How to Stop Bleeding from Shaving? 15 Remedies for Razor Cuts

It is an extremely painful sensation to look at the blood oozing out of that miserable cut while shaving. This painful experience makes shaving a dreadful experience. In order to understand how to stop bleeding from shaving, to prevent that precious red liquid from losing your body, and to ease the pain, here are a few remedies. Note them down and put them to use.

How to Stop Bleeding from Shaving?

1. Application of Turmeric to Stop Blood:

Turmeric is known for its anti septic and anti bacterial properties. It is an age-old traditional remedy used by various generations to clog the blood from a cut or an injury. This is the first thing your mother will search for every time you have a bleeding wound. Just take a pinch of turmeric and apply it on the cut from shaving. Your oozing blood will stop instantly. Using turmeric can give you burning sensation but that is temporary pain just to make you better eventually.

2. Using Aftershave:

Why do you have an aftershave? It is supposed to be put to use in scenarios of this kind when you have to stop blood from a shaving cut. Most aftershaves have alcohol. The alcohol content acts as an astringent that helps in constricting the blood vessel near the region that is cut. Constricted vessels mean that your blood has clogged and will no more flow from the torn region.

3. Using Deodorant:

Most deodorant contain aluminium chloride that contain the property of constricting blood vessels. Aluminium chloride restricts the sweat glands that prevents the body from smelling from sweat. If you have cut yourself, you need to apply this deodorant to restrict the blood.

4. Using Lip Balm:

Lip Balm or Vaseline will relieve the pain from the cut and also stop the blood right away. It prevents scabbing of your wound and also keeps the area moisturized. Your skin shall not pull and you will not feel any burns in your cut.

5. Applying Ice Cube/ Ice Pack:

Placing an ice cube on the cut can at first give you an extreme chilling sensation that will cause a tingling effect on your skin. But it shall ultimately clot the blood by freezing the nerves.

6. Mouthwash to stop Blood from Cut:

Mouthwash contains Listerine. This contains alcoholic solutions which act as astringent. The astringents cause tissues of your body to contract and as a result the blood clots. As a result the blood stops flowing.

7. Eye Drops:

Have you ever had eyes that look red due to infection? Then you must have seen a doctor to remedy your problem. The doctor prescribes eye drops. These eye drops also aid in restricting the blood from flowing off by constricting the blood vessels.

8. Warm wash cloth hack:

Press a wash cloth dipped in some warm water if you suffer a cut while shaving. The warm water cleans the cut and also stops the blood. Just press the cloth against the cut for about 30 seconds. It should stop from flowing.

9. Bring Alum to your rescue:

Alum is used as a natural after shave to soothe the skin after it has gone through the harsh strokes of blood. If you ever cut your skin due to shaving, you could use alum block to obstruct the blood from flowing off. Alum is made of the mineral potassium alum. It is used to soothe skin from razor burn and post shaving itching.

10. Chapstick:

Chapstick is a cosmetic item that is used especially during winters for lips that bleed due to being dry. They can be used for your shaving cuts also. It is an effective remedy plus its very handy.

11. Styptic Pencils for Shaving Cuts:

These were used back in the olden days to stop a cut developed while shaving from bleeding excessively. It has anti hemorrhage agents that cease the blood flow.

12. Using Glyder Styptic Balm:

This too formed an important part of the shaving and grooming kit of every man. It is a very affordable commodity to own. As the name suggests, its like styptic balm having the same properties of sealing platelets and obstructing blood flow from the shaving cut. It is used for all kinds of nicks and cuts including those that happen due to paper.

13. Switch the Blades regularly:

Stretching your blades for too long can be injurious for the skin. A blunt razor can increase the chances of a cut that can cause it to bleed. This is a preventive measure more than a quick remedy.

14. Using a good Quality Shaving Cream:

Shaving creams are meant to make your skin and hair soft so that the blade can easily slide off without causing an injury. It is mandatory you use a good quality shaving cream. If your cream causes you to have lots of bleeding incidents, its time you throw them and replace with a better one.

15. Apply an anti bacterial ointment:

Most first aid kits contain anti bacterial ointments. Just pick out the ointment and apply instantly. The blood from your cut will start flowing. One such effective ointment is betadine. It serves dual purpose of being an anti-bacterial cream and also a moisturizer.

Shaving is an essential part of every man’s grooming routine. It forms an essential part of looking neat and clean for men. Regular shaving is necessary for men in order to look presentable and formal. Men who shave look more professional and neat. All men out there, note these tips. They will help you achieve smooth and pain free shaving experience. Next time you look at yourself in the mirror.

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