How to Stop Snoring Immediately? Secret Tips and Tricks

It may sound funny but snoring has been a reason stated for demanding separation and divorce. The potential problem of snoring is that it becomes irritating for people who share your bedroom with you. It may lead to problems like separate bedrooms, quarrels and disagreements. That apart, snoring is also a potential health problem. It is a kind of breathlessness which is medically termed as obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring is a condition in which you may feel deprived of oxygen while you’re sleeping. You need to get rid off this problem and learn how to stop snoring immediately. Here are the tips and tricks.

How to Stop Snoring Immediately?

1. Lose Weight:

If snoring has been a recent problem, you might want to pay attention to your weight gain. A lot of people complain that their problem of snoring has followed the increase in amount of body weight. There may not be any scientific reason for it but the possible logical reason behind it could be that due to putting on the extra kilos, you may find it difficult to breathe.

You may say this is not true because if it were, all fat persons on earth would snore. But what’s the harm in losing the flab. Your snoring might just stop and you will also feel more healthy and active. List the best gyms or read up remedies for weight loss. You could bid a farewell to your noisy snores.

2. Take Adequate Sleep:

If you have been working for a very long time and haven’t slept for adequate hours, there are chances that you will snore when you sleep. This happens because your body is too exhausted and you are deprived of sleep. To avoid this, you must sleep on time. Get adequate sleep for yourself. You shall stop snoring automatically. If you are insomniac or face difficulty while sleeping, you can take help from teas that induce sound sleep.

3. Avoiding Alcohol:

Alcohol and other sedatives reduce the resting tone of the muscles in the back of the throat. This makes it more likely that you will snore.  Another reason for this is that a hangover leaves you feeling deprived of sleep. You may feel tired and want to sleep more while you need to catch up with work. Under these circumstances, if you haven’t slept sufficiently, you may snore while sleeping. You must hence avoid drinking alcohol to stop snoring or make sure to drive off your hangover well.

4. Keep your Nasal Passages Open:

Most people snore because of blockage in the nose. The nasal passages get blocked due to cold. As a result, breathing becomes difficult and the person snores. The best way to avoid this is to use nasal sprays to clear the blockage while going to sleep. You must try home remedies to cure common cold for relief.

5. Stay Hydrated While Sleeping:

Drink lots of water. The discharges from your nose become stickier if you do not drink enough water. In order to ensure it does not stick to your nasal passages, you must drink lots of water. If the discharges stick to your nasal passages, it can cause more snoring.

6. Keep your sleeping place clean:

Notice too much dust on your bed? This is the cause of your enormous snoring sound. Accumulated dust on your bed, pillows, or near about any place that you occupy to sleep at night. These dust particles enter your nose and may cause irritation. If you are allergic from dust, they may also cause common cold which may also lead to snoring.

7. Correcting the structure of your Nose:

Sometimes, people are born with such a structure of the bone of their nose that it may cause deviated septum. This may also happen if the person has suffered a nose injury and consequently the structure of their bone has become disrupted so as to cause deviated septum. This is the misalignment of the wall that separates both sides of the nose, which restricts airflow. This is the cause of snoring. The condition can be corrected with a surgery. You might want to discuss the same to your doctor.

8. Quit Smoking:

Smoking is the cause of various respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer. Respiratory disorders makes breathing difficult thereby causing a lot of health issues including snoring. You must adopt measures to stop smoking immediately.

9. Using Dental Appliance:

Using an oral appliance for snoring is a common practise. It makes breathing easier. You need to get in touch with a dentist to have this appliance made in order to prevent snoring.

10. Treating Allergies:

Allergies can obstruct air passage from the nose. As these passages become constricted, you naturally breath through your mouth. This causes the throat to make snoring noises while asleep. You must hence treat your allergy right away to stop snoring immediately.

11. Sleep on an elevation:

You may want to stack up more pillows under your head. This keeps the nasal passage from being blocked and helps you to breathe through them. This automatically will restrict snoring. It may be a little discomforting in the beginning but you will eventually settle for sleeping on a number of pillows.

12. Change your Sleeping Position:

If you have the habit of sleeping straight, it may be the reason for your loud snores. Lying on the back makes your tongue slip towards your throat. When you try to breath, the tongue makes a vibrating sound which we all call snoring. Sleep on your sides alternatively to prevent this.

The main cause of snoring is that the air cannot pass through your nasal passages freely. It meets with obstruction thereby making vibrating sounds. This obstruction could be caused due to any to the above reasons. You must focus on clearing this obstruction to avoid the sounds.

The above remedies are the ones you can adopt for instant relief. There are various other solutions to this problem like getting a UPPP which is uvulopalatopharyngoplasty and Radiofrequency tissue ablation (somnoplasty). The above remedies are surgeries that you can perform to clear the restrictive passages of your nose. These surgeries are to be performed on advice and consultation of you doctor. If you complain about snoring to your doctor and he/she suggests you any of these corrective measures involving medical surgeries, you must go ahead and get them done. All of this must be strictly under the surveillance of your specialist doctor. You must not take any decision by yourself.


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