How to Burp a Sleeping Baby? FAQs

If you have a baby that does not fall asleep easily, you would know what it is to see your child sleeping peacefully. It not only gives your child some rest but also gives more scope for you to carry on with your regular tasks without any disturbance. We also know how important it is to burp your baby after feeding. That is one compulsory task to be followed religiously. While we already have a guide as to methods for burping a baby, the dilemma arises when your baby falls asleep after feeding. That is when you wonder how to burp a sleeping baby? We have all answers to settle the confusion.

How To Burp a Sleeping Baby?

1. Holding them on your shoulder:

When your baby’s stomach is full, he/she tends to fall asleep. That is the reason your child sleeps once they sleep. Now as important it is for them to have their refreshing sleep, it is important to burp after feeding. In order to have them to burp without disturbing their sweet sleep, just lightly lift your sleeping infant on your back. Rub their back lightly. You shall hear them burp in a minute or two.

2. Hold them on your Chest:

If the baby has slept while feeding in your arms, you can erect their position and support their head on your chest. You can now pat the back or rub it slowly. Your child will let put the burp easily without the sleep being hampered.

3. Rock on your Arm:

If you come to realize that your baby is fast asleep while you are feeding just wait for a minute or two. Then lightly lift the baby in your arm in such a way that the tummy of your child rests on your arm. Their legs will be placed on either side of your arm. This shall exert some pressure on your baby’s tummy letting the gas out of the stomach and causing the child to burp.

4. Lay the Sleeping child on your knee:

When your baby is sleeping, its best not to disturb him. After feeding, you could slowly lay them on your knee in an inverted position. That too shall suppress the stomach lightly evicting the gas from the stomach. Don’t worry, if your child is fast asleep this will not cause the baby to wake up. This shall instead relieve the gas off the stomach and your baby will fall asleep with more comfort after letting out a burp.

5. Burping while changing sides:

A breast feeding mother often has to change the side while feeding her child. When you do that, you can hold the infant up in a sitting position before feeding on the other side. This will make burping an easier task.

6. Raising the arm up slightly:

It hardly takes a few minutes for your child to burp. To follow the burping ethic sans any disruption in your toddler’s sleep, you cal just raise the arm their head is supported on. Raise the arm in a diagonal position in about forty five degrees. That leads the baby to let put the burp instantly. This will not cause the kid to wake up if he/she is fast asleep.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if my baby wakes up while I burp him/her?

If your baby has fallen asleep whilst feeding and you try to burp him using one of the above methods, and the baby wakes up, it is not because you tried to burp the child. It may be that your child has not fed enough and fallen off to sleep. An empty stomach wakes the baby up again and he/she can start feeding again.

2. Is it important to burp my child?

Yes. It is very important to burp your child. It keeps them from the trouble of stomach ache due to gas accumulation in the tummy. Your child will not be colicky and will continue to feed well also.

3. What if my baby does not Burp?

It is completely fine if your attempt at burping is in vain and you don’t hear the actual sound of burping. May be your child is just fine without burping and is able to let off gas easily without much hard work. It also depends on how young your child is. Babies usually need assistance until they are four months old. As the fifth month sets in, a lot of kids can let out gas even if they do not burp and are not colicky.

4. How long does it take to burp?

Usually, burping takes only 1-2 minutes of time. On a full stomach, your baby may burp just within a few seconds also. If your baby does not burp, do not panic. Sometimes, in the night, your baby is feeding slow and may not need to burp.

5. Is it a good thing that the baby sleeps while feeding?

Though it is fine if your baby sleeps while feeding, it is recommended that you take them out if they fall asleep and put them in their cot or quilt meant to put them to sleep. It is a healthier habit.

6. What are the other reasons for a gassy baby?

As per popular belief, bottle fed babies are more gassy. However that may not be true completely. If your child feeds on breast milk, then avoid consuming things that could create gas in your stomach. Your breast milk is a direct outlet of what you eat in your baby. But if your baby is gassy, do not panic. The doctors prescribe medicinal doses to ensure the stomach is relieved off gas. You could also use home remedies like applying castor oil on your baby’s stomach, applying asafoetida powder mixed with some water on the navel. These help the gas to be released leaving the tummy light.

Elders and children above the age of 12 months usually can pass their gas on their own. But for tiny infants, they need help to do elevate the gas off their stomach. You could do that through getting them to burp after every feed. Burping is also a method to make a physical contact with the baby. Give the chance to your husband or to some other member of the family to help them cuddle the child a little more.

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