. Massaging the oil gently on the body can relax the pain to a great extent.


9. Anxiety

Lavender has a very soothing and relaxing aroma. The aroma of the oil helps in getting good sleep and prevents anxiety recurrence in people having mild or severe anxiety.


10. Reduces pain

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that help in reduction of mild or severe pain. It is of great use for women after going through C-section as it reduces the pain and hence intake of pain killers.

Massaging the area of pain with a mixture of coconut and lavender oil gives good results. Next time if you feel pain around your legs or knees or any area, rub this oil and get quick relief.


11. Eases sunburn

Lavender oil is an antiseptic which helps in healing and lighting up the skin.

Add a few drops of this oil to Aloe vera gel to help remove the sunburn.


12. Head lice

Head lice are commonly seen within children. The lice is very irritating and develops itchiness in the scalp. Head lice are contagious and spread very quickly.

Rubbing your scalp with lavender oil can help kill away the lice. The oil becomes more effective if mixed with tea tree oil. Leave your hair for 2 hours after the massage and wash it well with shampoo.


13. Combats Migraine

Headaches are annoying but Migraines are devastating. The oil can be effective in reducing the pain and tension of migraine.

Make a mixture of lavender and peppermint oil and massage it on the pressure points of your forehead, head and also on the back of your neck. The massage will give you a lot of relief and the frequency of migraine will reduce.



Lavender is an essential oil. It is very important to purchase authentic and good quality of lavender oil from the market. There are many fake brands available but they would not be of much use and will not show the expected results you need for your body and skin. Hence, be careful while picking out the brand and quality of oil before using it.


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