Top 12 Indian Web Series

Web-series fever has caught Indian artists as well. Our audiences might go all gaga over the series that they binge watch on Netflix and have endless discussions about Jon Snow from GoT or Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, but have you ever taken sometime out to watch some epic Indian web series?

Here we’ll do that job easy for you by telling you our favourite picks that are easily accessible on YouTube and are totally worth your time.


Top 12 Indian Web Series


  1. TVF Inmates


The desi take on FRIENDS, TVF Inmates 5 episodes are simply riot!! You can watch it with your family or friends and the characters are so relatable that you might just connect to it instantly, Phoogga being the most compelling, he is also the writer behind this hilarious web series that should hopefully soon become a successful TVF Franchise.


  1. Official Chukyagiri



Spandan Chukya, the guy next door from Meerut is new to the city of dreams and this one’s all about what it takes to make those dreams come true, the struggles of life that deals with work politics and obviously love.


  1. Ladies Room



Dingo and Khanna are someone who can give Jai-Veeru, Munna-Circuit and Rahul-Anjali a run for their money. Their epic escapades are something to look out for and the way they deal with their problems is no less of an inspiration.


  1. Life Sahi Hai



Before I tell you anything about the characters in here, let me first tell you that this one here is from the makers of Pyaar Ka Punchnama, need I say more ?

The crazy ass wolfpack is sure shot to make you roll on floor laughing with the bizarre situation they end up in, sample this – the crazy hunk of the group sleeping with their flatmates boss.


  1. Humorously Yours



Ever wondered what a life of a stand up comedian is like? Where can one man get all his hilarious inspirations from?  Or how he tackles an audience that skip a beat when they hear a non veg joke?

This one here shall answer all of it and in other news, it has crazy ass cameos by Tanmay Bhatt, Kanan Gill, Varun Thakkar and Zakir Khan.


  1. TVF Bachelors


The common struggles of a bachelors be it their landlord, professor or even a dry day, these folks know how to pack a punch and move on in a filmy perspective!!

Featuring Bhuvan Bam, the first season has like 5 hysterical episodes based on movies like Lagaan, Nayak, and A Wednesday.


  1. Bang Baaja Baarat



An Indian wedding isn’t only about two couples vowing to live their whole life together, there is a chuckle some family that includes a father who doesn’t really know about a vibrator, a mother who has come to the wedding with her boyfriend who also happens to be the brides ex boyfriend and a sister who wants to marry her brothers best friend who is from an another caste all together. From the maker Anand Tiwari (Go Goa Gone fame) this web series by YRF is strongly recommended.


  1. TVF Tripling



A road trip to home with siblings, filled with moments of self discovery and love for family, this one by TVF is a must watch for all the millennials who think their endearment for their sibling differs.


  1. Chai Sutta Chronicles


“The greatest of philosophies were discovered over a cup of tea and sutta while listening to the music of Nadeem Shravan”

Each and every episode of this series begin with such amusing proverbs and its all about just another conversations that can be high spirited yet witty, just a heart to heart conversation you have with friends over a chai and sutta.


  1. Inside Edge



This one here is something you might have to pay for but we can bet it is totally worth it. The content is all about what politics goes on behind the game of cricket and also how showbiz has much of an involvement in here. It does get a little dramatic at points but rich production and gritty content makes sure it’s a clever ride.


11. Breathe

If R Madhwan still weakens your knees, this one is for you. Crisp editing and superb direction, this one will keep you at the edge of your seat as the protagonist decides to save his dying son and crosses the line. Also, look our for Amit Sadh as a cop who’s path gets crossed with Madhwan. The series opens up a debate for organ donation as well.


12. Sacred Games

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Saif Ali Khan, and many more fine actors come together under the direction of wait-for-it Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, OH YES. Also, the fact that Varun Grover co-writes the script. This is the best web series we have ever produced, it is on Netflix and will blow your mind. Everyone is already waiting for the season 2 of the same. It is based on a novel by the same name written by Vikram Chandra.


Start binge watching already.

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