How to Stop Diarrhea in Babies Fast? 9 Simple Helping Tips

Diarrhea in babies is not what one might call, an uncommon issue. This particular condition can be at times mistaken to be even endearing, especially when the parents are not keeping a watchful eye on their kids. However, when they start to notice this issue, they realise the more this condition persists, the more their baby’s health would be in danger. Diarrhea causes the intestines to be inflamed and spastic. As a result, whatever food does travel to the stomach, ends up being moved out of the body faster, for the spastic action of the intestines push the semi-digested meals out fast. How would a baby’s body react to this issue? The answer to this question is not a pretty one. Therefore, if your baby has this issue, you need to know how to stop diarrhea in babies fast, for it is the only way to get a handle on the situation or else, the baby’s health can take a critical turn.

How to Stop Diarrhea in Babies Fast? 9 Simple Helping Tips

1. ORS administration for the babies:

ORS refers to Oral Rehydration Solution. Developed by world health organisation, it is the most conventional way to deal with diarrhea in babies. It entails water, 6 parts sugar and half part salt. This is the exact measure of the ingredients that you need to make an ORS solution at home. The goal of this solution is to rehydrate the body and replenish the lost electrolytes. Give this to babies three times a day, and you can make sure that the electrolyte imbalance is handled in a proper manner.

2. Feed foods that entail water-soluble fibers:

Foods like oatmeal are chalk full of water-soluble fibers. These fibers ensure that the water becomes congealed. This factor adds weight to the stools. As a result, their movement across the intestine can be slowed down. Carrots and barley are other foods that have the same effect. These vegetables are full of water-soluble fibers. Mash these veggies before you give them to the babies. These are soft and would ensure that the bowel movements are slowed down.

3. Fruits like banana are full of potassium:

Needless to say, while ORS is quite effective, your child is in always need of proper nutrition. Mash the bananas and use the resultant paste to feed the little ones. It can provide much-needed potassium to them. Furthermore, as their strength is needed to be maintained as well, there is 1.1 gram of protein in one banana. Therefore, consider giving them this to replenish their strength as well.

4. White rice cereal:

A baby cereal might not be the most delectable thing for them to eat, but there is no denying to its effect. White rice also entails a lot of water-soluble fibers. Now, as we say about water-soluble fibers, they help the pooper to slow down a bit.

5. Check your hygiene when you are giving foods to your child:

One of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of diarrhea are infections. These can come from anywhere, even you. Therefore, when you are feeding your child, you need to ensure that your hands, your face, your feet and pretty much your entire body is properly sanitised before-hand. Any misstep and the consequence of that misstep can aggravate the condition for your kid.

6. Don’t feed your child anything that can aggravate their diarrhea:

If you want to stop diarrhea fast, then you need to ensure that the way your child’s diet is being handled is geared towards ending diarrhea fast. Therefore, there are certain high fiber foods, that if you give to the child, would act as a pit on that road to recovery. As a consequence, your aspirations to relieve your child from the symptoms of this condition fast can take a hit. Therefore, make sure that your child stays away from dairy products, spicy foods, gas-inducing vegetables, and foods that have highly insoluble fiber and laxative properties.

7. Make sure that the baby’s bottom is relieved from the pain:

So far, we have discussed stopping diarrhea. However, we should not forget the second symptom that we discussed at the start of this section. In order to reduce the irritation of your baby’s bottom, you can use either Vaseline or Aquaphor. These gels can suppress the irritation and can provide immediate relief.

8. Give the baby some yogurt:

It has been found by Dr Allan Walker that probiotics, especially yogurt can increase good bacteria in the intestine, and can stop diarrhea symptoms in babies.

9. Don’t forget about your baby’s hygiene either:

Only a parent knows of the ordeal that comes from the repeated need to change diapers. The frequency of diaper change will increase if there is diarrhea. Make sure that you don’t renege from your duties as a parent and ensure that your child is always washed properly. No remaining stains of faeces should be on the child, for it can cause further infections that would make diarrhea the last of your problems.

When it comes to fast relief from diarrhea in babies, it is first necessary to look at what diarrhea does to their frail little bodies:

  1. It causes the intestines to go into overdrive, making excretions faster.
  2. It can cause immense pain to the exit region of the stools. To be precise, the baby’s bottom is going to be in a lot of pain.
  3. The baby’s health is going to deteriorate as the body is constantly losing fluids.

Now, if you see the above points, then your goal is not to stop diarrhea, but to relieve its symptoms. When you relieve the symptoms, it will mark the end of diarrhea as well.

Diarrhea in babies Vs Diarrhea in adults

When it comes down to it, the symptoms of diarrhea, regardless of the age,are the same. The body passes on painful, and runny stools. The diarrheic individual would feel like their bodies are overtaken by laxatives, the entire ordeal would leave them in a weakened state. This lack in strength, while enough to make you sleepy, would still be intensely uncomfortable as you won’t be able to predict the next time the stool is going to run out of you. However, the aftereffects of these symptoms are different in both cases (child vs adults). An adult would be able to tolerate this condition for a while. The reason for that is simple:

  1. Adults tend to be constantly vigilant.
  2. They can take quick measures to provide them relief
  3. They have quick medicinal options that can treat them off this symptom.

The third point talks about the medicinal options that adults have. But what are those options? Well, two medications act as anti-diarrheal agents. These two medications are:

  1. Loperamide
  2. Bismuth subsalicylate

These two medications are potent and immensely effective. However, these cannot be given to children. According to everydayhealth.com, loperamide should not be given to children under the age of two. As for the bismuth subsalicylate, it cannot be given to children below 12 years of age. The reason for this is that these are extremely potent medications that are capable of doing intense damage to the body. In the case of bismuth subsalicylate, the intense reaction even leads to death. This marks the first attribute of diarrhea in babies:

  1. You cannot give them potent antidiarrheal medication
  2. Their body mass makes the aftereffect of diarrhetic attack even more detrimental to the body.
  3. Their bodies are not able to handle the loss of electrolytes.
  4. And they cannot take care of themselves.

If you look at these pointers, you would observe that these are also the reasons as to why it is necessary for babies to have a faster relief from diarrhea.

If you want to stop the diarrhea symptoms fast in babies, you need to ensure that they are given a proper administration of fluids and diets. The fluids would ensure that your baby can replenish the nutrients, the diet would ensure that the baby can slow down the bowel movement and the hygiene would ensure that the baby is protected from further infections.

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