How to Make Yourself Poop Immediately? 16 Home Remedies

How to Make Yourself Poop Immediately?

Struggling to pass your motions can be one of the most painful and frustrating experiences. It’s not a fun place to be in when you are sitting in the toilet and endlessly waiting. This article will tell you a few remedies that you can use and poop immediately!

1. Consume high fiber food

Fiber is your gut’s best friend. Research shows that you should consume at least 14 grams of fiber per day for every 1,000 calories in your diet. It plays an extremely important role when it comes to bowel movement. Make sure that you load up your plate with food items like oats, fibrous veggies, and whole-grain based cereals. Consuming enough water with fiber-rich food is also extremely important. So don’t miss that.

2. Administer an enema

Though a medical procedure, enemas can come to your rescue if the problem has been persisting for long. Simply put, an enema is an evacuation method for removing stools. A cleansing solution such as baking soda or apple cider vinegar is administered. The solution acts on the large intestine and facilitates bowel movement. However, please ensure that you consult a medical professional before administering an enema.

3. Use a lubricating laxative

The job of a laxative is to ease the bowel movement process. One of the most popular lubricating laxatives is mineral oil. Consumption of mineral oil will ensure that enough water is retained in the body. This helps in softening the stools and a smoother movement through the intestines. The best way to consume mineral oil is to consume a tablespoon post dinner. You can expect good news when you head to the loo in the morning.

4. Make Chia Seeds a part of your morning routine

Chia seeds are very rich in fiber content. When mixed with water, chia seeds turn into a jelly-like substance. This acts as a natural laxative and acts as a bulking agent. This, in turn, facilitates smooth passage of poop from the intestines. The best time to consume chia seeds is right in the morning – you can add a tablespoon of seeds to lukewarm water and drink up the mixture. This will also keep you full through the day and prevent nasty cravings – another reason to consume chia seeds!

5. Add yogurt as a side to your meals

Yogurt is full of probiotics which is great for maintaining good gut health. Probiotics help by resetting the gut microbiome. In other words, the consumption of probiotics encourages the production of healthy bacteria in your gut. Bacteria makes sure that the food is digested properly. It also helps to expel the waste product from the body. So make sure that you consume a bowl of yogurt at lunch and dinner. But be wary – don’t pick up flavored yogurt from the shelves. Flavoured yogurt is loaded with sugar and does not contain enough probiotics.

6. Say yes to H2O

There is a reason why the consumption of 8 glasses of water every day is a MUST. Water has numerous health benefits. Being hydrated is also great for your gut. Water helps in the easy movement of the poop through the digestive tract. The colon absorbs the water and solidifies the poop. You cannot skip water if you want an easy bowel movement in the morning.

7. Load up your plate with leafy greens

They may not be the most attractive vegetable out there but the benefits outweigh the appearance.  Leafy greens such as spinach and kale provide you with a lot of fiber. Fiber is the first step to ensure good bowel movement.  Consumption of adequate amount of leafy greens will kickstart your digestive system.

8. Squat it away

Changing the position of passing your stool can also make a lot of difference. While a full squat may be difficult to achieve in a western style commode, you can place your foot on a footstool to achieve the same effect. This position provides a gentle massage to your colon and eases the process of passing stools.

9. Sweat it out

Exercising regularly is a must to control various ailments in the body. With the right set of exercises, you can combat constipation. Recommended exercises include light jogging, brisk walking, and regular squats. These movements provide a massage to the abdominal region which is helpful for accelerating the movement of stools.

10. ‘Eat’ the aloe-vera

Applying aloe-vera on your skin might be your go-to beauty routine. But what if we told you that consuming the gel from raw aloe vera stems is helpful when it comes to a smooth pooping experience? Aloe vera juice is readily available in supermarkets. Mix two spoonful of aloe vera juice with lukewarm water and consumer it every day. You will experience the benefits soon enough.

11. Munch on flaxseeds

Roasted flaxseeds not only make a great snacking option but are equally useful as a laxative. Flaxseeds have a mucilage which is essential in easing the bowel movement. Flaxseeds also contain a high amount of magnesium which is a natural laxative. Keep a box of roasted flaxseeds on your desk and munch on whenever you are in need of a snack.

12. Say hello to Omega 3 fatty acid

Research indicates that fish oil (aka Omega 3 fatty acid) can be helpful in resolving constipation. The fatty acids in fish oil have shown a positive effect on patients who are battling with irritable bowel syndrome. However, decide on the dosage of fish oil in consultation with your doctor. Excess amounts of fish oil in the body can lead to diarrhea.

13. Give yourself a massage

A gentle massage with the right pressure on your gut can stimulate the passage of poop. You can incorporate a simple morning routine, consisting of drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach and giving your abdominal region a gentle massage. This should get you going.

14. Use a glycerin suppository

Desperate times need desperate measures! If you are facing extreme difficulty in pooping, consider using a glycerin suppository in the morning. But you need to be patient when using a suppository. It may not provide you instant results. Doctors recommend that suppository is used the night before in such cases.

15. Consuming warm beverage in the morning

A lot of people find this to be the most effective remedy in the morning. Consuming a glass of warm water or even a cup of coffee can act as a stimulant for your poop. Make sure that once you consume the beverage of your choice, go and sit in the toilet. Sitting in the toilet will also slowly stimulate the urge to pass stools.

16. Try drinking a cup of strong green tea

A cup of strong green tea which is bitter to taste can also help you with passing your stools. Try consuming a cup of green tea in the morning.

Please note that above are home remedies when you are suffering from a one-off case of constipation. In the case of chronic constipation, immediate medical advice is a must and these remedies should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. Chronic constipation can also signal serious underlying disease. In case your constipation is accompanied by any other symptom such as fatigue, inability to eat, nausea, see a doctor immediately. It can also signal colorectal cancer if hard stools are accompanied with mucus and blood.


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