9 Simple Home Remedies to Tackle Puffy Eyes. 4th is the easiest.

Does your eyelid or eyes look a little unusual and strange as compared to others?

Does your eyes feel a little heavy and tired all the day long?

The reason for it is right here. Puffy Eyes.

Also named as Periorbital Puffins (scientific term), Puffy eyes is becoming very common in most of the people.

Reasons for Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are nothing but swollen eyelids which can be due to many reasons  including ageing, hereditary differences, allergies, trauma or lack of sleep.

Apart from these basic and common causes of puffiness, there are other rare and unheard reasons. Some of the reasons could be sinus problems, stress, dehydration, overconsumption of salt, and fatigue.

Now, the question is how does the swelling exactly happen?

The swelling happens when the fat tissues that usually protect the skin near the eyes begin to push forward and fill in the spaces below the eye. One more strange fact is that your eyes become more swollen when you wake up after a night’s sleep. This happens because eyelids need constant blinking of the eyelids. As blinking gets restricted when you fall asleep, puffiness is seen after you wake up.

Along with puffiness in the eyes, many people also suffer from dark circles and infection.

In order to solve out the problem of puffy eyes, you can visit your nearest ophthalmologist or eye doctor. However some simple home remedies can also do wonders.

Home Remedies to Tackle Puffy Eyes

Listed below are 9 easily available home remedies to tackle puffy eyes.

1. Cool your eyes with a wet cloth

One of the most easy and less time consuming remedy is to take any clean cloth and soak the cloth in cold water. After soaking the cloth, put it on the eyelids and take rest until the cloth looses its cold. Try doing the same for 3-4 times. This will help your eyes to stay cool and all the puffiness caused due to tiredness will vanish away.

2. Cucumber or Tea bags

While we talk about cooling our eyes and relaxing them, cucumber and tea bag are the ultimate remedies. You can apply cucumber pieces or 2 tea bags on your eyelids. Cucumber and tea have a natural property of making your eyes cool. Cucumber has natural water and black tea has caffeine which helps in proper blood circulation in the eyes.

3. Apply chilled cream

Just the way cucumber and tea bags help your eyes to become cooler, applying a chilled cream too can help you in the same way. If your eyes feel swollen and tired, apply any face cream or eye cream or any other cold cream.

4. Massage

Apart from applying things to the eye lids, massaging your eyes can help immediately relieve the stress. Massaging can really relax your eye muscles and allow the fluids to flow properly. It can even improve your blood circulation. The right way to massage is to gently move your fingers around the area of your eyes. Press the pressure points around your eye lids and your sinus points in order to remove all the puffiness.

5. Use an eye roller

There are eye creams available in the market. If u apply the cream with a metal roller gently on your eyes, there are chances of puffiness getting reduced. Keep in mind not to apply too much pressure on the roller. Too much pressure on your gentle and sensitive eye area can damage your eyes.

6. Essential oils

Certain kinds of oils can also help reduce puffiness upto a great extent. You can prepare a mixture of lavender, lemon and chamomile oils. Take a single drop of each kind of oil and lastly add one small spoon of water. Massage this mixture under your eyes gently and leave it overnight. The results would be surprisingly relaxing and amazing. Each oil has different property present in it.

Lavender oil gives a calming and soothing effect, Lemon oil helps in reducing stress and chamomile oil has anti-inflammatory property.

7. Coconut oil

Do not use any ordinary coconut oil for removing puffiness. Get extra virgin coconut oil and massage the oil gently under the eyes. Leave it overnight. The lauric acid present in the oil has essential nutrients which is effective not only for the eyes but it very much useful for the skin as well.

8. Baking soda

Baking soda is again one very easy and convenient method to eliminate the problem of puffiness in the eyes. All you have to do is take some baking soda, water and cotton pads. Make a mixture of baking soda and water and soak cotton pads in it. Remove the excess water from the cotton pads and put it on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Baking soda helps in blood circulation.

9. Consume vitamin-K rich foods

Green leafy vegetables, carrot, broccoli and strawberries are vitamin K rich foods. Puffiness happens even when your body lacks vitamin K. It is very important to consume essential foods containing vitamin K to remove all the swelling under the eyes. Vitamin K rich foods help in proper blood circulation. https://www.guardianfueltech.com/ buy modafinil online.com




Sometimes even the smallest of scratch can drag you to a bigger problem. Similarly, puffiness or redness in the eyes can drag you to unforeseen situation. That is why it is very important to take quick action even if there is a little amount of puffiness under the eyes. Apart from following these simple home remedies, it is important to get good sleep and lead a stressfree life.


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