Is CBD oil Effective in Pain relief ?

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with problems like arthritis and chronic pain. Not only is this pain irritating but also hampers the daily routine of a person. Not just adults but children are also affected by this problem. Last year approximately 50 million adults and about 3, 00,000 children were diagnosed with either arthritis or some other type of disease-causing chronic joint pain. To make situations worse, this percentage is predicted to increase by 45 to 50 percent in the next ten years.

The most precarious symptoms in arthritis patients are decreased joint movement, pain, and stiffness. Patients may suffer from some other symptoms as well that can make the situation even worse and problematic for them. These symptoms include anxiety, depression, and stress. However, arthritis, if combined with other health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, can further aggravate problems.

There are numerous medications and therapies available to cure this problem but every treatment and medication has one or the other side effects. While looking for more natural remedies and pain relievers, CBD oil is gaining immense popularity because of the benefits associated with it without causing any side effects.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD is extracted from one of the 80 chemical cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant. The two primary compounds present in these plants are CBD and THC. While THC has been banned because of its psychoactive effects, CBD shows no such effects and thus many countries across the world have legalized the consumption of the same.


Marijuana was primarily used as a pain relieving drug back in 2900 B.C. After it got banned, scientists had been looking for a natural drug having the same properties but without mind-altering effects, which led to the discovery of CBD.

How CBD oil works as a pain reliever ?

The endocannabinoid system present in the human body has two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.

  • CB1 receptors are primarily located in the brain and involved in regulating activities like coordination, appetite, mood changes, memory, and thinking.
  • CB 2 receptors are found in the immune system and make the body more responsible and receptive towards inflammation and pain.

If a person consumes THC, it directly attaches with CB1 receptors thus creating mind-altering effects. However, CBD impacts CB2 receptors which causes the body to create more cannabinoids, which in turn decreases body pain and inflammation.

CBD prevents the body from absorbing pain regulating compounds like anandamide. Hence, the level of anandamide increases in the bloodstream providing relief from the chronic pain. It also reduces inflammation in the brain and nervous system, benefiting those struggling from joint and muscle pain.

CBD oil for arthritis pain

Amongst the numerous benefits associated with CBD oil, its positive impact on arthritis is the most talked about benefit. Initial researches have also confirmed the same. According to a paper published in the renowned journal ‘Pain’, a detailed analysis has been given on the effects of cannabinoid oil. It has been shown that CBD oil decreases inflammation in joints and protects against the factors that cause nervous disorders.


CBD oil for chronic pain conditions

Cannabinoid oil helps in providing ease from pain especially in patients diagnosed with chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis and cancer. Various studies have also confirmed the positive effect of CBD oil in decreasing the pain arising from fibromyalgia due to the side effects of chemical compounds present in various medications.

Research done during the period from 1980 to 2008 by a group of scientists and researchers has proved that CBD works really well to provide relief from chronic pain. The study has also reflected that the controlled consumption of CBD oil can help in overcoming problems like insomnia and anxiety.

Multiple Sclerosis

It is an autoimmune dysfunction in which the entire body is affected due to improper functioning of the brain and nervous system. The most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis include muscle spasms. The spasms may increase in their intensity, causing constant pain.

Researchers have found that the use of CBD oil can help in reducing the level of spasms and can provide relief from the pain associated with it. However, more studies are needed to supplement this fact.

Does consumption of CBD oil make you high?

As mentioned earlier, CBD is totally different from THC. Because of the absence of psychoactive effects, CBD oil doesn’t make a person high. It only influences the body by creating an impact on the CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoids system present in the human body.

Is CBD oil legal?

Undoubtedly, CBD oil has a number of potential benefits but still, there are many people who are really apprehensive about its legal status because it is sourced from marijuana. Under the Marijuana tax act of 1937, marijuana and its components were declared illegal to be consumed. However, in many states, several steps have been taken to acquire legalized status for some of its components including CBD. Some countries have even legalized it for medical use, the most recent entrant being the United States. CBD oil was given a green signal in 2018 to be used as a medicine. However, various conditions are imposed on the consumption of the same:

  • It can only be sold or bought with proper medical prescription.
  • One can buy or sell only certified CBD based products.
  • The CBD product that you buy must have less than .3% of THC content per 10 grams.

Moreover, a certain amount of CBD oil is also derived from the fiber of cannabis plant i.e. hemp, and the cultivation of hemp is given legal status in the 2014 farm bill.

Therefore, to determine the legal status of CBD oil, various factors need to be considered like local laws, geographical area and also the percentage of other cannabinoid compounds present in the same.

How to use CBD oil?

Consumption of CBD oil must be controlled because of the presence of THC. Every 10 mg may have only .3% of THC content, but if you consume it in more quantities then the proportion of THC may also increase which is really harmful to the human body. Thus, it is really important to keep a check on its consumption.

Other uses of CBD oil

  • To overcome anxiety and depression
  • In treating acne
  • Prevents after-effects of cancer treatment
  • Improves cardiovascular problems
  • Helps in getting rid of substance abuse

Is it safe to use CBD oil?

CBD oil is perfectly safe to use, primarily because of missing psychoactive effects. However, every natural remedy may have certain side effects and CBD oil is no different. However, the multitude of these side effects is really mild.

Some of the common side effects are:

  • Change in appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea

Apart from these minor side effects, it is completely safe to use CBD oil to get relief from problems like chronic pain and arthritis.

Though, most of the researches have proven the positive effects of CBD oil on human health, especially in getting rid of problems such as arthritis and chronic pain. More studies and conclusive data are required to substantiate this fact to make this oil as an acceptable way to treat various health issues and concerns.

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