8 Secret Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally

For many of us, the quest for bright and younger looking skin can be a constant battle. Several companies have manufactured countless products like lotions, pills, capsules, masks that boost your ability to prevent or demolish these signs of aging, at quite high costs. What we always look for is natural options and the article is about home remedies for wrinkles.

Unfortunately, when your skin ages it results in losing its collagen, which is known as the skin lightening agent. This protein is responsible for creating a smooth yet a taut skin surface. Furthermore, it makes everyone a little inclined towards the conditions like fine lines, hollowness, skin sagging, and wrinkles that might appear on your face. The effects of aging on the outer or dermal layer of your skin are quite significant. It not only makes the layer thin, but it also stimulates a reduction on collagen levels in your body.

So, with a number of odds against you, how can you prevent wrinkles?

Instead of bombarding the skin cells with harmful products and chemicals, try to go for a natural yet healthy way to reduce wrinkles. These natural alternatives as home remedies for wrinkles are quite effective, better for your body as well as cheaper when compared to the harsh chemical infused products and treatments.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles

1. Do Not Use Soap As A Face Cleanser:

Well, if you are one of those who likes to wash face early in the morning, then use warm water only and say no to soaps. Also, post-workout or after work choose a moisturizing cleanser over a soap, that will result in stripping of the natural oils from your skin.

Keep your skin radiant and healthy!

The other reason to say no to the soap is that the natural barrier of our skin is made up from the acid mantle. So, when the PH is 7, it is neutral, but anything below that is considered acidic and above is considered as alkaline. However, the PH balance of the skin is generally counted from 4 to 6.5, even if your skin is very oily.  On the other hand, using soap is highly alkaline and can also move towards the other extreme. In case you use soap on your face, it can somehow make your skin conditions worse, because soap tends to mess with the PH level of your skin.

Our Recommendations: Try to use a skin cleanser consisting of tea tree oil or hazel- this will make you look young, moisturized and free from wrinkles.

2. Add Superfoods in Your Diet:

Remember, our skin is a combination of essential proteins, amino acids, fats, and water. So, it requires a combination of healthy foods for its replenishment. Opt for Almond skin plumping mask pack and hydrate your skin with essential fats and Vitamin E. These two are the most powerful antioxidants that help to protect you from harmful effects of the UV rays.

You can consume blueberries that have a concentrated combination of antioxidants and Vitamin C which helps in protecting collagen. Tomatoes are also high in Vitamin C, and more importantly, they contain a substance named lycopene. Lycopene protects you from sun damage and enhances the working of your vascular system. Consuming tomatoes will surely give you a natural glow along with improved blood circulation.

3. Exfoliate your Skin more wisely:

Always remember, the skin of your face is highly sensitive. So, if you scrub it hard, it can leave red or sore marks. Plus, you do not need to scrub it hard in order to exfoliate it, all you have to do is scrub using gentle yet circular motions along with your washcloth, and that surely will leave your skin clean.

Try to consume foods containing citric, tartaric, malic acids, and such foods are considered to be an outstanding exfoliates. These elements can be found in oranges, grapes, lemons, pears, apricots, apples and even in sugar. When applied on the skin the alpha-hydroxy acids dissolve the bonds present in between the old and new skin cell. This will result in removing the old or dead skin cells away. As a result, you will have fresh skin with fewer fine lines and a younger look.

4. Use Natural Minerals to Prevent Wrinkles:

Well, a mineral named Selenium can be used to treat wrinkles. It also functions as a powerful antioxidant. Furthermore, it also neutralizes the free radicals in your skin much before they can cause damage and restore the elasticity of your skin that might have lost due to aging.

Copper is yet another compound that can be used to stimulate collagen and elastin for maintaining the structure of the skin. However, it is not advised to consume copper as it is only required in a small amount. You can apply it as a cream that helps you to improve the clarity of your skin and decreases fine lines or wrinkles effectively.

5. Intake Some High-Quality Protein Enriched Food Products:

Protein can be used daily to keep your body moving. This is because protein is used to develop new cells, grow and even maintain almost every part of your body. So, if your skin is dull, has wrinkles, and heals slowly then your diet is the reason to blame it for.

Make sure to add protein to your diet, as it contains essential amino-acids named L-lysine and L-proline, these are quite important in producing collagen in your body. As discussed above collagen provides structure to your skin. This makes following a healthy diet with protein as a dominating source more important. This will surely make your skin thick and wrinkle-free.

Include food products like chicken, eggs, salmon, bone broth, tuna, legumes, beans, cottage cheese and much more in your diet. You can also buy collagen peptides to boost the production of collagen in your body.

6. Have a Sound and Silky Sleep:

Use pillows made up from satin or with material with high thread counts. It is indeed a worthy piece of investment, especially when it comes to reducing the wrinkles. You must be aware of the fact that we all tend to spend one-third of lives sleeping, so having a soft place to rest your skin can really change the texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles. Several dermatologists recommend that sleeping on your back our best way to avoid sleep lines that can easily be visible on your skin surface. Also, sleeping on your sides increases the appearance of wrinkles on your chin and cheeks and can also cause a furrowed brow.

7. Consume Some Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolates are high in antioxidants and are considered great for the health of your skin. So, here is a perfect excuse for you to indulge in some amazing dark chocolates! Many researchers have also found that cocoa beans are the key ingredient in chocolates, and they generally provide you several benefits that can reduce wrinkles.

Some studies have suggested that cocoa intake could effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.  It has also been reported that the extract obtained from cocoa can further provide you with some highly protective effects against dark-spots, wrinkles, and fine lines by halting the breakage of collagen in your skin.  Cocoa aims to boost the blood flow in your skin and enhances conditions like hydration and density of skin tissues.

You can take a small piece of dark chocolate as part of a meal or dessert or even make hot cocoa. But, just make sure that the chocolate you are consuming has at least 70% cocoa if you want to get the best benefits.

A Quick Tip: Try to treat your skin with more beneficial ingredients available in your kitchen, like plant oils, aloe vera, oats and more.  Here, the bottom line is, just like scars and other skin-related problems, wrinkles also take time to vanish. So, don’t rush, just let your skin heal and reduce wrinkles with time when using these natural ingredients.

8. Add a Moderate Amount of Turmeric into Your Meals

Problems like sun damage, UV exposure are considered to be a sure path to wrinkles or premature aging effects. Sun rays do not only increase wrinkles but reduce the elasticity of your skin along with sagging, dark spots and much more. In such a case, wearing a hat and applying sunscreen is a must in order to protect your skin and prevent wrinkles. However, turmeric has also been said to prevent such adverse effects of the sun according to some researchers.

Moreover, scientists have also noted that sun exposure is very effective due to the presence of an enzyme named MMP-2.  When activated, this enzyme is known to reduce the collagen between the outer and middle dermal layer of the skin. And if you consume this yellow spice on a regular basis it will protect you from sun damage by inhibiting the levels of MMP-2 from mounting. This spice is also used in various curries, and you can also add it your eggs or milk in the morning for better effects.

Sagar Papneja

For me, health is about sustainable living and consuming environmentally conscious food; I am a vegan.

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